Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ollie's 3rd Successful Swimming Session

To facilitate the heating of water, we bought a portable stove so that we can boil water (in the huge pot I used to boil herbs for my confinement) before the swim. 
As usual,  we have to make sure she is not sleepy,  well fed and warmed up. 
This time round, we let her float around with her neck float first. 
Then she seems to have the desire (haha,  we thought so!)  to want to remove the neck float, so we removed it and let her float around with a bit of support of course. 
She floated for quite a while, maybe because it was an all new experience! 
I think we'll wait till she is 3 months old before we let her go underwater. 
In the meantime, floating around is good enough of a water play / experience for her! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving my new Tuesday

Slept in with Laogong and Ollie yesterday and today. Loving it. 
Yes, we can sleep in (except for the 5-10min of feeding at 6+). 
I fed and Laogong did a quick change of diaper and we continued sleeping. 
3 of us slept till 9+ before we head out to the market for our favourite chicken rice! 
It is an extremely hot day, thus, the holey holey outfit for Ollie. 
House-chores-fruitful-day for the house-chores-fanatic me. 
Two rounds of feeding Ollie and two rounds of nap (still napping now) is very useful for me. 
Thank you, Ollie. 
You are such a darling. 
Managed to do laundry. 
Managed to wash the sheets and put them back. 
Managed to wash the quilt (still I'm the dryer). 
Managed to clear off (read: throw) stuff from the storeroom and dining table (huge mass :p). 
Swept the car porch. 
Wiped some of my slippers. 
Cooked lunch. 
Very happy I am! 
Glad that at least I managed to fulfil part of one of my two ambition (teach: doing it still). 
The second one is to be a housewife! 
Tuesdays used to be a teaching day but now it's a home with Ollie day.
Anyway, shall blog about Ollie's swimming session yesterday and tomorrow's buffet lunch with some Dec2014 mummies in another post(s). 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Day

It's Papa's off day! 
We're going out together! 
I hope Papa has lots programme planned for me. 
Does he? Or does mummy? 
Whatever! Yeah! 
Happy Family Day! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life with Ollie so far .. Has been great ...

Finally, after Laogong's super busy week
or should I say month, we manage to 
have breakfast together today.

It was a nice warm fuzzy feeling when
Laogong asked me what I wanted for
breakfast and before I could reply, he
asked if I wanted to go 大四喜 for
dim sum.
That was exactly what I had in mind!

Back home, Olympia fell asleep after Laogong 
went out and and she had her milk. 

It's then my me-time to get some housework done, 
work done, catch up on some drama, etc. 

Some activities this week.
Olympia and Josh (Jas and I) had our breakfast date
on Wednesday.
I didn't even know there is such a place call
East Village.
Breakfast was not bad but Jas and I didn't have 
enough caffeine and we headed for more :p

Yesterday, as usual, Laogong had his tourist 
students at Shangri-la.
Decided to head to town with him in the
morning, while he was in class, 
I went to grab a coffee with Olympia.
Nothing much for the day, slacked the day 
away ...

There is a new Sayed Bistro at Adda Ave
(my favourite coffee shop because they
always have chandeliers!)
and we decided to go there for dinner.
So far, we are enjoying our Parties of 3.
Olympia is a very good girl.
(And no, no pantang, some believe that 
we cannot praise babies, but no, 
if she is good, Praise!)


Ollie is now 7 weeks old!
It's been great spending time with her.
Haha. Really, most of the time, things
are doing great!
I always tell people who ask me how I am,
"I am a natural mummy!"
I may not be a best mummy
but I definitely try and give all my best 
to Ollie.
I just need to be the best for her.
Laogong has been helping out a lot despite 
his busy schedule.
Really looking forward to next week onward,
when he is not going to be as busy.
This year, I cut down my teaching hours by 
more than half.
I had to reject and turn down many students.
Of course, this also means that my shopping 
allowance is cut by half.
However, nothing can be more precious than
spending time and watching Ollie grow up.
Looking forward to more great days with 
Laogong and Ollie.

Happy 7th Week, my dear Olympia.

Friday, January 16, 2015

TGIF with Laogong & Ollie ...

