Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank you, 2016. Welcome 2017.

Happy New Year!
2016 was fantastic and I'm sure 2017 will be even better!

Ollie had an eventful year and I'm sure more good years to come!
She bonds with her friends.
She makes new friends. 
She learnt new things.
She is a great visual learner.
She amazes us all the time with her ability of all sorts.
She also teaches me patience and love.
Lots more.

The family grows with love because of her.

May all have a great 2017 and make every little moment counts!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Compliments of the season! 
I have to quote Sharon, "You know it's Christmas when everyone starts eating and shopping too much!" 
Totally true I would say! 
This year, we chose not to travel in December and just stay home during our 2 weeks break. Partly also because we've been travelling a tad too much previously.  
We enjoyed the minor works, cleaning and preparing of the house for the upcoming gatherings and guests who will be visiting us in Malaysia. 
We also have been spending time 24/7 together and loving all the moments. Despite the fact that we already spend a lot of time together on normal days, we still totally enjoy this unusual stay-home-vacation. 
Our family tradition of no-gift (but please donate) continues. However, thank you Uncles, Aunties, Kor Kors and Jie Jies for your kind generosity. Ollie is very blessed to receive all the gifts and love. 
Enjoy the festive season and stay healthy! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday, Olympia.

It was about this time, you were born.
Time flies. Nine months of being pregnant. 
Two years of our lives with you.
We did it, and quite well I must say.
All we really want, is that you continue to grow up happily and healthily.
Whatever else, is secondary.
Thank you for being part of our family.
You bring so much joy and laughter to all of us.
(alright, and now, the birthday girl is demanding my attention, 
end of me-time, end of blog entry).

Happy Month of December, everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Not-So-Typical Sunday

My Sundays are usually spent at Papa's place where we chill and have our three meals together. Today, he was busy with his voluntary work. Bro was busy with attending a wedding or was it two? The helper had her off day. Ollie and I still managed to have breakfast with the Bro. Then, she played around a bit. I did some alterations on the machine. She napped a bit. And we went out to have lunch with laogong. Haha, luckily he had an extended lunch break in between lessons today. So yay! We had company. 
We had lunch. We took Ollie to the stadium to run and play around. Laogong rested a bit before he headed back for the remaining two classes. Well, Ollie and I then did what we do best. Shop. Two hours is a decent time for us to shop together, including a Llao Llao break. Went back to fetch laogong and prior to that, I sent him a text message to tell him not to faint when he open up the back of the car. (shopping bags and more). The two are now fast asleep (since a couple of hours ago). 
I enjoyed quite a bit of my me-time. Packing for tomorrow's trip, an episode of drama. Clearing up phone storage (for more pictures). I guess, it's a great day after all, despite missing out time with Papa today. Next week then! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

老公回来了!Laogong Is Back!

It was a long seventeen days. Far too long for comfort. Laogong went for his overseas reservist recently. Despite the planned itinerary, Ollie and I weren't able to complete all the trips. I was down physically and emotionally for a few days. Counting down for Laogong to be back was really terrible. I cannot and will not understand the need for such a long exercise (and those past exercises). Or rather, as a wife and mother of a young child, I refused to be understanding. Of course, he had to go. He went. And I dread the next one which might be in two years? Whatever.
For now, we are thankful for him to be home with us! I guess it was extra hard for me / us because we are the Liam Ti Ti 粘体体 family. We spend so much time together all the time. Cheers to our Liam Ti Ti moments again!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Girls-Only Part 1: Bangkok

Waited for so long and the day finally arrived. Bb and I travelled to Batam together before but it was our first time to Bkk together, with Kylie and Ollie. 

The trip was great. We visited a few of the cafes that we wanted to. Ate the food that we wanted to. Had our daily massage. Bought many things for the kids. No major meltdowns. Yay! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learning about the Concept of Cold (or Absence of Heat)

The other morning, Ollie woke up at 0745 and looked down at the pool, tugging at me to take her down. Sleepy and knowing that the water was cold, I still woke myself up and took her down. Well, seeing is believing, no, I mean ... in this case, feeling is believing (and learning).
(P.E. Teacher is serving his reservist, so the multi-purpose-teacher had to take over his lessons.)

She was all eager to change and head to the pool.

At the pool, she eagerly removed her slippers and walked to the baby pool.

Within a minute, she walked back to the chair and sat down. Then, she put on her slippers and pointed to home. 

I was still very sleepy but I'm glad she had learnt this lesson! It is very easy for us to tell her how cold the water is but at this point, it is much easier for her to simply head to the pool and feel it for herself. Ollie is very much a spatial learner. She generally thinks in pictures than in words. She also has a strong kinesthetic preference for learning where she prefers using her body/hands/touch. I remember how she used to want to touch my cup of hot tea or bowl of hot soup, so, I let her. She has to feel it to learn why I did not allow her to do that. And yes, she learned her lesson well.

