Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great Day at Phetchaburi!

Life,  simply gets better and better :)

Happy Mid Autumn to all :)

Hello Phetchaburi!

After a two hour flight and a three hour drive (by Snoopy and Auntie Joy), 
we arrived at their resort!

Two days of great fun, I'm sure!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Who would have expected :)

Met baby and kyan for lunch today.
Who would have expected that it was yet another final birthday celebration.
Haha. Thanks baby :)
Fast forward to a whole day of lessons.
Left the centre at 9plus.
Laogong and I decided to head down to Swee Choon for dinner.
Snake-like queue! At 10plus!
Change of plans.
Dinner at Kebabs N Curries!
Nice place!
Great day as usual :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

So far...

Monday was back in second home as usual!
I Love It!

My boots are here!
Planning to wear them to USA in Dec!
Love the boots!

Loving every bits of my life!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012





Something for the iPhone 4 users too!
Waterproof covers.
Last Pc: Black / White / Yellow
$30 inclusive of normal postage

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our (less than) $10 Breakfast :)

Laogong and I decided to have breakfast at Chong Pang market.
He wanted to just bring a $10 note.
I was telling him it's too risky and what if it's insufficient.
I took another $10 note.
Haha,  well,  we made it!
$7.90 worth of food plus $0.70 of parking fees.
We made it! :p

Monday, September 24, 2012

Aging... No, slow down aging...

Packed some stuff which I've extra for the visit this weekend.
Going BKK to visit Auntie Joy and family and Nuch.
Packed stuff for the skin.
Realised that as we are aging, 
We use more stuff!
Better make sure I've enough for Laogong and I.
Oh yes, and sunscreen!

Busy week ahead. Final preparation for PSLE. All the best my dear children!

I Want To Go Hello Kitty Town!

Told Laogong I want to head down to HKT!

What a Great Way to Start My Monday!

Woke up to MIL's breakfast.
Read the papers.
Switched on the TV.
I better tidy up my stuff as I slack the day away.

Woohoo! Loving my Monday and every day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Week's Musings...

Finally found the Hello Kitty but alas, it was wearing a blue top.
Knowing how pantang I am ... 
I did not buy :)

Finally got my new bigger pink Tiger bottle!
Serving me well this week!
Love it!
Filled up the bottle with my ice cold juice in the morning at 9am ...
There were still ice cubes in the bottle at 5pm!

New attire for my Note.
So, both of them are well-dressed now!
Love them!

New Love - Happy Meals!
Thanks to Kyan, after buying Happy Meal for him last week,
this godma also fell in love with it!
I can have corn with it!

Today was a terribly warm day!
Extremely hot!
Thanks to Lara and Bern,
they got me a smoothie!

Also, this week, thanks to Silvin for dinner on Wednesday and
thanks to Teresa for breakfast on Saturday.
Thanks for always feeding Teacher Summer!

Thanks for Val Val who bought me the new colour.
New addition to the colour family.
I Love it!
One thing about Chanel's colours,
Do not judge a book by it cover!
The colous as seen on the bottles are never a true reflection I find.
I have almost the entire Red collection from Chanel,
and this is how I feel.
The applied colour is never a true reflection of what is seen ...
Anyway, I still love them :)

And this, Suspiciously Red!

This is actually an entry of Gratitude.
Thankful for everything and everyone ...

I was driving the other day when I realised, recalled and reflected upon
how lucky I am ...
Thanks to Mummy and Papa ...
Mummy and Papa enrolled me in the driving school the moment I turned 18 and paid for my course.
I had lessons thrice a week then.
The moment I obtained my license, I had Mummy's car to drive.
The year I graduated from university, I bought the Hyundai Atos.
The next year, I changed to the Hyundai Sonata.
Two years later, I bought another Hyundai Accent Sporty.
And finally, when the price was extremely low,
I bagged the Hyundai Avante!
Thanks to 五叔,his decisiveness, we saw the ad on newspaper one day,
and bought the car the next day.
Thanks to all of them, I have been driving since I was 18 ...
The convenience in life ...
The numerous hours I had saved from driving instead of travelling on public transport ...
Everything ...
Everyone ...
Thank you ...

Monday is here, time for Laogong and I to have even more time
together to chill out and enjoy!

Hello Monday!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NLB Visit...

Visited Bugis's library to get some resources.
Mammoth place.
To get information through microfilm,  we had to go to Level 11.
With a full stomach,  (no,  we didn't climb up 11 levels),  we took the escalator,  (well,  still,  more walking than taking the elevator).

Counting down to PSLE.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dinner at Mookata!

Did our usual brunch and shopping in CS.
Headed to parents' place to complete our mission for kids' day :)
Finally, met J and J for dinner!

Totally love it!
Well, other than the fact that IT WAS SO HOT!
Great dinner!
Great company!

Laogong and I miss Thailand!

We are coming!

Friday, September 14, 2012

When 'Last Time Lor' Doesn't work...

Wore my new top (yes, from current favorite - Na Na) today.
Had lunch with PEFX at AMK Hub.
Had dinner with Laogong and Patrick at Japan Village @ YCK.
Dear friends,  thank you!
For coming to AMK to meet me!
Anyway,  about 'Last Time Lor' ...
Laogong stared at the new top and asked when I bought it...
Of course,  the all time favorite reply will be 'Last Time Lor'.
Haha. But he refused to believe!
And well so,  it was Tuesday :p
The day when I became Na Na's member!

Time with the Eastern God children K&K!

Visited Kyan and Kylie today.
Been almost a month!
Kylie is getting prettier and prettier like the mommy!
Kyan of cos more handsome (ok,  like the daddy!)
Must get over to visit the Western A&A soon!