Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Garett!

Blessed birthday, Garett! 
Be happy and healthy! 
Last week, Cutie and I met Bucky for dinner because Bucky could not make for for the BBQ. 
Today we met again without Bucky at Belle's new place. 
Congrats on your new place! 
Thanks for having us at the BBQ. 
Today is also a special day because Ollie had her first hair cut / trim! 
Happy Weekend, everyday! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

First Loh Hei of 2016

The Penang Gang (we went to Penang when the three ponies
were still babies, ok, they are still babies now) had our reunion dinner
at London Fat Duck.
The food was very delicious, 
but after dinner I was super
duper thirsty.
MSG I guess?
We also had Loh Hei.
My first!
It was great meeting up again with everyone.
Anther one soon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gardens By The Bay - CNY Edition

As you can see, we love GBB ...
We will definitely visit the place once they change the decor.
With CNY approaching, we had to have a date there!
(Ok, I know, Ollie has a long fringe, I will take her to the stylist soon.)

We don't need to go to the indoor playground!
We can play anywhere!

They were not as smiley as they always are, 
I guess it was very cold, too cold yesterday at GBB!
Still, we had great fun as usual!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

S. E. A. Aquarium

Ollie enjoyed her outing to the aquarium yesterday! Laogong did a good job introducing the fishes to her and telling more about diving (we're doing a trip in Apr/May). HOWEVER, I was seasick! Omg. I was unwell after getting out of the place. I think the glass and huge tanks didn't do me good. I took a nap with Ollie. Felt slightly better. At night, I also slept with her at 9pm. I hope diving is not like this! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

TGIF with Ollie

Ollie is back in action! 
It was raining this afternoon and I decided to drive to town with Ollie (instead of having Laogong send us there and I take a cab back). 
Rainy days do not go well with cab booking / taking. 
Had high tea with Cyn & Mermaid at Mandarin Gallery's Antoinette then dinner with Devilz (missing Belle) at Sushi Tei. 
Of course, I've to take Ollie shopping (she is always in a good mood when I say, "Let's go shopping.")
Thanks to Cayla for playing with and taking care of Ollie. 
Good Jiejie! 
Didn't manage selfies with the gals today! 
Next round soon! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blog2Print - Saving My Blog!

I am a very kiasu person.
I am also a very forgetful person.
I like to blog and make use of social media to record down my memories.
BUT, what if one day, FB and IG suffer the same fate as Friendster?
OR what is my blog crashed?
I decided to save my blog.
Wanted to print it but the issue of storage stopped me from doing so.
PDF file is the best solution.
And it is so cheap!
I started blogging more than a decade ago but
I decided to save my blog on a yearly basis.
The best starting point will be the arrival of Ollie.
So, I am Xiaoxin aka Summer, 
Book 1 is saved!
1 Dec 2014 - 31 Dec 2015.
176 pages of memories all saved!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You are Best of The Best!

Dear Ollie, 
You are Best of The Best!
I know every parent says and feels 
that their child is the best.
So do I.
But really, you are the best, haha!
Only 13 months young and you have gone through chicken pox
and dengue fever, you are really a real fighter!
Papa and Mama and everyone else are so proud of you!
Good job, Ollie!
We did it!
Welcome home!
It has been 6 very heartbreaking days in hospital.
I know you look all fine and active as usual,
but the blood tests and medicine feeding times were very painful.
Your cries pierced through our hearts.
Every hour, when the nurses came in to take your temperature,
I pray hard, very hard.
The first 4 days were very painful whenever your fever spiked.
Every time the doctor said, "Let's monitor,"
my heart stopped for a split second.
And now, I'm almost tearing again.
Welcome home, Ollie, welcome home.
I want to roll on the huge beds with you everyday.
Play with you everyday.
Enjoy every second of my life with you everyday.
Because now, you are my life and life is you.

