Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

It's the last day of 2014.
A very eventful year filled with joy and laughter as well as some sadness.
Being a proud Leo, I share mainly the joy and laughter :)
I think that, I take after mummy.

I'm glad that we all stood by one another all the time
and we braved through everything.
Papa is one great man and the one holding
all of us up.
May we all enjoy good health and happiness.
Laogong has always been very supportive.
Throughout the 37 weeks of pregnancy, 
I've been treated extra well by everyone,
especially Laogong.
Even my lil' bro has been extra sweet.
Thankful for everyone and also of course, 
Such a sweet and wondrous addition to our big family 
who brings a smile to everyone's face.

Glad that my numerous cliques of friends managed to meet up 
at least once a month.
Besides family, friends are the next pillars of support.
Made new friends this year.
Great new friends :)
Thankful for all who provided listening ears, 
who gave strong support,
who are shopping enablers,
who are who they are.

Laogong and I are always thankful for the
support and trust of almost if not all,
our children and their parents.
Thank you for believing in us.
We love what we do because of you.
I am also happy for my children who have done their best,
for their examinations, for their PSLE.

Thank you, 2014.
You have treated my family and me well.
We believe everything happens for a reason.
Our faith will keep us strong, and even stronger for 2015.
I'm sure 2015 will be yet another great year for us!

Monday, December 29, 2014

First Tummy Time on 28 Dec 2014

Brought Olympia back to Bedok yesterday to visit.
Glad that she brought smiles to everyone at home.
It so happened we had guests at home also.
Mum was tired and took her nap.
With Olympia awake, Laogong and I decided to have Olympia's first tummy time!
I tried to entice her with a new bag in order to make tummy time successful.
Ok, I am joking.
The bag is for her to keep all her ang baos during CNY.
Ok, I am not joking :p

Olympia managed to lift her head up quite quickly and unexpectedly.
So much so that we did not manage to capture the moment.
(Also because we were too happy and clapping for her).
Laogong tried to do a theory lesson for her.
Teaching her how to 'bend-open-close', 
getting her ready for swimming!
Congratulations, my dear Olympia, on your first successful tummy time.
Strong neck you have!
Laogong went Bangkok to conduct a lesson today.
I tried another session of tummy time with Olympia and she managed to do it again!
Manage to capture the picture today!
Good job, Olympia!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lovely Afternoon...

It's Olympia's mummy here. 
Haha. I've been blogging in Olympia's perspective sometimes, so I better make it clear... 

I'm home alone with Olympia. 
She had her milk at 1pm while we lunched. 
While laogong went to Vibes to fix up the curtains, I started on some admin work for 2015. 
I'm feeling 90% OK from the cesarean delivery. 
(though I think it takes up to 6 months for complete healing) 
The mood is also up and (touchwood)  no more hormonal emotions. 
It could also be due to the massive online shopping (and receiving of them). 
Thank you, Laogong. 
You've been paying and paying and encouraging me to spend (haha) for the past few months while I spend and spend. 

At 4pm, our dear Olympia was hungry and I stopped work, started drama and fed her. I can so get used to such routine :) Love her satisfied look. Shall continue with my drama and a bit of online shopping while she doze... 

Oh yes! Just a reminder:

Dear Parents and Children, 

I'm working out the schedule and will be sending them to you (via WhatsApp)  soon. (Workaholic? Sorry children, I can't wait to start solving Mathematics sums and all the other papers!) All lessons resume 17 Jan (Sat).  I'm all ready to go! Those who have yet to confirm classes / subjects, let me know real soon as some classes are full and I have no other available slots because I need to keep those slots for Olympia :) 

Friday, December 26, 2014


Papa and Mummy took me to ICA this morning. 
The car park was so congested that we couldn't get a parking lot. 
Papa had to take me to collect the passport while Mummy waited for a lot. 
Anyway, I'm now a proud owner of a passport and I'm 22 days old! 
I'll be going to Thailand in March with Papa and Mummy. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blessed Christmas 2014

2014 has been a great year filled with joy, happiness and laughter. 
There were sad and worrying moments (this is life) but we managed, the family as one. 
Thankful for the abundance of blessings showered upon the family,  we will definitely continue to contribute and return to the society. 
With our latest addition in the family,  there will be changes in life, better ones I'm sure :) 
Merry Christmas 2014 and Blessed 2015 ahead! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Olympia's Many Firsts ...

Merry Christmas!
Today Mummy took me to Auntie Irene's house for their Christmas gathering.
It is my FIRST Christmas.
It is my FIRST Christmas gathering.
Auntie Des left before Mummy and the aunties took the picture.
The Christmas tree is so nice.
Mummy says we will put up our own tree next year.
Well, the FIRST Christmas tree decorating experience will be kept till then.
Thank you, Auntie Jo for taking the picture.

Mummy took this picture for Auntie Sharon and Jie Jie Heather.
The log cake is so cute.
Jie Jie Heather is smiling so happily.
Big Kor Kor Josh and Jie Jie Heather played with Max all the time.
I think Max must be very tired!

Small Kor Kor Josh and I took a picture today.
His hair is very stylo!
They stand!
So cool! 

Thank you for all the presents, dearest aunties.
I forgot who gave me the FIRST present but thank you very much to all of you!

I got home and I received my FIRST mail!
Thank you very much Auntie Lyn (from Little Suite).
Auntie Irene also bought me my FIRST set of books (named after me, haha).
Mummy and Papa bought me many books but this set is extra special!
Thank you, Auntie Irene.

