Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Day 53 : Blessed I am... 

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 (First post of 2014)

Shortly after our 16 days holiday in Thailand (our 3rd home!), 
we had to start cleaning the house to prepare for Chinese New Year 2014.

Since we moved to reside in JB, 
we love the house and always welcome 
parties and gathering at home.
Like I mentioned before, having guests over
is the best way to make sure we clean up the house!

Reunion Lunches / Dinners are always happy moments!
Though we only started on the reunion lunches 
in recent years, I love them!
And nowadays, we have two!
One during Hari Raya and 
one during Chinese New Year.
Major Love :)

Chinese New Year in JB in terms of celebration
is totally not like SG.
Visitations and all are of course the same.
Family and friends :)
But ...
We've fire-crackers and fireworks!

Our interview on Money Week was finally on air!
This is the link to catch it.
Haha, watch after 16:30 if you are just going to catch our interview

Gatherings after gatherings, 
thank you for the love and warmth!

We also have a new friend at home!
Hello Charcoal!
Within a few days, you have a place in our hearts!
Welcome to the family!
You have been a great pup!
Clever one!

Valentine's Day came early for me :)
Came home on 初十一 to find a gigantic card for me.

Finally, we also received the vouchers!
Hello Taipei!

Time flies, I told Laogong, especially after 30s ...
Had 汤圆 on 元宵节's morning。
Happy Valentine's Day :)

And to celebrate our friendship, 
great host and food by Chris.

Wonderful Chinese New Year 2014.
Thank you for the blessings :)