Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thank You, Cat Motors (Chiang Mai)

During our December 2017 trip to Chiang Mai, 
we're thankful to have Cat Motors 
sponsoring us a motorbike for the duration we were there.

(They were previously known as Chiang Mai Scooter Rental.)

They are very nice people! Just like our friends.
They too want us to be safe while riding and thus have some rules.

Most importantly, their bikes are all of good condition!
They ensure that the bikes are all serviced on time
so as to serve their customers better!

They also have a wide range of helmets for us to choose.
Very important - the helmets are not smelly!

Before handing the bikes over to us, 
they explained to us the safety features.

Their rental prices is very reasonable too.
On top of that, they also donate their company profits 
to charities sponsoring education programmes.
This is totally in-line with our Water Family's belief.
We help whatever we can!

Thank you, Cat Motors.
We will be back!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Chiang Mai's Cafe / Restaurant: Huay Tung Tao Lakeside Restaurant #8

We started the day early (because Ollie woke us all up!) but well, it was good because we were also excited to collect the bike from Cat Motors (www.catmotors.net). We had good experiences riding around Chiang Mai, experiencing it like locals. Thanks to Cat Motors for letting us have a bike throughout our whole duration in Chiang Mai,

We decided to visit Huay Tung Tao Lake. It was about a steady and safe 30 minutes ride from Cat Motors. Ollie slept throughout and missed some great scenery and unique rights. Haha, by the time she woke up, we already reached the lake. We spotted a playground and decided to play first before lunch! Play is more important. 

We didn't eat at the huts/restaurants there because The Laogong saw another place further up with pedal boats (I don't know what you call them, hehe) rental service. That's how we chose to lunch at restaurant #8. I like that their menu is in Thai! This shows how localised the place is. There were some foreigners like us though. I ordered the usual tom yum soup, which was spicy and the prawns were huge! I also ordered the beancurd minced meat soup for Ollie. They were so generous with the minced meat. (Yes, I can order two soups for a meal.) The Laogong also ordered the crispy fried chicken! Absolutely yummy! Luckily we were lucky, got it right with #8! The lovely scenery accompanies the food very well!

There were some peddlers around. One came over with her goods, and we got some melon and deep fried insects. The insects go well with rice! The 35baht coconut was so sweet! We also bought Thai ice tea from the stall nearby. Oh yes, the washrooms are just a short walk from #8 (like our ECP, you get washrooms every tens of metres? or is it hundred?).

We went on the boat ride for about 30 minutes, rode on to the end where the Buddha statues were and decided to head back to the hotel for some rest before more fun! 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Chiang Mai's Cafe / Restaurant - Hard Rock Cafe

Just when we couldn't decide on what to eat, 
we looked up and saw Hard Rock Cafe. That's it.

We went in, sat down and ordered our  food. 
We weren't too hungry and ordered a kid's meal of 
hot dog and fries for Ollie (which I had to finish for her, as usual) 
and a duo combo of ribs and pulled pork (SUPER YUMMY) to share. 
Beer is a must of course.

Can't wait to cafe-hop the next few days!

Monday, December 18, 2017

I want to be...

I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbable beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings.

Mary Oliver

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Me: 妈妈要去教补习了。下午我们去MBS,然后我吃ice-cream ok?
(my bad, I should have said 冰淇淋)

O: 不用。昨天吃了。昨天妈妈爸爸也吃了。
This little child of mine surprises me with her good memory, 
her contentment and her vocabulary every day. 

My Last Bag of The Year

Thanks Laogong!
Thanks for the absolute pleasant surprise. 
And of course, you've found a good secret keeper! 
Garrick definitely kept his lips very tight.
Love love love the size 35 Bolide in Ostrich! 
And in   my favourite Gold. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
I'll safe keep it for Ollie in the meaning. Hehe. I use first!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Chanel MBS Reopening Party

It was an evening full of shopping, cocktails, 
more shopping and yummy dinner!
Met many friends too!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, 12 December 2017.

This group of girls - the IG Babes.
The IG Babes because we knew each other from Instagram.
(The www is amazing, I got married to the best man whom I got to know from the www too, we knew each other from our blogs.)
Over the years, I got to know many people from the www too, FB, IG, Bloggers, etc.
Some came, stayed, left.
Some came and are still staying.
Whoever and whatever, thank you for coming into my life, staying and leaving.
Thank you for putting in effort to maintain a relationship, a precious commodity/good in life - friendship.