I'm glad her learning made up for the lack of sleep for that day! Keep expressing your interest to learn, Ollie. Unschool one day, world school another day, we do it your way!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Handling Disappointment

Equally excited, we told Ollie last night that the Fanpekka Theme Park (at the new wing of Aeon Tebrau)  is opening today and we will take her there in the morning. We woke up at 9ish, headed for breakfast and reached Aeon at 10ish, rather surprised with the queue to the carpark. So, H&M and many other shops were all opening too! We made our way to Fanpekka, seems nice. . . But . . . 10am was only for media invite. Omg. Disappointment was all over Ollie's face. And she held back her tears when she realised we're not going in. Seeing that,  I almost cried. How did a 23mo hold back her tears? We took her shopping and also bought her ice-cream, but her usual smiles were weak and bare. 
We had crazy ideas to cancel all schedule for today but decided against it as the weather turned better and most importantly, we must teach her right values. Responsibility. Also, Fanpekka is not going to run away! I'm also proud of you, Ollie, you didn't cry your lungs out knowing that the theme park was not opened to public today. You didn't throw any tantrum. All these, actually made us very proud of you,  although a bit of a heart ache to see you down too. Don't worry! Lots fun over the next few days. Today, we learn about disappointment and handling disappointment . You did well, very well! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Little Girl of Mine ...

(To the tune of 'This Little Light of Mine')
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
This little girl of mine,
I'm gonna let her shine.
Let her shine, 
let her shine, 
let her shine!
Ollie is always full of surprises.
Her little antics and her cheeky acts fill our days 
with happiness, much more joy than one can imagine.
True that on certain days and certain situations, 
I feel so tired to have this super glue demanding my 
100% attention.
I feel irritated even.
I just want to ... 
Bath maybe?
Poo in peace?
However, the Laogong is right too, he said,
"Isn't that what you want?"
Yes. That is what I want.
I want her to be with me most of the time.
(I do want a tiny bit of me time and couple time.)
I want to be her BFF in the growing years and not 
worry about bad influence and stuff.
I want to be there to watch her fall and not rush over,
because she should learn to pick herself up.
I want to be there to hear her laugh and make her laugh.
I simply want to be there for her.
So, nowadays, I tell myself ... 
Don't be so easily irritable! 
Life with Ollie is wonderful and will definitely
get even better!

Actually, I just wanted to blog.
It's been more than half a month from the previous entry.
Didn't blog about the IRONMAN Race because Laogong has done so.
Didn't blog about all the play dates and high teas because they are all over my 
Instagram and FaceBook.
Thus, this random post with Ollie's cutest photo of the day.
There are too many cute, cuter and cutest photos!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Busy Lil' BFF (lots of pictures)

It's been such a busy busy month! Before I know it, it's past mid-September! Time flies too fast, way too fast! The same thing I have to say for Ollie, she is growing up too fast, way too fast!


If we stay over in SG, we sometimes head over to Ikea for breakfast. Ollie loves the waffle and egg from them. She can sit on her own to eat nowadays albeit the slight mess but yes, she can! Cutie and her trio came over to swim and play that week too.

Sundays back at 外公's place is always full of fun. Play whole day!

That Monday, Laogong went for his Ironman bike practice, I took Ollie out to meet the mamas for lunch at Marmalade Pantry. We managed to hang out with Fio for a while too!

Took Ollie out shopping as usual and she had so much fun that she fell asleep almost immediately in the car on the way back.

We signed up for Legoland's Annual Pass. Laogong loves theme parks. Since this is the nearest to home for us, and there was a promotion for residents, we decided to do it! Ollie loves the boat ride. She wants to go on it every time we're there! Of course, she loves the shopping too. It's amusing how she walks over to the trolley bay and starts to push one on her own, every time we're there.

Took her to our favourite store at the moment, to collect our loots!

We visited Teresa who of course fed us well again. Thank you so much always. Ollie also had fun with Noah Kor Kor! Thank you Noah!

Just yesterday, we had breakfast at Ikea again. Then we headed to the airport for the #dinomoov station. I'm not sure if it's a permanent thing though. T3 is a fun place to be with yummy food, playgrounds and ample space to run around.

Ollie and I then headed to MBS to shop and had early dinner with the pretty aunties. We had to leave earlier than expected because of the night function back in the North.