And lastly, how can I forget Mummy's #SOTD.
I am happy that she is happy.
She can finally fit into all her Chanel collection again!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Olympia's Actual EDD - Dec 20

Dec 20:
Mummy said today is supposed to be my actual delivery date.
It doesn't matter anyway.
Look at me!
I'm glad to be out with Mummy and Papa.

Dec 19:
Yesterday was Mummy and Papa's 3rd wedding anniversary.
They told me that whenever they have a special day,
or when The Water Family has a special day,
it will rain.
It's our trademark.
It did!
Rained for quite a while yesterday.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mummy and Papa.
You two now have me to celebrate with you!
Yesterday morning, Popo also cooked super yummy noodles for Mummy and Papa.

Dec 18:
One of the many outfits that Mummy bought for me.
I'm a super girl!

Dec 17:
Mummy is very happy that not only she has gone back to pre-pregnancy weight,
she also has lost another 2 kg...
Papa also went with her to collect the keys to her new place.
Mummy and Papa are both very happy with the new place.
Hope they rent it out soon!
Any uncle / auntie / jie jie / kor kor is interested in the place?
Hurry, call my Mummy or Papa now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Check out my new rocker...

Alright, I find that this photo of myself doesn't look like myself.
Well, but I think I still look good.
That is what Papa always say.
Papa was very hardworking in the wee hours.
Mummy told me that he actually fixed up my pink rocker once he unbox the delivery.
Thanks to all the Papa, Mummy, Uncles, Aunties and Godma Ni, 
I've duplicates of many items so that I can have them in our house, 
Yishun home and Bedok home.
I am so lucky.

Check out the pink version!

I'm so loving it!

Poor Mummy.
She is so bored at home.
I hope I am giving her enough rest!
She dressed up her TR35 and we took a selfie!

Till the next entry!
Bye all!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wonderful Day with Olympia

The day started out with laogong telling me that Olympia gave him his first poo experience. He has been in charge of changing diapers and today Olympia poo landed on his him! Haha. What a lucky day! 

We got changed and I expressed bm (so I don't have to bring the pump and cooler box out). Olympia had to go to the PD for a review (for her jaundice)  and yeah! All is fine! We were so happy that all is fine. We headed to Takashimaya (for a mere 2 hours)  and it was great being out there! Confinement is really not for me. Took photo with Olympia where the Christmas tree was. Bought some stuff for her. And it was laogong's first time at the nursing room at Takashimaya. Hehe. He performed his diaper duties dutifully. 

Came home, had lunch and rested. Belle came to visit. Yeah. Haha. I love visitors! And Papa called with more good news. The day gets even better. Very happy to get the good news from Papa. And later, there will be a delivery for our massive online purchases from Taobao (haha 42kg or $1000+ worth of purchases). 

Thankful for all the good things happening in the family, really thankful. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Olympia is 9 days old!

This is the 2nd Saturday with Olympia.
Last Saturday, we were still in Gleneagles.
Time flies.
Haha, I find that Olympia looks different everyday!

Throwback 1 (7 Dec, Sun)
Olympia's Godma Ni and family and some IJ Pals came to visit.
By last Saturday actually, I was already able to come down and walk around.
Olympia was also latching well (according to the lactation consultant).
Good progress!

Throwback 2 (11 Dec, Thu)
We took Olympia to her first PD visit (also at Gleneagles).
So sad!
Her jaundice was slightly high and she had to be check in to the 5 Star Beach Resort to suntan under the blue sun. 
Consolation at that point in time was that the PD did not suggest we rent the light home (which means she is almost definitely going home with us the next day).
I kind of teared knowing that she was not going home with us.
Since there was nothing we could do at the nursery, Laogong and I headed home.
Had a good day rest and prayed hard that Olympia is fine.
(60% of newborns will have jaundice of varying levels, I know it is common, but well, most of the mummies I spoke to understood why I teared! :) This is confirmed not hormonal!)

Throwback 3 (Just yesterday actually!)
The IJ Aunties (Daze said she is a Jie Jie) came to visit!
They trained Olympia so well!
She managed to sleep through with all the noise!
Jie Jie Daze carried Olympia for a long long while.
Must have been very comfortable and that was why she slept so long!
Thanks for the yummy cakes also!

Hehe, also, something small from the IJ Pals for Jan.
Congrats on your new home!

Back to today ... Or rather from last night ...
Olympia has been sleeping more than usual in between feeds.
She came home with 24 hours of formula milk from the hospital.
I chose to 'blame' it on the formula milk (I don't advocate anything) that she is sleeping more because the milk is more filling ... 
She also did not poop yesterday. Again I blame it on the milk (more heaty?!)
I asked the experts and they told me that jaundice babies sleep more. 
Instead of feeding on demand, today (and maybe tomorrow) I might have to feed her every 2-3 hours.
Hopefully back to latching and breastmilk, she will poop!
(MIL did say that she pooped one small tiny blop in the morning, like finally)
Hope to see more poo later! Haha.
I'm getting the hang of latch-pump(drama)-eat-sleep cycle.
Not as tired as in the hospital.
The confinement food is good (for the price I pay, it better be).
MIL, FIL and laogong has been helping out a lot.
I miss home actually (literally JB and Bedok).
Hope all is fine, it must be fine.
Praying hard.

One more of our lucky star!