Saturday, December 7, 2013

PEFX's One Year of Monthly Dates

It's the end of the year again! 
Always feel emo at the end of the year.
So fast!


(yes, we even have make-up/replacement dinners)


(I cannot find Apr's photo! Did we meet?)








Had a combined one with Devilz.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear friends!
Looking forward to many more years of monthly dinners!

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Merry Season

Lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner dates during the last two months of the year.
Lots of catching up :)

Been awhile since I buy something from Gucci.
Couldn't resist the pair of sneakers!
It has stars!

Spent too much this quarter at Chanel :p
Enjoyed every single piece of purchase!
Enjoyed the breakfast during the launch of their ready-to-wear.
Totally yummilicious!

Cleaned up the house over the weekend!
The best way to have a clean(er) house is to keep having parties and guests.
The house will be cleaned to welcome them!

Another been-awhile.
I have been obsessed with Chanel Le Vernis but they do not have it in silver.
Decided to buy one!
For the sake of Jo's theme during her Silver Anniversary Party! :p
Only for Jo!

With more good moments to come, 
this is The Merry Season.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You

I'm always grateful and thankful and of course especially grateful nearing Thanksgiving. 
Thankful for my Parents , Laogong, Bro & Family of course,  no one can compare to them. For everything they have done and they did not. Family is always the best. 
Thankful for Friends who are kind, non-judgemental and also understand friendship. To those who are nothing like that, big thank you too! For highlighting the true friends. True friends, thank you. You're like my second Family for putting in so much effort in the friendship. 
Thankful for the Children (and supportive parents) I've taught,  for without you,  my ambition would not have been fulfilled and my passion would not have continue burning. 
Thank you for the life I've. Blessed I know I am and I try to be nice and return to the community. 

Thank you 2013 especially, yet another great year! One year ago,  we got our first set of keys to the house. One year later, now,  I'm sitting at the porch,  sipping coffee,  writing this post. Life. Thank you for treating me so nicely. It's been fantastic! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Weekend (again)

Finally the tree was set on Monday!
Laogong and I decided on the Red & Gold theme.
To be honest, I took a picture and then decided,
not to leave the presents there.
Our tree is outside the house and the car porch
can get quite dusty.
So, I kept all the presents in again.

So, back to the weekend.
Now that mummy is sort of resting at home, 
I go back more often.
Slacked the weekend away with parents at home.

I'm so glad that all is better and fine!

Attended Shuhui & Jun Han's wedding dinner 
on Sunday at Orchard Hotel.

Caught up with ex-colleagues.
Had fun as usual at yet another wedding dinner.
One more anniversary dinner to go.
One overnight-gathering at my place.
One more wedding dinner to go.
Then it will be,
"Hello Chiang Mai & Bangkok!"

Can't wait!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Weekend

Considered between Red and Purple before the colouring.
Finally decided on Red and I love it!
Totally ♥ it!
The best thing about the hair dye - the smell!
Amazingly, it smells so nice!
I forgot to ask about the brand and name of the dye.
The smell could be smelled from a distance when I saw the stylist mixing the colour.
So super nice smelling that I went around asking people to smell my hair!
Even mummy said that it strangely smells nice!

Attended Christina and Joseph's wedding dinner at Holiday Inn.
Much memories came back.
The place where Laogong and I held our wedding dinner!
I miss the lion dance we had! 
Haha :p

Thank you for having us with you on your special day.
Best wishes on your blessed matrimony.
May the two of you enjoy eternal bliss and happiness.

The table mates :)

More wedding dinners to come for the following weeks!
Almost one weekly!

The end of the year is the season for parties and dinner!

For today, dinner at neighbour's place!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teacher Summer & TWFEC Swim Carnival 2013

After much planning and preparation, The Day finally came!
With much excitement and (just) four hours of sleep,
we woke up to a morning of rain!
For the past eleven years, every event that we had planned, it came with the rain.
This year was exactly what it had to be!
Thanks but no thanks to the rain,
instead of waking up at 0600, 
I managed to sleep till 0645.
The rain stopped.
The lightning alert was till 0745.
We reached the pool and was greeted with some drizzle.
Nevertheless, we began with our setup, 
with the drizzle accompanying us.
With the drizzle still accompanying us,
with faith and blessings, the lightning alert was off!
We began as planned with the support of the huge turnout!
In fact, the drizzle lasted for the entire meet and 
throughout the entire meet, the lightning alert was off!