Laogong has lots of additional classes these two weeks,
mainly the tourists, one after another.
Totally feeling tired for him.
I really miss mornings with him!
Basically, since the week after New Year's Day,
the tourists' lessons aka his OT started.
FINALLY, he didn't have or chose not to have 
additional classes today and we have family time!
Went to My Rail for breakfast (though we had dinner 
there last night).
MR DIY to grab some CNY and miscellaneous stuff.
Then we headed home to prepare for Olympia's
water experience #2.

1. Make sure she is fed.

2. Change her into her new costume.

3. Warm up.

And off we go!

She was absolutely tired after the swim!

So as not to waste the pool of water,
and the housechore-loving me,
I told Laogong to take over taking care of Ollie.

I decided to wash the car porch, clean up stuff, rinse some stuff, etc.

Extremely tired but love to see my house clean!

Took over from Laogong when he went off for his usual 
Friday lessons.

See how comfy she is!

Watched my drama series, did admin work for lessons tomorrow, 
did laundry, cooked dinner and now with Ollie in my arms again,
time to put her to bed!

Can't wait to start lessons tomorrow!

Hello Children (and teenagers-to-be), Teacher Summer is back!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Olympia's Photoshoot

Will blog about the end products (as mentioned in previous post)  when we receive them after Chinese New Year. 
Here are some photos from that day... 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

With the intention to shop...

On Monday,  with the intention to have lunch then shop then do Olympia's 胎毛笔 (brush made of baby hair) and 脐带章 (to seal up the umbilical cord) , we ended up with only lunch and Olympia's agenda. Haha. Actually, we didn't do the  胎毛笔 in the end. The person wanted to shave all her hair to do the brush and I objected violently (really). Decided not to do that and do the seal. We also decided to do her handprint and footprint and gold plate them. The package gave us a free photoshoot or rather, Ollie. We ended seeing more than three hours at the shop! She was super tired after the mini photoshoot. I learnt some parenting tips there from the mother of four boss. Can't wait to see the end products! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ollie is Amost 6kg!

Past two Sundays when I return to parents' place,
I will weigh Olympia.
Last week she was 4.9kg and
yesterday, she was 5.7kg.
Almost hitting the 6kg mark!
I'm glad my breastmilk is doing her well!
Other than playing and talking with her, 
I love to watch her sleep!
Especially when she sleeps #likeaboss!
One of my favourite shots!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Certification Begins!

With home-schooling in mind, 
I decided to create certificates for Olympia as she learns
and progresses right from young.

They are sort of like a list of achievements she has and 
will achieve now and in future.

Grow well, Olympia.
Be kind to others and yourself.
Be happy from within.
Be healthy.

Lots Love.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 1st Month, Olympia.

Dear Olympia, 

You are one month old today! 
I hope this has been a good one month for you just like how it has been for all of us at home. 
You bring smiles to everybody. 
From lying in the operating theatre to carrying you in my arms to coming back to our JB home, everyday has been very busy and meaningful. 
Your papa is doing a very good job and I am sure he will continue to do so. 
You are our precious Princess and we really want you to grow up very kind, happy and healthy. 
On January 5, 2015, we decided to have your first swimming session / lesson. 
You didn't cry, so we assume you quite like it! 
We hope you enjoy the sun and the water as much as we do, but whatever it is, your interest still matters! 

Happy 1st Month, Olympia! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Olympia's 1st Month Party!

Wasn't it just December 5, 2014 when Olympia arrived in Gleneagles?
It's been a month and we advance-celebrated her 满月 yesterday at Grand Mecure Roxy.
Big Thank You to all who came.
Thank you for your generosity in taking time out to attend the party and for the bountiful gifts and red packets for Olympia and us (so sweet of you all, Papa and Mummy also get gifts!)
It was such an 'easy' party where we did nothing to prepare except to invite family and friends.
Thanks Jo & Ron for the lobang.
Thanks Marj & Daze for the blue/white tac.
Thanks Mermaid for collecting everything and choosing things that made mummy so excited and happy. Haha.
Apologies to if we have not been able to invite you due to circumstances, or worse still, forgot to invite you.
It's been a great though extremely busy one month as we adjust our roles for Olympia and the brain is mostly used for Olympia and the family

Pictures on FB :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Olympia's Fashion Show...

Effectively, she's only showcasing half the number of outfits she changed today. The rest, no time to take a picture because they are situations where we need to change in a rush. Haha.