Saturday, July 30, 2016

Evening @ Marine Cover

Laogong's 3D reservist is finally over! Family time! We headed to Marine Cove at 6.30pm. The weather was fine and the sun wasn't scorching. We wanted to let Ollie try to walk on the sand or simply just touch the sand but well, she didn't really like it (still). I'm sure things will get better!

Ollie refused to get down!

The playground was huge! Good in the sense that despite the huge crowd, there is ample of running space for every child. Another good thing is the different area for different age groups! 

We had wanted to head over to the airport for 4fingers but decided not to. I'm not sure about the crowd at the airport and since the restaurants at Marine Cove are not scarily packed, we decided to have dinner at Hill Street. Laogong and I were very tired after more than 1 hour of playing (watching over Ollie play).

And ... One sleep to Bangkok! Yay!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thank you, Ollie.

Yes, thank you, Ollie. Even though I was angry with you this afternoon for biting the menu before I could order our food and for climbing out of the baby chair (again). Thank you, for bringing so much joy into our lives.
It is never easy to raise a child but because our child is you, 
we will do the best for you.
Remember that there is so much in life for you,
look far and see the big picture always.
Thank you, for allowing us to look far and see that there is so much in our lives.
You laughter and your hugs and kisses keep us going everyday.
Thank you, Ollie.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Busy and Eventful Weekend

What a busy and eventful weekend we had! Actually, even more programmes (and our BKK) trip to come this coming week! Congratulations to my dear cousin and family.
Attended Ekin's Birthday Party too. Happy birthday, Ekin! Ollie is one unique character. She loves to swim and be in the pool so much, but she doesn't like all these water parks. Well, whatever, the future Olympic Champion belongs to the pool anyway!
Till then, can't wait for even more fun moments this coming week!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rainy Zoo Trip

Rainy day, but we still had a fabulous time at the zoo. No pretty family selfie,  but we still had a memorable shot. Life, make the best of what we have! :) 

Zoo trips are getting more fun with Ollie recognising more animals and getting excited over new animals she recognises. Enjoy and learn at your own pace, my dearest Ollie. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Wednesday's Playground Fun + Hep A Jab (13 Jul)

Laogong had some overseas students this month for morning lessons and thus, we were out in Sg early before Ollie's jab. While Laogong was at the pool, I took her to a playground nearby to play. Homeschooler vs kindy kids. The jiejies were very nice, told the boys not to go near meimei (Ollie) and let her have the small slides. As usual, to express her friendliness, she tried to go and hug all the jiejies. Haha.
When the kindy kids left the playground, she decided to have a nature lesson. Touched the tree. Picked up leaves. Feel the soil.
Time's up! Headed back to the pool to meet Laogong and off we went for Ollie's Hep A jab. It's an optional jab, but we decided to go ahead anyway. Long wait despite our appointment. Busy Ollie went around playing to while time away.
After the jab, she fell asleep in my arms while latching!
Ouch ouch jab but it's over!
No more jab for the next 6 months.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tuesday's BFFs Date (12 June)

The BFFs met for a short date. No matter how short the date, it's always fun!
(SGD6 Train Ride was absolutely worth it! It was cooling in the mall. The uncle operating the train was very skillful and safe. Great ride!)
(SGD0 Kiddy Rides was totally economical. The girls had so much fun even without us paying. Then again, Ollie doesn't fancy these rides moving.)
The food was good!
Great date always!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Monday's Water Play (11 July)

The weather is still scorching hot every day recently. Water play is very much appreciated. Ollie loves it. After helping Papa with the changing of water for his mini lotus pond, she picked up the hose and started playing. She also started washing her own truck! 

Went for her evening swim and we headed to our favourite 锅妈 for dinner. 

Thankful for a wonderful day daily. 

(I just all the dates are stamped wrongly. They should be 11 July!) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We're (or is it just Ollie) Addicted!

Or is it just me! The Snow app is so fun(ny)! Also, much cuter than Snapchat. Not that I use the apps (I'm very much active on FB & IG already), but they have very cute filters and whatever you call them! Even Papa was game enough to let us take pictures.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Busy Day (with the company of Ollie)

Had to choose this as the cover photo for this blog entry. Totally love how much love the two gals have for each other despite the occasional petite snatching or rough playing. 

It was a very busy day. And having learnt a lesson from Wednesday, we decided to stay over in our Sg home for these two nights. (Missing our Jb home very much! Haha) Decided to make full use of time! Thankfully,  Ollie is very much a seasoned traveller, in terms of countries and in the car with us. I just cannot bear to leave Ollie with the inlaws or my Dad. I want to stick to Ollie! 

Did a site visit to the auditorium to prepare for this Sunday's Parent-Coach Conference. 

Went to several outlets and finally got the helmet for Laogong's Ironman (Penghu) in October. By then, I'm already quite tired. I need a sweet treat! 

Finally, finished up what we had to do and it's time for the BFFs to head to the zoo! Following the zoo, ice-cream and play time at our place. 

The Mamas and babies reunited with the hardworking Papas and we headed to ORTO's Aroy Jing Jing for dinner! Fun fun fun bbq-ing. Had to bath doubly long to rid the smell. Haha. Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Everyday! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Change of Play Plans...

Aiyoyo, terrible mad jam today to go back to Sg from Jb and we ended up stuck at home and couldn't make it for play date. Sorry little behs. Auntie Xx will take note the next time. And because I've been telling Ollie, "Playing with Emma, Jess Jess and Keira tomorrow, you know?" Ollie seemed to be at a loss. I have to make it up to her. We took her to the indoor playground. 

Followed by one of her favorite activities - shopping. 

We had water play back at home and the finale was the ice cream. 
(Don't worry, after the photo, I took a huge bite and she's only left with a tiny bit.)