Busy busy first half of September.
Next, we busy ourselves in anticipation for the five trips coming up!
Totally excited!
Laogong's Ironman (full!!!!) in Taiwan.
BKK Trip with Ollie's Godma.
Visiting V in Jakarta.
Bali Escapade with the IJ Pals.
TWFEC Bonding Trip to Desaru.
And the unplanned Dec short trip back to our 3rd home, Thailand.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Car seats and Ollie

It's been a long while since we changed from the previous car seat to this.  We've come a long way. The initial excruciating experience was terrifying. I threw the car key and said I never ever want to drive with Ollie in the car again. Her loud wails were scary. Not to forget, she was back facing and couldn't see me, she couldn't feel the air conditioning blowing at her, it was horrible. 
Today, I turned around (while the car was parked)  and saw a complete contrast. She escaped from the belts, unbuckled on her own, turn off the video and waited for me to get down the car to wear the shoes of her choice. I'm thankful for her progress, thankful to Barney maybe. Haha.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I am 35...

The month of August concluded quite differently from what it used to be like when I was 25. Parties every night, bottles and bottles of vodkas and champagnes, daily celebrations. I'm glad I had those memories but I'm not missing those days extremely much. Life has been very generous to my family and me, and we are very thankful. Very much simpler celebrations nowadays but filled with so much meaning and love. I remember it was a couple of years back, Laogong and I 'privatised' our birth dates on FB. Not that we don't want people to know but maybe, more of the 'family and friends know without FB reminders' anyway. Not that we will be upset with fewer wishes from friends and I guess as we mature, we like to keep things simpler. So here I am, with the assistance of SNOW's filter and my favourite falsies, looking quite chio on my actual birth day. Haha.

Celebrated in advance with Carol and Chris at MBS' db Bistro. 

Not only is life generous to me, all my friends are too. Not just about the celebrations and gifts, but actually just remembering and the text messages sent are already valuable and thoughtful. Effort is priceless. Maintenance of relationships with people is hard work. Thank you to all my dear friends who are maintaining the friendships together.

On the actual day, we slept at 2am after watching JS beat MP in the semi-finals of Olympic and woke up at 6am for the Challenge Iskandar Puteri 5km Fun Run. It was Ollie's first run! And I've to say, I look quite slim in the dark picture! Wohoo! Look at my slim legs! Hahaha. I really have to commend myself for taking such a good picture! I chose dinner at Copthorne King's Princess Terrace because I really love the Penang Buffet there. (Ok, also because I've the member's card and thus privileges there) And it's like Ollie's birthday, we took her to Takashimaya to buy toys. It's always a blessing to give, especially to our loved ones, especially to Ollie! 

Caught up with the Enablers (finally) for dinner at Time & Flow.

Had lunch with the IJ Pals at I12's Canton Paradise (and they reminded Irene and I that we had it there last year or the year before too!).

Thank you, life, for the past 3 decades and more ... 
Happy Birthday 2016, Toh Xiaoxin!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ollie's Random Moments

Everyday, we have new discoveries about Ollie. Small little things, significant moments, funny situations, we love them all. They are all precious to us. She grows up too fast, way too fast.
We were having dinner at Just Acia last night. Laogong asked her if she wanted some ice-cream and tried to feed her. She shook her head to reject him. The next moment, she pick up the spoon and started eating it on her own. When I took the selfie camera out, she started posing. I guess it's not that she didn't want the ice-cream but more of, she wanted to eat it on her own!

This afternoon, while waiting for our lunch at Canton-i, I wanted to take photos of the two of them but Ollie didn't want to pose. I opened up the app 'Snow' and she saw those cute frames and she started posing. Haha. She really likes the app!

On Monday, I took her to the taman's playground and she started exploring new and high areas. We are fine with her trying and being adventurous and definitely glad that she dares to venture out of her comfort zone too!

Last week, the junior Devilz met for a swim & play date and as usual, initially she is quite shy, after, she was totally fine! Happy to see the young ones playing together, growing up together,

Ollie ah Ollie, enjoy your childhood, enjoy your life.
Be brave and dream big.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Le Diamant Cartier Exhibition

Decided to do an entry because I was lucky to get additional me time to doll myself up on top of the event time. Thanks to Papa who helped to babysit (with the helper). Went with Cyn to beautify ourselves before the event. With so much effort put in, have to take more photos,  right! 

So sweet of Cyn to pick me up! Managed to snap(chat)  nice pictures in her car. 

We were constantly reminding each other to just 'take a look'. They had very special displays on top of everything Bling. Yummy champagne as per every event. The canapés were extra yummy too! 

The Singapore Sling they served were yummy! Somewhat different from the usual. 

Lovely night, looking pretty. I think it's very important to have me time and to beautify ourselves more often! Much as time with Ollie is very precious, me time is priceless too. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jess & Ollie in Bkk

It was a very short (3D2N) but fun-filled trip. Very little shopping though as the cheap things can be bought off TB and the expensive things should be purchased in SG or Paris (haha). Our girls need to have more training when it comes to contact with animals! They don't fancy the furry creatures much! Thanks also to Nuch, who spent time with us. Next trip soon!