Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2015

Dear Mummy, 2015 is ending in a few hours time.
(just typing the line above is getting quite emotional for me)
I still think it is a Happy 2015.
You are freed from all sufferings after all in May 2015,
and it is undeniable you had led a fantastic life.
Last year this time, I was juggling between confinement 
and worrying about you.
It was extremely emotional and many days of 
confinement was spent crying.
Double whammy.
Life is led by how we want to lead,
being positive and always happy is what I want it to be.
Because that is how Papa and you taught us to.
So yes, it was a happy and fantastic 2015.
You had some precious moments with Ollie.
We spent countless precious moments together.
And you are forever in our hearts and minds.
Every time I am enjoying,
you are in my mind, 
for the good.
Because I know this should be the way!

Lots Love Mummy.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thailand Day 11 to 14

We visited JJ Market for the last time and decided that we're done. Gonna quit JJ... Enough of the heat and the crowd. Haha.
Good days we had, sleeping in everyday. Some days, we woke up for breakfast and then went back to bed and continue sleeping. Best! Some days, we woke up to eat, shop and then head back to nap... Then up to eat and shop again. Wonderful! We bought a new luggage today, bought too much of Ollie's toys. We also made merit at Wat Arun. Wat Arun and Erawan Shrine are the two places we always make sure we go to make merit. Reported to Central World for the last time today. Played everything. Ate at MK and said bye bye to our favorite waitresses. 

We're going home! 

(Haha, kind of emo. After spending 24/7 family time, I'm starting to miss it already! Seeing how Ollie is growing up everyday, I also feel emo about it. Growing up too fast!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thailand Day 10

More shopping on Xmas day for Ollie! 
We headed down to Sathorn, Plan Toys' main office and shopped to our hearts' content. 
Bought the table and a huge box of toys. 
(and we actually bought a new luggage on Day 14 to contain everything). 
We reported back to Central World (Haha, yes, very often we headed there, because it has the most facilities for Ollie) for lunch (or was it dinner) and play. 
In the evening, it was more unboxing of toys toys toys! 
Ollie is becoming an expert at ripping off wrapping paper. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Thailand Day 9

Christmas Eve in Thailand! 
I forgot how many times have we spent our Christmases 
(and sometimes New Year) in Thailand.
This time round, with Ollie!
Headed to Chanel at Siam Paragon.
What is Christmas without Chanel, 
since both begin with C?

After my shopping, it is Ollie's turn.
Well, actually, she shops everyday!
We're buying her things every day!
Ollie built her first bear, or well, 
a pony / unicorn!

The Papa and his little lover.
We also shopped in Isetan and spotted Plan Toys.
Thanks to V for introducing this brand of sustainable toys
to us.
Anyway, we decided not to buy anything at Isetan.
Haha, the Papa wanted to buy so many things,
even the table!
We decided to head down to the main office
the next day, and not only did we get a trolley-full
of toys, we really got the table!
(The Papa actually said that he is willing to discard the
dining table so that we can have more space for her toys!)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Thailand Day 8

The tradition of praying at 9 temples in Ayutthaya is an effort to stock pile merit and luck for the rest of the year. 9 in Thai, "gao," is the same word as "gao," / progress. Many Thais go to 9 temples every January to start the year off right so that it progresses well. But being the always-positive and want-to-be-positive me, I see it as a good way to end and give thanks for  the blessed year so that we can start the new year right! Thank you, Nuch. You always make time for us. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thailand Day 6 & 7

The last full day in Chiangmai and we decided to head down to the Flora Park. Lovely place with lots of flowers. Would have been perfect if the weather is cooler. We rented the bicycles and rode around. Headed back for a nap after lunch. Woke up and took Ollie for a swim. Wait... Or was it swim then nap? Hiya, whatever! We visited our dentist before dinner. Dinner was great! The baby porridge they served was yummy. Haha. I shared with Ollie. The next day, we had breakfast and got ready to fly to Bangkok. It was the usual slacking and relaxing and shopping. So many days to shop, we're doing it slowly. Had dinner at our usual MK (all my favourite waitresses are there!) and we're happy to the know the two managers had delivered their baby girls healthily! Shop at our usual Big C. Ollie totally enjoyed herself. Points, points, points and the Papa buys buys buys. I'm totally jealous! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thailand Day 4 & 5

We celebrated our anniversary meaningfully (refer to post below). Slacked and relaxed the day away prior to Laogong's marathon on Day 5. Rested even more after the marathon. Had breakfast at one of our must-have - The Coffee Club @ Hotel M. Super yumz! Dinner was at another must-have - Hot Chilli. We love the curry! Laogong managed to shop with us at the Walking Street. Recovery walk! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Meaningful Anniversary

Meaningful way to spend our anniversary.
When we have an abundance of what we need and we want, we shall give.
After breakfast, we took the village kids swimming.  
They do not have swimming costumes, do not have goggles and do not have caps. 
They are so happy to receive the free lessons.
We are very grateful and thankful to have the chance to take them swimming. 
They gave us the chance to return to the society and to do something small for them. 

