Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinner with the bride!

The jie meis had dinner with the bride @ waterfront!
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My kid made my day :p

My kid gave this to me during recess.
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Happy children's day

More chips for the kiddos!
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bz bz day!

Yawnnnnnn ...
Can't wait for Children's Day holiday!
Left sch promptly today because I had so many errands to run!
Not in order:
1. Do brows
2. Do nails
3. Go bank
4. Collect dresses
5. Buy more children's day stuff for trackers
6. Mark 70 compos (well, I really tried)

After bz bz F1 weekend, there are:
1. Children's Day performance
2. Lots of compo to mark (ref to prev point 7)
3. SL dinner
4. Meet CY banquet manager
5. Collect vodka
6. YOG briefing
7. SLLL wedding
8. Ashlyn's birthday
9. Concert

OMG! Zzz ^(oo)^
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Monday, September 28, 2009

I love HK Cafe!

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F1 Day Negative!

F1 is over, over, over!
Anyway, I think next year, I won't bring my camera.
I shall just stick to taking wedding photos and portraits :)
Cars are meant to be driven fast :p
Not shoot fast :p
Anyway, the Prog has it all!

F1 Day Three!

Day Three! Met more people.
Finally saw jen and jeff.
And of course Steven!
Started the day with dinner from 'the usual stall'

The Champ!

Stayed back to watch BSB!

Alright, hair's dry.
Back to reality!
Anyway, I'm sure it's going to be a great week ahead!
Children's Day Holiday is on Thursday!
More pictures soon!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Children's Day Madness

People thought I'm mad!
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F1 Day Two!

vroom vroom vroom!
eve and jason came down too!
and of cause chrissy and adi and adeline!

my shifu hini was on the phone smsing me helping me get the pictures right!

*blur pic @ clun ratchada ...

ended the night @ thai disco @ cairnhill!
club ratchada ...
i miss icon!
shall sleep soon ...
and get ready for F1 Day Three!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Pictures from fika's facebook!
(well, smarty me actually deleted them accidentally instead of transferring them to my computer from my blackberry!)

had lunch at fika this noon.
wanted to have curry rice at arab street but it was nowhere to be found.
attracted by the white concept place,
we (ok, rather, i) decided to have lunch here!
yummy food!
but xd find the too portion bite size!
anyway, their meatballs and hash were good!

time to go catch F1!
vroom vroom!

Idiot after idiot ...

One idiotic driver parking beside another idiotic driver.
How ingenious!
Singapore is filled with such wonders!
Uniquely Singapore! (As proposed by xd)
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Car lift

Been a long time since I take a car lift!
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Saw the following entry from JJ's Blog
and find it rather meaningful ...
something nice to share on a saturday morning,
instead of my usual nonsense :)

有时我们遇见一场有一场的磨练, 难题,难免会感到伤心挫折,

F1 Day One!

tricia, chrissy and i met @ cityhall before setting foot onto padang!
and what's a great nite out with beers :p
and yes, beers!

after the first round of practice session,
we made our way to raffles city again for mos burger,
and chrissy to collect her shoes from guess!

didn't bring my dslr today as it was only the practice sessions,
might bring it tomorrow or maybe sunday!
as for now, i desperately needs to sleep!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Date with baby ...

Slept early last night.
Was coughing and feeling fluish.
Today was another mad day in school.
Ended @ 1600ish @ Republic Poly.

Reached home and napped IMMEDIATELY.
Didn't even hear all the messages alerts until baby called me @ 1800ish ...

Met baby to have dinner @ CJ! Haha ... I love CJ!

We did a bit of shopping around TM @ Chomel & NTUC!
Got Ash her 1st Birthday Princess Skirt...

And thanks, baby, for the birthday present :)

I am going to watch the F1 tomorrow!