Monday, March 31, 2014

TGIF and a long long weekend break ...

Fridays are usually good days for selfies with laogong.
Fridays are my dates-with-friends days and I usually have,
some makeup (and sometimes falsies) on!

The IJ Pals met at Jamie's Italian @ Vivo to celebrate Trace' birthday.
The early birds decided to take lots of photos.
(More than these posted, haha).

Outside the restaurant.
Inside the private function room.

The beer was yumz but then again,
much less yumz than the ones at Rabbit Carrot Gun.
Share the main (fish) with Chris.
It was nice but not super nice.
Food is not terrible at Jamie's Italian but definitely overrated.


Happy Birthday, Trace!


Long weekend for laogong and I because of the 5th week break.
Gatherings were held at our place for our family and friends.
Hope you all like the food and everything.
Thank you for your kind generosity with the gifts.
Yes, I didn't take photos.
Running around the house to ensure a constant supply of food and drinks
was my main priority.
Now, mopped the house, laundry done, (empty) luggage packed.
Shall slack a bit and yeah!
Back to our third home, BKK, for our monthly trip!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TGIF @ Grand Hyatt & Tropica

The one week holiday ended with great meetups and great company.
Then again, it wasn't a holiday for me :p
It's a holiday for me everyday!
Had to take a selfie with laogong during one of the traffic lights.
Haha, I had falsies on!

1st stop: Collected my Galia!
Super comfy flats.
Those killer heels are really not for me.

2nd stop: High tea with PEFX at 10 Scott, Grand Hyatt.
Limited variety but I thought, was of good quality.
The coffee was fantastic!
And I failed as the official photographer, 
I forgot about monthly group photo!

The refillable tray.
My favourite was the crab cake!
Lots of yummy parma ham and cheese.
Super sweet rock melon!

3rd stop: Bali Babes (Almost) Quarterly Reunion.
It would be perfect if our reunions were right in Bali!
Thanks to Marj, I have my fix of Tokyo Banana again!

Love you gals!
My forever Bali Babes!

More gatherings next week!
At home!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

TGIF @ Rabbit Carrot Gun

Was supposed to have Jpot with Ni and Val 
but had some last minute changes.
Ni and I decided to head East
(or rather, remain in East) and 
had dinner at Rabbit Carrot Gun.
I was early and ordered the Blondebombshell (Wheat Beer).
I was telling Val, it's even nicer than our usual favourite.

With baby ni...
Always a good dinner, 
no matter where.
Company matters :)

Pan Seared Sea Bass
The vegetables that came with it tasted so good!

Slow Roasted Pork Belly
Really yummy! Good introduction from the people.
The pork was soft and not oily!
Mash potato was yummy!

The dessert was so-so only.

While I was waiting for baby, saw my favourite ...
After dinner, when I headed to the supermarket to grab some stuff,
saw my favourite again!
Such coincidence!

Laogong came to fetch me after work and we 
went over to B's place to feed the meows.
Still hungry from the sushi he had,
we went to have supper at C2K Rasa Istimewa Restaurant.
Drove past several times but never had the chance to eat there.
The satay was good!

Great Friday as usual!
See you soon Monday!
(My favourite day of the week!)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Always A Great Monday!

Monday, 10th March.

We decided to try out the new bus service from our estate to JB Sentral and back.
It took us just slightly below one hour to reach JB Sentral.
Since we were there, we walked over to City Square for some shopping and desserts.

Saw 许留山and decided to try their full meals and of course, 
their must-have desserts.
Their full meals were OK but not necessary to try.
The service (by the particular server) was terrible but hey!
I did not complain.
Haha ... The complain queen was at rest.
Shopped around with nothing to buy,
we headed to J.Co for coffee and yummy donuts!

Took a bus back home and decided that will be the last time!
Been driving around since 2000, 
I love and appreciate the convenience of driving around.
I am grateful and thankful that I have been saving quite a bit of time.
Spending sixty minutes instead of the usual twenty minutes to reach home
is not ideal for me.
It was a good experience after all :)

Got home and prepared for Charcoal's treat.
Time passes really fast!
Charcoal has been home for one month!
Happy Monthsary, Charcoal!

I love cats still but don't worry Charcoal,
I will love you too!
I mean, Woof!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Carol!

Pre-celebration Lunch: 6 March
Venue: Poulet @ Bedok Mall
While waiting for Chris and Carol, I ordered my usual latte and gazed at the lovely flowers! So sparkly, glittery! It was love at first sight. Decided on that bouquet for Carol immediately! 

Ordered (or did we over-ordered?) lots of yummy food! Love their truffle mash and mushroom soup especially! The tiramisu was yummy too!

Blessed birthday, Carol!
Be happy and healthy!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy First Month, Garett (Endearingly, Popcorn)

The Devilz Aunties decided to have a 满月 Gathering for 
our latest member, Popcorn!
Congrats, Popcorn!
You are One Month Old!

No need to worry about cooking.
Thanks to Cutie for buying the massive amount of Mos!
We missed the Feb's gathering and had a good time catching up
over 30 nuggets and 30 prawnies and others.
Too much food!
Over-ordered as usual.

Cheers to more good moments, happiness 
and good health, my dear Devilz Family.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 24: One-Day-Trip to Bangkok

Second trip to Bangkok in 2014.
(Considering the fact that I came back to Singapore on Jan 2.)
Was eagerly waiting for this trip.
Comfort trip, back to our third home.
Comfort-wear back to Bangkok.
Our Weekly-Monday-Shot 😍

When we left the house, Charcoal was sniffing the luggage.
We will miss you for 12 hours, Charcoal!

We reached the airport pretty early.
Shopped a bit.
Had coffee.
What else, but take photos!

Headed to our favourite breakfast place and ordered the usual.
I think I must learn to cook their noodles.
Went to pray and offer our gratitude at the shrine.
Thank you for the abundance of blessings showered upon our families and us,
Phra Phrom.

The streets were pretty clear.
No major happenings.
We went off to MBK to stock up contact lenses.
Walked over to Paragon for more shopping.
Yeah! Another orange box!

Was tired after all the shopping.
Headed to Harold's for tea and cake.
Had my fill of red velvet 😘

With time on hand, we headed to 義德堂 next to Hua Lampong. One candonate coffins for the burial of the destitute deceased at 500 baht. There are some who can't afford the cost of death rites and/or unclaimed bodies from accidents or illnesses. The donation goes towards the payment for the coffin & burial ceremony. Coffin donation is considered a form of merit-making for the Thais. 
It's an act of compassion.
Even if you are not a Buddhist, you can donate too!

Final and must-go-to stop will be back to Mai Thai for our massage.
Too bad Laogong's favourite masseuse was not around, 
but actually, anyone there is good too!
With the Airport Rail nearby, we had dinner and set off for the airport after the massage.
Allocated a bit of time for tax refund and more duty-free shopping :p
Almost 10.30pm when the flight took off and we were deadbeat.
Slept for the whole flight back home.
Luckily we drove and parked at the airport, 
we zoomed back home immediately upon reaching the airport.
Till then, Bangkok.
See you soon, in three weeks.