On a side note, fight on Dorian!
Fight on children and everyone who are unwell.
Do not give up on life!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 4 in Hospital

Dengue Fever is not totally out of the system yet. Ollie is not home just yet, but soon I'm sure. Our champion is fighting on and fighting strong. She is enjoying her food today even more. Haha. I finally ordered the correct thing! Thank you to everyone who have been showing your care and concern. In the midst of fighting this battle with Ollie, I've decided and is learning to be thankful and not bitter about this whole incident. Because we have everything in abundance to fight this battle and because we have a strong fighter baby fighting on. Thankful that whatever resources is needed, we have! Grateful that whatever willpower and determination we need, we have! Thankful and grateful, because everything happens for a reason, and we're made stronger because of everything. Fight on, Ollie, Papa and Mama and everyone else is with you! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

加油, Ollie.

Alright, we're still monitoring Ollie's condition at Gleneagles. Getting better and better. We're sure she'll be totally well and discharged real soon. So, like some of the fellow patients nearby our room, the kids are bored. Brought Ollie's walker to the hospital so that she can walk around the room. 加油, my champion, I'm sure we're going home soon! Shoo shoo, Dengue Fever! 走开!快点离开!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Getting better but we must be totally well!

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for the abundance of messages and comments to check on Ollie. Thank you for all the new toys for her and all the yummy food and company  for us. We feel so loved and grateful. 
Anyway, it is true, so true, fever peaks at night! The highest peaking to 39.7 degree Celsius last night, slightly past midnight. The pd was called and a stronger dose of med was given. Thankfully the temperature came down through the day but still hovering between 37+ to 38+ degree Celsius. Now that the platelets are going up, dear fever, please go away, please! 
I hope Ollie will be real soon and we can go home sweet home. It is very sad to see her these two days. Yes, much as she looks her usual self and all, but knowing she is not well and worrying that her fever will persist, I cannot help but start tearing when I'm alone with her. No matter how chill a mum I am, the pain of watching one's child being unwell is indescribable. 
Get well soon, my dear champion Ollie. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Dengue Fever

Finally settled and put Ollie to bed. Trying to dream feed quite a bit also, to hydrate her and hopefully keeps her temperature down. Thank you very much for the overwhelming care and concern,everyone. 
It was a very emotionally and physically draining day. At midnight (14/1), Ollie's fever peaked, almost hitting 40 degree Celsius. We decided to go to A&E. The doctor posed two possibilities - dengue or UTI. The blood test results clearly showed that it was dengue. Her platelets were low. 
There was no available bed and Ollie only got admitted at about 10am. Very heartbreaking morning, especially with yet another blood test and the insertion of the IV drip tubes. While she cried and almost screamed the hospital down, I cried too. Too painful to just hear it. We were not allowed in the procedure room. It was also nerve wrecking to wait for the results but we're glad that the platelets are going up. Now,  hopefully the temperature will come down too. 
Ollie is doing well. She is active, eating well and drinking well. 
Get well real soon, my champion, you can do it! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ollie's First Real Fever

The title says it all.
The previous time when she was slightly feverish, 
it went off before we had time to get worried.
This time round, it is the real thing.
Last night, past midnight, I was going to sayang her 
before I head to bed, and I felt her warm forehead.
Took her temperature, fed her paracetamol.
Ended up, she woke up to play!
(That being said, being active is good ya!)
She then slept and this morning we had breakfast as usual.
She was still looking flushed.
Took her temperature again in the afternoon, 
it was actually between 37-37.8 degree celsius.
She took her bath, we sponged her, 
she was her usual active self.
When I babywear her around the house,
she insisted on carrying her handbag around!
Ollie really loves handbags!
(PS: I have no choice, Laogong, I have to keep buying,
so that I can pass them on to Ollie)
(We actually have some dates today and tomorrow, 
but we couldn't make it for them now.)
She ate and her appetite was good as usual.
In the night at 8plus, her temperature went up to 38 degree celsius!
Why like that!
Anyway, she is sleeping soundly now.
I hope the fever goes away soon!
The Papa actually rearranged his classes to stay home with us.
Also to all our friends and family,
thank you very much for your care and concern.
Very much appreciated!
Ollie will be well real soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ollie & Daelia's Playdate

Change of environment today! 
We headed down to Bt Timah Shopping Centre. 
Nice to have Laogong with us these two days. 
Scarlett and Mummy didn't manage to meet us today. 
We had fun with Daelia and Mummy. 
One Thing Coffee has their own (small)  indoor playground. 
We paid Sgd12 for an hour of play. 
Not too expensive but we have to get used to paying to play now that they are all one year old. 
(previously it was free when under one)
The coffee was normal. 
Bingsu not bad.
They didn't allow us to bring outside food so we shifted out to a table near the entrance. 
I went over to the nearby Korean restaurant to takeaway wings. 
Expensive wings. Sgd19 for 4 pieces (or was it fewer). 
Yummy though, nicer than 4fingers. 
Didn't feel thirsty after that. 
Great day! 
Play is always fun! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Marvellous Monday JB Date

We had our JB date this afternoon. Scarlett came to our JB home to play with Ollie. Glad that Scarlett likes our indoor playground! As usual,  we had a great time shopping, chatting and eating. More tomorrow! 