Sometimes, it is unbelievable how people form relationships and how sturdy / fragile relationships are. Ultimately, we are who we are because we are genuine (or we try our best to be true!). We try not to take people for granted and we try not to be self-entitled (which many people are!). At times, we appear snobbish (😂 simply because of the things we like and buy) but most of the time, people forgot (and fail/refuse to see) that we are what we are because we worked hard to be where we are. Give us credit la! 💪 Even if we/I spend The Laogong's money, pls, The Laogong 很行,好不好!👏They work hard leh.
You still reading? Steady 👏
And finally, back to today's dinner! 😂 Ollie tagged along despite it being not too smooth a day with this girl. She was punished twice. And yes, corporal punishment is legal in my household because I am the mother. (Period.) I risked it to take her out because when I asked her, she still wanted to tag along. Haha. Lucky her. Got present (again)!
The initial part was the usual, "不要,don't want! Don't touch! Don't see!" Hiya. Whatever. The twist came after loading up on her carbo and sugar. I think the babes have yet to see such a 'high' Ollie. 😂 Today, if not as high as last Friday, she was higher! Thanks to Steph's present of Santa Grandma, kept her entertained for quite a bit. And she asked for photos, posed for photos throughout the later part of the night.
The dinner was yummy and yeah, didn't know about the one-for-one using Entertainer app until Mermaid told us about it! We used two! Saved on 2 main courses 👍
The gift exchange was hilarious. We had a list of exclusion items, haha, no cups, no frames, no food, etc. Still, we all managed to prepare something, although, I think we all exceeded budget. 😂 I think we should just up the budget next year! Easier right! We took a couple of times to get the drawing of lots/names right. It was all good fun! 
I think, I usually don't write an entry with the IG Babes because we always have so many photos, (the max I can collage is 9 in a photo) but today, haha, since Mermaid already tagged us in all the photos, I decided to write a post. Also because... Today, we chatted and shared about so many fun and meaningful things, I felt a bit more emotional.
We all have many friends in our lives, and we all have experiences with many sorts. Whatever we come across, be positive, let go when we should, move on because we must. Life, is too beautiful and precious to waste on negative vibes and things. Life, is so wonderful.
And so I quote Meryl and Mermaid, "Thank for the priceless, beautiful and genuine friendship!" Totally applicable to all my friends and family 😍
You are still reading?! Thank you leh! I you scrolled quite a bit or maybe you speed-read. Good job! 👏 😂 谢谢😘
(Alright, both of them zzz, time for housework 💪 我也很行!)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday, Olympia.

Every December 5 is a day to be thankful for, 
for being healthy, 
for being happy, 
for being blessed,
for being part of our little family
and simply for everything.

Happy 3rd birthday, Olympia.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

All In One of Ollie's Day...


This morning we had our usual breakfast with Laogong and then while he coached, Ollie played and I slacked. I wasn't expecting anything like what happened to happen during lunch with IJ Pals. She was still strolling steadily with her Nano Speedy hooked stylishly on her arm into Mercure. All seemed fine. She went into the vip room and all still seemed fine. 
Then... Why suddenly cranky! 
So she went from smiley face to wailing out loud. Sobbing like it's the end of the world. We usually don't entertain such situations and we don't allow anyone around to interfere. (Don't worry, children don't die from crying and I'm not  a murderer wanabe). She cried for 20minutes and I text the Laogong, got a reply, "Let her cry." She cried for another 15min maybe. I really don't know why. Maybe she prefers the main dining area to the vip room? "Auntie Jo, no need special room next time, please! :p" 
She finally turned smiley again when she saw Uncle Ron, don't ask me why! And finally she started playing a bit with the aunties. Played on her on with her favourite Auntie Daze, without me. Played with Auntie Jas and Auntie Chris. All the tears and laughters all in two hours! 
Anyway... Fast forward to night time... 
I had a dinner date to celebrate Carol's birthday and inlaws were always so nice to help me look after Ollie. 
What's really emotional / highlight (haha) was... 
FIL texted at 9+ to say Ollie slept. 
I was surprised. And when home, I asked MIL how did she fall asleep. 
She told me that Ollie asked for bread and milk and then asked MIL to pat her to sleep. 
I almost teared. 
她长大了 。
I told laogong about it and he was like, latch too often you also emo, don't latch,  you also emo. 
I guess to me, it's a huge change! 
She used to cry herself to sleep if I'm not around, now, she can ask for food and drinks to fill her tummy and to be patted to sleep (without me!!)! 
Grow, Ollie, Grow. 
Grow up at your pace. 
We love you! 