I believe it is not myth but the truth - The Water Family
is always blessed by the rain!

The events went well and the children were happy.
Many children never ever had a chance to take part in any competition
and Nov 10 could have been their first!
We are glad we made a small difference in their lives.
We are glad they are part of our family - 
The Water Family.

Congratulations to all swimmers who completed their swim.
Congratulations to all winners .
Every single one of you made it.
When the crowd was cheering for a child to complete the lap,
it was most touching.

With an event usually planned by an entire PE Department,
carried out by an entire school, 
we did it with the help of our family, friends and all volunteers.
Every small little action made a big difference.
Thank you very much.

We are also very sorry for whatever blunders we have made.
We promise we will do better next year.

Like every big event, with much anticipation,
it came and it left.
However, the leaving left us with wonderful memories.

I was telling Teacher Jerry, 
"I think we will be talking about this event at least for the next one month still."

We are still adding on to the photo album of our FaceBook Page, 
every time I look at the photos, 
I feel the emotions and love.
I see the pride in the children and their parents.
Very touching scenes.

The Water Family Enrichment Centre Swim Carnival 2013
is definitely a milestone and an event where we experienced 
the support and love of everyonem like a big family - 
The Water Family.

Please like our FaceBook Page and view more photos:
or visit our blog:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What a busy period!

It’s been a long week.
Busy with matters at home and busy with the upcoming swim meet.
Lots of lessons learnt from people around us.
One of the most important lesson:
I sincerely hope that family and friends around me will be living in eudaimonia.
It has not been the best of period for some.
Let's all strive on and be positive!
Small little joys to cheer me up.
Girl Guides Cookies!
Memories from secondary school days and teaching days :)
 I shall live on and let happiness and good health flourish.
My simple wish for all my loved ones too!
RED! For happiness, good health and prosperity!
Every new day will be a better one!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Teacher Summer's Group Tuition (2014/SG)

Click on Image/s to Enlarge.

Dear Parents and Children, 

  1. Please note that the schedule is subject to changes.
  2. All fees are indicated clearly as I believe transparency is very important.
  3. Places are limited, please do inform me if you are interested.
  4. All one-to-one lessons are taken up, please do inform me if you would like to be on the waiting list.

Thank you for your support and for always believing in me.


SG: +65 9796 4130
JB: +60 18280 3778

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eventful Week(end)

I'm lucky to have extended weekends (especially so after PSLE).
With an easy week and a slightly heavier workload on Saturday,
my weekends usually are from Saturday 4pm to Tuesday 3.30pm.
Had half of the Primary Sixes over for a mini BBQ on Sunday (20/10)
The other half went away already!
And here are the usual fun-loving girls in class.
(too fun-loving sometimes!)
Had brunch at Jln Petri on Monday (21/10).
Blogged about it in the previous post but I have to say this again,
"The mee rubus tulang is delicious!"
Had the monthly dinner with next door neighbours on Monday as well.
We were lucky to move to a very nice estate in SA.
We were even luckier to have nice neighbours!
Having moved into SA for almost a year, 
I still have lots unpack / left in Bedok.
Finally, the last batch of shoes to pack/sell/throw. (23/10)
I have never done a post proper on moving to SA .
Maybe I should.
However, to sum it up, (while I was chatting with Laogong)
no matter how much we save from staying in SA.
The cost of living - Lower.
The quality of life - Priceless.

Life is kind to me.
I will do my best for my family and of course, 
to return to the society.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Restoran Zz Sup Tulang @ Jln Petri

Thanks to Huimin's mom introduction, we had a good brunch. 
The mee rubus tulang was very nice! 
I won't have the nasi lemak again. 
I think the nasi lemak at Setia Indah and Sayed Bistro is still the best! 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thank you, for being my students ...

I was chatting with an ex-student's parent / friend (I taught the daughter when she was in Primary 4 and she is Sec 3 now!) the other day when she told me that she still remembers what I did for her daughter. I seriously cannot remember what I have done. I simply teach to the best of my ability, even now.

Instead of them thanking me, I want to thank them, thank the students -  past, present and future.

Thank you for being my students.
Without you, I would / will not be able to teach and fulfill my dreams.
I realised that my first batch of students are 21!
Many are in tertiary institutions now.
More are coming to me.
Every student matters to me.

Thank you, for being a part of my life.