Happy 4th Anniversary, Laogong. 

Thailand Day 2 & 3

We spent the two days riding around, exploring places. 
It was fun to visit those inaccessible cafes. 
I wonder why didn't we do it when it was just the two of us. 
It was even more fun to visit the local markets and stalls to buy our food and stuff. 
I'm glad our very limited Thai made it. Haha. 
Actually,  we spent half the time riding around and the other half was spent resting, slacking. 
We've a busy weekend ahead with Laogong volunteering on Saturday and running his marathon on Sunday. 
Everyday is great! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thailand Day 1

Absolutely love the place Laogong booked. 
Owned by two teachers, very nice people. 
We're even thinking of coming back again and maybe going to the schools with the owners. 
It's right in the middle of the kampong.
No (loud and you-know-who) tourists. 
No busy roads. 
No 7-Eleven in sight.
Really a good ol' Thai kampong. 
Winter in Chiangmai is late. 
Not cold at all. 
(Ok, it was rather cold in the morning though, but that's it...) 
We found a nice place for lunch. 
Decided to have dinner there. 
Most of the food places here are operated at home by the owners. 
Ollie is happy. 
Playing and laughing all the time. 

Mummy passed on. 
Ollie is One. 
We've been married for four years (soon). 
Realisation sets in. 
We don't know what lies ahead but we can make sure we move ahead happily. 
As I spend more time being happy, I realise I get even happier, I spend less time being angry, upset or worrying about small things and I get even happier. 
Such a wonderful  circle of life. 

Life, thank you for everything. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Slight Variation to Ollie's Favourite Tofu

Instead of steaming the plain egg tofu for Ollie, I decided to mix it together with a packet of Wakodo vegetable stew. 
I mashed up one portion of egg tofu and stirred in the stew then I steamed it for about 10 minutes. 
Ollie loves it and finished up everything.
I also gave her about half a packet of tomato juice. 
Haha, kind of sour that's why she didn't finish up the entire packet... 
I'm now thinking to do my own version of the vegetable stew and other things to steam with the tofu.
Variety, variety! 
So that Ollie doesn't get bored! 

Monday, December 14, 2015


Hello Mummy, 
We attended Huixiang & Wayne's wedding yesterday. 
It was nice seeing everyone in the family. 
It would definitely be the most ideal if you were with us. 
Everyone, I'm sure and I know everyone, misses you. 
Much as it was a joyous occasion, or rather because it was such a joyous occasion,  the more we missed you, and hope that you're with us. 
Papa was sharing with me what one of the 法师shared with him the other day. 
And so I told Papa, I'm not ready to accept and be ready like him. 
I know, and we know, and we are... Living life to the fullest because we know we should. 
Loving and missing you, Mummy. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Date with Ollie

Finally I'm better to head out to MBS and to grab
 some stuff before the markdown is over.
Ollie totally enjoyed herself in the store,
what's new.

Headed over to ArtScience Museum for the
Hermes Exhibition and I'm surprised
that Ollie actually enjoyed herself, 
posing for photos and looking at stuff.

Went back into MBS to continue shopping.
Took some pictures of Ollie and the Xmas decor.

She fell asleep the moment we were done with her shopping!
I'm thankful for the me time, though I actually wanted
to go for tea with her and give her some tea time snacks.

After my me-time, she woke up and we headed over
to Gardens By The Bay with the intention to meet
up with Laogong and Scarlett and all...
Ollie was enjoying the stroll in her stroller,
snacking from her snacks tingkat (she finished all 
3 tiers of snacks) and drinking from her bottle.
(see, her hand still trying to retrieve one puff 
while she was posing)

It was so crowded!!!
I made it to GBB but the others didn't because
there was no parking lot.
It was our third failed attempt to see
the Xmas lightings at GBB.
Oh well....

Last minute plan to head over to Marina Square for dinner.

And desserts!

Great date as usual!
Happy Weekend!