Sunday, October 31, 2010

And so yes, 8th Auntie is back ...

Welcome home once again ...

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Slacky Sunday

Good weekend!
Great party.
No lessons today.

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Welcome back to our Toh Family ...

(hearts my papa, always so cute, and he has FB!)

The adults gathered @ ah mah's house today to welcome my auntie back to our family.
When I watched the video uncle took, I cried.
And like what I said on FB,
"I cried when I watched this ... Much as my bro and I have our 'angry with each other moments', i cannot imagine such a situation where he was given away and only reunited like 48 years later ... I cried because I miss my ah mah ... I cried because my auntie missed my ah mah ... I cried because I know it is ah mah's plan for her to find us ... On her 100th day death anniversary ... when the newspaper article was published on zao bao ... Life ... is simply so magical ..."

The big day ...

It was crazy ...
Despite the busy week in school,
everyday was crazy wrapping back home ...
With more than 200 presents to wrap,
it was madness.
And ... Finally ...
The Big Day ...

The rain came and went ...
Well, be glad and thankful for what is given ...
Luckily, the sun was out in the morning while we were preparing for the event and I managed to get a tan :)
The rain came (well, it is The Water Family's party, of course water is expected) and the kids had their chance at muddy fields, catching grasshoppers and crickets.
The rain left and the kids managed to run around and play.
The rain left and the kids managed to go home after presents-giving.
The rain came while we were clearning up and with no joggers, we managed to drive up the park to get things packed up!
Everything happen for a reason,
instead of grumbling,
be thankful for what has happened and rejoice in it :)
Life is about thinking how you want it and not about thinking why is it bad :)

Dear's asleep.
He have been tired for a long time preparing for the party.
And finally, tomorrow is a '5th week'.
No lessons!
We can sleep till 'zi ran xing' (naturally awake).
I'm tired but knowing that I do not have to wake up at 7 am tomorrow,
I do not want to sleep.
I want to surf the net.
I want to watch TV.
I want to read my book.
I want to tidy the room (maybe not today).

More updates on my new found relatives ...
I shall have an entry for it ...

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Long Lost Auntie ... FOUND ...

The last time I got  a missed call from papa during school hours was when ah mah passed away.
I saw the missed call today and was kind of afraid.
Called back.
He told me they (my uncles and aunties) found their sister.
I stopped for awhile.
What sister?
My auntie?
Then I remembered, long ago (48 years ago),
she was the child given away by my grandparents for adoption.

At first when papa called me and told me about it, I was very skeptical (too much HK/TW drama).
Is she really the one?
But upon seeing the newspaper article, and how she really resembles my aunties.
I teared.
I teared cos I miss ah mah.
I teared cos she missed ah mah by a bit.
Today's ah mah's 100th day death anniversary ...
and the article appeared today ...
maybe ... it's ah mah's plan, for her to find us ... and us to find her ...
Hope tomorrow's reunion will be a good one for the adults ...


I'm already in Dec's Holiday Mood.
But for now, Halloween first!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've decided!

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CD buying craze ...

Dear has been sending me to school daily these week because of his morning classes :)
He picked me up after contact time today and off to parkway we went.
Developed some photos and chilled out @ coffeebean while waiting.
Read my book while he played with the iphone.
Shared my favourite carrot cake and salad.
Shopped @ Popular and CD-rama.
And went on our CD frenzy.
Had to quote princess garnet to get away with why I want to buy so many CDs :p
Gona slack the night away watching my canto drama (and polish up my canto) and read a bit ...
Love such nights ...
Life ...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yeah! Got Kewei's CD finally!

Finally, I bought her CD.
And something funny happened.
I walked into Gramophone and did my usual, "Hello!".
Think I scared the salesmen a bit (they must be thinking I'm gona pick them up or what).
BUT, I did quickly follow up with an almost immediate question, "Do u stock Kewei's CD?".
I told dear and we had a good laugh.
So much so that I did not dare to give out my usual iPhone backup battery phamplet in case they think I want them to call me!
(Anyway, Ter said they look like gays - I'm totally fine with gays :) and I've nice friends!)

Anyway, condolences to those who are sad. Paul the Octopus passed away.

Every child is a bundle of promises and potential.
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