Monday, February 20, 2017

What If They Spend Their Whole Childhood Playing?

(This was taken on Saturday night, 10pm, when Ollie suddenly decided not to sleep and dress up for play, all by herself. She put on the shoes and my cap, hopped on her little car and instructed the Papa to take a photo of her, for her.) 

The homeschooling community shared the article:

It came at a time where I asked Laogong if it's OK that I'm not teaching anything school-style and school-way for Ollie. (I just want to make sure he sort of is having the same mentality as me.) I'm just letting Ollie play around, run around, swim, shop and live the daily life we live at the moment. She is not going to school yet and highly, definitely later on, No. I just want Ollie to play. Unstructured play. And wow, she is doing good, by my standards, of course. 

I always face questions about homeschooling Ollie and mainly I'll say that I don't want her to be caught in the rat race (contradicting I know, especially when our family business is highly educational, the Singapore way, but well the business does not equate to parenting ideas). 

I guess the sharing of the article came at the right time, assuring me that it's fine to let Ollie play away. But again, I guess, knowing myself, even without the article, I'm just doing it my way. 

Dear Ollie, 
Childhood is a very precious commodity. 
Being able to be play it away, I think is very important. 
Please enjoy your childhood as much as you can. 
Play, play away. 

Mama & Papa. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paris 2017 Concluded

It was a trip of a lifetime. Previously I blogged about losing my Kelly in Paris but seriously, believe it or not, we did fine and well. It happened on the first night. We continued on with the trip. Visited Disney Land. Shopped on. Dined on. I guess sometimes people, find it difficult how we can remain so positive in times like that. (I said remain positive, not heartless or emotionless. Of course I'm sad I lost my Kelly and Ollie's backpack and all other stuff, come on, you know the value of the things I use. Of course we knew about the inconvenience without travel documents and remaking everything.) But hey! The Earth continues moving. No one stops for me. We can either choose to move on in Paris or stay in the hotel to cry everyday? Of course, we moved on! 

Yes, we shortened the trip. We needed to get back to settle the travel documents. So, we paid a lot more to be back one day earlier. 

Anyway, that aside, Paris is great. Had lovely friends with us. Love the weather. We kept ourselves very warm (too warm on some days, haha). Love the bread and butter and cheese. We had that almost every meal. How not to love the escargot too. Haha. Thankful that my clothes still fit. Haha. Love the coffee. Absolutely yummy coffee. Love the wine and beer. Cheaper than water! What else but... Love the shopping!!! The shopping rocks in Paris. Thankful I got most of what I wanted. But well, shopping and buying, never enough anyway.  Thankful that Laogong tries his best to make everything work too. I can be a very difficult and wilful spouse at time. 

Thankful for family that know us or me well. I cannot stand nagging. So when they found out about it, they simply kept their messages and concern sweet and short. No nagging. No repeatedly telling us be careful x 100,000. 

Thankful that we are safe and sound and back home. See you maybe in August or maybe in 2018 again, Paris. I still love you. You presented me the worst situation in the best way because no one was hurt and my precious Ollie didn't feel a thing. 

Thank you, Paris. 
I'll just take and keep, the best memories. 

(Updates: Back home, passports made, expedite. Sim card replaced. Phone bought. Mainly back to normal routine. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome back! Lots love for you all) 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Day I Lost My Kelly In Paris

(the last photo with my Kelly) 

We met S and family on the first day for lunch and shopping at Galeries Lafayette. When it was about 5pm, we decided to head over to Hermes to pick up my bags. Said our goodbyes and arranged to meet the next day at Disneyland. 

