Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Day Trip To Bangkok

It was a trip to return thanks to Phra Phrom.
We booked a 7.40am flight to Bangkok and a 7.40pm flight back to Singapore.

Upon reaching BKK,
we headed to the shrine to offer our thanks and prayers.
Only after all the procedures,
we went to Central World and Big C to slack and shop.

Laogong in the mood for Songkran too!
Stock up on our favourite Thai food ...
Limited Edition Mentos!

Was super hungry by 2plus ...
Had Fungi lunch at MK...
Haha...  Ordered the mushroom platter...
and other non-meat items...

Check out the foam party and water gun battle at Central World!
Was back at the airport at 5.40pm...
Packed our check-in luggage and
we are ready to go home!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Totally Thankful for Fridays

Met 38z for Dim Sum ...
Of I enjoyed the egg tarts and liu sha bao since I'm abstaining from meat.

Met Devilz at Cutie's new house ...
Thanks all for sacrificing :p
We had a steamboat of 4 packets of cheese tofu and two pails to vegetable.
And generous Cutie prepared abalone for the other Devilz. 

My precious long time no see goddaughter and Cayla.

Ate and tabao!
Cutie prepared muffins for us!
Thanks to her, 
I had delicious breakfast!

And tomorrow ...
the entry title will be:
Totally Thankful for Sundays ...

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Friday, April 12, 2013

I built my dream...

Saw the first part of the quote before bed. 
Thanks to Patrick :) 
I added the second part on my own. 
Thanks to Laogong :) 
My dream to teach was almost diminished. 
(I've to admit. The working environment was terrible. Friends aside,  kids aside,  the working environment s##ks.) 
Laogong wanted me to resign even before the connect plan. 
I decided to finish the year. 
With his assurance,  I left. 
I started out on my own. 
Life began. The bigger dream realised. 
Some people see me as not being able to hang in there and not being able to sacrifice for the kids. 
I choose to see myself as being decisive and brave to start afresh (at a ripe old age of 30!) 
I'm enjoying my life. 
I'm enjoying time with the kids. 
I'm enjoying moments with my family. 
I'm enjoying the company of my friends. 
I'm blessed. 
I'm appreciative. 
I'm thankful. 
I'm glad. 
I'm breathing life, living in a dreamlike reality :) 
I built my dream and am continuing  cntinuing with new ones. 
What about you? 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

So Happy It's Thursday

Woke up at 8 plus and I could already hear the blender at work. 
Washed up and headed down. 
Laogong greeted me with orange juice :) 
Went to the market to tabao breakfast. 
Came back to enjoy the breakfast. 
Slacking with my cuppa now. 
Life is kind to me :) 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blessed me :)

1. This shall be a pink week! Painted my nails pink (uncommon as red is the usual) and shall make the most out of the outfit coordination. 
2. Left house early to run some errands and partor! 
3. Went spotlight and bought some lace to convert some old boring clothes to Nana style. 
4. While having lunch,  was telling Laogong that I want to have some cake. Didn't do so because we were too full! 
5. What a blessing! Bern and Jackie gave me desserts today :)  

How nice to have great days daily! 

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Monday, April 8, 2013

What A Great Day ...

Theme song from 恋爱季节。
I finally finished the show.

Laogong woke up early and went for his run this morning while I 
lazed a bit more in bed.
Eventually woke up and we went for breakfast at our usual 
coffeeshop and grocery shopping at Tesco.
Quite a bit to buy today because I offered to help my neighbour 
with her shopping list too.
Stock up for our month-long-abstinence from meat kinda menu.
I think we were back home before 1pm ..
Love that we have so much time at home.
Never get enough of spending time at home.
Finally unpacked my luggage.
Tidied up some stuff here and there.
Slacked here and there.
Do nothing. 
Watch TV.
Went for a walk with Laogong in the neighbourhood.
Tidied up some stuff here and there.
Slacked here and there.
Do nothing.
Watch TV.
Shall continue the routine ...

Loving every moment and
totally grateful for the abundance blessings
showered on us.

Weekend Meetups

Thanks to Jess who planned the dinner almost two months ago!
Happy Retirement Ms. Rabot!
Photo collage by Jess too!
Very sumptuous almost 20 course dinner at Tung Lok Central.
Popped over to Caydence's 1st birthday for 15 minutes before class.
Luckily it was on the way :)
How fast these little kids grow!
Had dinner with parents at usual vegetarian restaurant.
Nice and filling meal!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To Hua Hin and Back to BKK ...

Hua Hin Day 1


Hua Hin Day 2


Hua Hin's Baan Khrai Wang

Hua Hin's XXL Kitchen


Back to BKK


BKK's Riverside Cruise