Tuesday, June 28, 2016

They're YOUR Kids. She is OUR Kid.

Was watching/listening (to) Sam Sorbo's and some other homeschooling videos and shopping for some homeschooling material for myself and Ollie. That was how the title came about - They're YOUR Kids is a book by Sam Sorbo. A lot of videos / material are based on and from various countries / beliefs / syllabus. I usually watch / learn and pick up relevant points, never wholesale.

Being an ex-teacher, I know how hard (most/many) teachers work for our children. I'm not going to talk about schools in Singapore or anywhere. I'm not going to talk about how good I am. I'm just reflecting about the day, thinking about what Ollie had taught me today.

One thing I can resonate with many homeschool educators - I want to spend more time with Ollie. I want to be more influential in her life than the school teachers or her peers. Being her parents, I think I rather she learn from me then end up having thoughts like "Must be influenced from her teacher, must have picked up (this habit) from her friends." Often, parents think that they have taught their child many things, I think, Ollie has taught me many things. 

Ollie loves to feed the fishes at the lake near our taman and also when we go back to SG, at the little pond in the estate.

She tried to take off her own shoes.

Ollie teaches me patience, creativity, etc...
Today, she taught me courage/bravery.
I knew she really wanted to climb up those bars
and at the same time, I'm really worried she might fall.
She is OUR kid.
I have to allow her to be brave and then gain confidence so that she will learn what exactly is being brave and having confidence.
From her, I learn to be brave and have confidence in her too.
Thank you, Ollie.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Gorgeous Olympia

Char shared with me an article on The Asian Parent about gorgeously unique baby names. Olympia was one of them. Because this article is already published online, haha, I thought I better blog about it first before it becomes a common name! We named Ollie before this article!!! Anyway, there are also people who doesn't like the name, but well, whatever, because we love it and we love our gorgeous baby!
Article from:

Also on: 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Emotional Corn Soup

Ok, I think the title is kind of corny and doesn't seem to match the cover picture. Here is more about the corny title. It's about getting emotional while cooking today (or rather recently).

See how much my Ollie has grown! My forever baby is not such a baby anymore. We came home from the market and left her alone to play. Laogong was fixing up some stuff and I was cooking in the kitchen. Ollie was playing in the living room, coming to the kitchen occasionally to see what I'm doing. I guess the indoor-playground-living-room setup helps. She is kept very much occupied usually when we're cooking. One year ago, I still remember how difficult it was for me to cook. Have to rush to cook and wash within her 1h-2h nap. Or even have to put her in the carrier while I cook. Then maybe 6 months back, she would be demanding all attention on her while she plays. These behs grow up so quickly. 

Seeing how well Ollie can follow our instructions also added on the emotions. Haha. I know, I'm such a mama drama. When I ask her to do something or to get something, she can do it! I'm like! Wow! My baby's vocabulary is good. Haha. She doesn't speak much and I don't care (yet). No worries. She can take her own sweet time. I don't flash cards or anything much but I do read to her because she does enjoy it. I just introduce words to her in our daily conversation. I think my way of homeschooling is simply, at her own pace with the most fun.
 Grow, Ollie, grow.
Play, Ollie, play. 
Let's have fun, lots of fun as you grow.  

Now, with such a corny title, I do have to show my soup today right. My little soupie's favourite soup of the moment! 

Monday 20/6: #2 - Visiting Jas & Joan + Happy Birthday June Babies

Congratulations to Jas & Jay on your bundle of joy - Joan. We visited the JJJJ with the Pals. Ollie had so much fun with Josh Kor Kor and Elijah Di Di. Oppz. Too much fun. It was hilarious when Ollie sort of terrorise them initially but well, in the end, Josh did want to hug hug (oppz, and kissed) Ollie. My Oh my, my passionate 热情如火 baby! 

We also bought a cake for Daze & Audrey. Happy birthday to our June Babies! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday 20/6: #1 - Singapore Art Museum

Having seen so many photos of kids at Imaginarium, we decided to take Ollie to SAM. She had more fun at the Imaginarium than the main building. I guess the Imaginarium's exhibits are livelier. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Made-With-Love Blouse For Ollie!

The first step is always the hardest but well, I did it! Signed up. Paid. Attended! Yay!

Xin Can Sew! 
Presenting the first blouse ever sewn,  made with love, for my precious Ollie. 

It was rather easy especially with the guidance at Sew Into it. And fuss free I find. Laogong sent me to class in the morning and all was done in three hours. I am a proud mama. Haha. Ollie is wearing something her mama sewed! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrific (definitely not terrible) Two!

Laogong was supposed to have a super early lesson but the rain came. No worries! Off we went to play, play and play! Ollie had a good time at Polliwogs, then lunch and then shopping. Well, then, more play! 

Ollie is still pretty much learning and we have reminded each other that we must not label her as being in the stage of terrible two. Even when we don't understand what she is doing, we learn from her and try to interpret her actions. It is very easy for us to say, "Hiya, terrible two. Must be terrible two." I guess we just have to be more patient and just enjoy not understanding Ollie at times! Time flies. Looking at how fast Ollie is growing, I always tell myself, "Enjoy every moment with her. Smell her. Sleep beside her. Spend as much as time possible with her." 

Terrible two? 
What terrible two? 
It's such a great transition from Onederful One to the coming Terrific Two! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jurong Bird Park

Rare occasion that we were in the West, so we decided to head down to Jurong Bird Park. With the membership card, it is fun to always bring Ollie to the parks as and when we want to. Ollie loves seeing the animals and the shows. Most of the time, we will take the tram rides (free for members).

Friday, June 10, 2016

Precious Smiles and Laughter

What a wonderful sight! Headed to school with S to fetch Scarlett. I'm not quite sure if Ollie understood when I told her, "Let's go fetch Scarlett!" It was so so so, I don't quite know how should I put it, but it was so happy to see Scarlett beam and smile so widely when she saw Ollie in school to fetch her. Absolutely priceless.
(Haha, maybe especially emo, because I have just finished Danielle Steel's Friends Forever where she wrote about five childhood friends growing up together.) I think Ollie and Scarlett are blessed to have each other. I also think they are lucky to have the friendship of other 'behs' since birth! And of course the precious mamas/tjbs' friendship!
Hiya! I am just super emo / happy / touched to see the two BFFs in such smiles and laughter.
Can't wait for our family date this Friday!
One more of Ollie! 
I love her in this outfit!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day Out in Town

With a stroke of luck, there were some changes in Laogong's schedule and he was able to make it to town with us for some shopping and lunch with the pals.
After our 海底捞 lunch, we did some shopping. Bumped into Xinyi! Been so long since I last saw her!
The pals decided on 海底捞because most of us have yet to try it! It is nice but I am happy to have my 十里坊! We also had Lady M's famous crepes. They were yummy!
After the first half of the day, Ollie and I headed to Ion to meet Cyn and Mermaid for the usual shopping and dinner. Lovely day ended with Laogong coming back to fetch us home.
Home Sweet Home!
(Ollie as usual, making herself at home, anywhere.)