Breakfast time!

The Papa has an extra class with his Russian student so that Mama, me, gets to enjoy 甜蜜蜜breakfast with Ollie alone. Ollie's current favourite is udon so of course I've to cook that. Udon with carrot in silver fish powder (made with love by 外公)  and steamed cod. Mama must have her Thai Ice Tea of course. Great breakfast and it's time for play! Yay! 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fun-filled Fabulous Friday

We were in Takashimaya early at 10am because Laogong had some Russian students at Shangri-la who requested for 11am lessons. Laogong shopped with us for 40 minutes and he loaded the car with some shopping loots while Ollie and I continued on. Haha. 

He came back to fetch us for lunch and we decided to go over to Ikea because we needed to grab some stuff there. I also miss the wings! Ollie had a bit of play time there too. 

After lunch and shopping, we headed back to Ion for my PEFXo monthly dinner. It would have been even better if Pn joined us. Till Feb then! Great dinner we had at TCC. Yumz. Of cos, company always matters! S texted and told me that she's at Ion. Such coincidence! Of course we've to let the two BFFs meet! After dinner with PEFXo, Ollie and I went to find them. 

Perfect day. Ollie had her nap twice in the stroller. I'm loving my lightweight but sturdy and easily folded stroller. And the cab driver helped me yesterday! Almost 12h out with Ollie, and we're all happy! Yay! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lunch Date

We headed to Plaza Singapura today to do a bit of shopping and have lunch with the gf. 
Laogong bought a new swim board for Ollie. 
Hello Kitty! It is so cute! 
We had lunch at Hoshino Coffee. 
After the disappointing Sakura Latte, 
we decided to switch over to Arteastiq for another round of caffeine. 
Good catch up with the gf today! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ollie is 13 Months Young!

Time flies. 
Ollie is 13 Months Young! 
And next month this time, we'll be in Paris! 
Can't wait! 
The weather is quite cold there, 
I hope she will like it! 
Baked bread for breakfast this morning. 
Slacked at home after breakfast and Ollie played quite a bit before taking her usual nap. 
Woke up at noon and we headed out for lunch. 
See how lovey dovey the father and daughter are! Haha. 
(Disclaimer: It's pure watermelon juice. No additional sugar. She didn't drink the whole glass. She just had a sip.)
The scorching hot afternoon is making us very sleepy! 
After lunch was more play before Ollie started making her way upstairs. 
Nowadays, that is how she tells us that she wants to nap -  she will slowly climb up the stairs. 
(Disclaimer: We're always behind her.)
And so now... I've successfully latched her to sleep...
Should I also nap or start to prepare for dinner? 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Fruits and Vegetables

Since so many Papas and Mamas are at it, I shall join in the fun. Ollie has no uniform, and will not be having any since our intention is to homeschool her. No need for orientation. Like our usual supermarket visit, we always name the items and introduce them to her. We had our Fruits and Vegetables lesson at the supermarket today. Senosory wise, she touched some of the fruits and vegetables to get a feel of different textures. Now that Ollie is able to understand better, respond to us, we can do more things with her! :) 

Happy Eventful Sunday

#coercedselfie with #vainmama again
It seems like Ollie prefers to do OOTD shots.
Haha, she is always giving me the #coercedselfie look.
Love our twinning white dresses today!

All TWFEC's lessons resume from 5th Jan.
Definitely happy to have a Sunday with Laogong today.
We attended Heather's party.
We shopped at Changi City Point.
We had dinner with Papa and Boy.

And we went to Gardens By The Bay!
Very eventful and blissful day we had.
Definitely very happy.
Great start to 2016!