Saturday, March 28, 2015


It has been a busy few weeks and (still is) at home but I'm glad all is well (and better) and fine. 
After the emotional roller coaster at home, the nation wide news came and again, the roller coaster went down. 
Words has been said by all, not saying it now doesn't mean I'm not grateful. 
Thank you. 
(watching the news and videos, and crying again) 

Back to home happenings. 
With all the happenings at home, I cut down on my meet-ups with friends. 
Too tired also. 
Ollie also shuttles a few days with me tovisit. 
Not everyday, but a few days, so that we get our granddaughter, mother & grandmother bonding time. 
Thankful for family time, no matter where it is. 
Thankful for the blessings showered to us, please please please please keep mummy healthy.

Yesterday, we took Ollie to the baby fair near our kampong. 
I don't want her to miss out on her babyhood because of everything. 
Life and activities do not stop for her, even if it's just within home. 
More entries after next week. 
With GST replacing service tax, we quickly stock up on stuff (actually, also because it was cheaper at the fair). 
Thankful that we have the means to buy what we want and spend how we want. 
Very thankful. 
I was just looking at those stuff we bought for Ollie and my unopened personal shopping bags from weeks ago, I am. Thankful. 
I've more than others and I tell myself and tell Ollie, we must always return to the society. 

Laogong and I woke up at 4am with intention to go pay our respect, but the queue is not open. Watching CNA and crying again. RIP Sir. 

(A very incoherent post? Sorry.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All in 45 minutes

What a warm day it was! 
Decided to let Ollie do a night swim. 
The water was warm, we didn't even turn on the water heater. 
My hot babe flared up when we carried her out after 15 minutes (not enough?). 
Wailed (and we still wanted to take photos :p) but did stop to pose for photos?! 
She burped and dirtied her pyjamas so I changed her into her (my) favourite of the moment - Ong Lai romper, with matching socks and bow.
For bed. 
My good girl is finally asleep beside me. 
Well, my bed time too. Good night!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Olympia is 3 months young!

Happy 3rd Month, Olympia! 
Lots love from Mummy & Papa. 
We're on the way to the clinic for your vaccination. 
Hope you will do well. 
Be a brave & strong girl like you always are!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Olympia's Last Day as a Newborn (Video)

Tomorrow, Ollie is a Newborn no more!
She will be an infant officially!
Time flies.
Tomorrow, March 5, Ollie is 3 month old!
It was a hot afternoon.
She fussed because of the heat.

We turn on the water to fill up the pool.
Her eyes lit up!
She knew she was going to swim!
After numerous sessions,
she is able to stay in the pool for a long duration.
She is also able to kick more.
Can't wait to bring our true blue
The Water Family's baby to the big pool.

After the swim and her feed, 
she is now fast asleep! 
Hehe. Yes, I added on another holey top
to her already quite large collection 
of holey tops and bottoms. 

Time flies (too fast). 
These three months have been great. 
I know more is to come once she start crawling. 
I'm enjoying every moment with her. 
Be it her good times or her cranky times,
that's just her. 
It's tiring. 
I'm sleepy often. 
Well,  but falling asleep beside my big and small
(well, not that small)  babies is a blessing. 
Looking at the photos of my family too, 
is a blessing. 
Feeling extremely Blessed for what I have. 
Thankful for the support of my family too. 

Olympia 💖

Monday, March 2, 2015

Milk Powder Donation

No, I don't need formula milk.
Blessed Mummy is able to produce enough milk for lucky me still.
I am still a total breastfed baby.
Thankful I am for such blessings.

Today, Mummy and Papa took me to the orphanage again.
Thank you, Auntie Belinda, Auntie Valerie and your families.
I am helping you to deliver the milk powder and hangers.
Well, I can't quite lift them up, so I got Papa to carry them.

Thank you for being so kind.
I will listen to Mummy and Papa and always remember to return to the society in whatever ways I can.