Shopped at Hermes and constantly reminded ourselves to transfer everything into the huge Hello Kitty recyclable bag. We forgot. We left and Ollie wanted to be carried using  the tula. I left my Kelly in the stroller and used my jacket to cover the bag. We were too tired by then to remind ourselves to carry the Kelly instead. Really, we would actually never leave it just in the stroller even if it's using  the jacket to cover it. 

We started to stroll back. 

Stopped at Carrefour City supermarket to get some drinks. Laogong  went to pay and I stood with the stroller near the entrance and trolleys. Thief A came to get a trolley and knocked into me, and apologized. I ignored. After awhile, he came and ask me to take a photo of him and the fruits. Let my guard down. Turned around. Took his phone. Camera app wasn't turn on. (Accomplice Thief B and. C,  D must  have grabbed my bag then) He grabbed his phone back. My jacket was on the floor. My Kelly was gone. Screamed for laogong. Of course everything happened so quickly we didn't managed to get back my Kelly (inside with Ollie's Lv mini backpack, another mini pochette, money & cards, selfie camera, two phones and our passports!). 

Too stunned for words. Laogong  comforted me that it  was just material loss. Ollie and I are fine. Thinking back. I'm still stunned but totally thankful. It was just the bags and money and inconvenience. Our blessed lives are fine. No knife pointed at us. No shock. No fall (decade ago in Malacca, a snatch thief tried to grab my bag and I fell and had bodily aches for a week). That aside, a missing Kelly is of zero significance compared to the safety of Ollie and us. 

We made a police report. Contacted the embassy. All is fine. We are fine. Thank you fate. You created such a major situation on the first day of cny 大年初一, major 犯太岁 situation. The following  364 days will be as fabulous as ever. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Life is good. Life is blessed. Simply because we are safe. We will continue to enjoy Paris and shop on. And yes, we will definitely come back the next time. 

Side note: Of course I am upset I lost my first Kelly and Ollie's lv limited ed pack back and my limited edition mini pochette and everything  else (my selfie cam too!) but material thing can be earned back easily. 

I'm thankful we're all fine! 

So don't  worry everyone. I'm contactable via fb msger only or well, Jerry is very much  contactable. My Bro has also helped us with necessary contacts. See you all back in Sg / Msia / Social Media (haha)  soon!

Oh yes, sorry if I didn't help you to buy your things! I try k! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ollie's Morning on 25 January 2017

We woke up unexpectedly early this morning at 0828. Or rather, Ollie woke me up. I would pretty much prefer to continue sleeping. It's a vicious cycle, haha, I woke Laogong up too! By 0900 we were out at our favourite coffeeshop having breakfast. Came back home to play, slack, digest and Laogong was off for his run. 
Ollie & I decided, I mean, I decided to take Ollie to the taman's supermarket (socialise with the neighbourhood peeps, real life learning of fruits and vegetables, learn to pay money, get back change, etc, homeschoolers rock :) ) She always gets excited at the supermarket, sensory overload, maybe. Her favourite section has to be at the ice cream chillers. 
Got our stuff, her ice cream and we headed back home. Major love this ice cream. I need to buy these food packs and make my own. They don't drip and it's so much cleaner! Now, where do I buy these food packs? The papa returned home and they had some bonding time playing / car washing. 
Simple morning but lots of laughter and smiles from Ollie. Happiness, never too much. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Staycation 2017 (Jan 4 & 5)

We are not a family who fancy staycations but well, free room and free meals (we have a membership with the Millennium Hotels Group), let's go! And we did. Only to miss home more. Haha. We really love our home.

We took the van out instead of the car and since there are still toys/presents waiting to be opened (the van is like our mobile storage space, haha) we took a box up for Ollie to unwrap! She always loves opening presents, who doesn't :) 

We had dinner at the hotel and I think the sugar overload gave Ollie the much-unnecessary energy boost. Oh my, she slept only at 0030. She was totally high and active! 

I think I fell asleep before her! 

We all woke up close to 10 in the morning. Had a quick swim (the water was too cold)  and we headed to Rochor for breakfast. Went to the temple and did some shopping. 

Well, time spent with family is always well spent. 2017 has been good and I'm sure, moving on even better!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Days into 2017

Two days into 2017 and life has been good and just like what I told Laogong, it will definitely get better!

There is a high level of anticipation for many going-to-happen-events. Totally excited. There are weddings to attend, trips to go, shops opening, swim events, academic events and endless things I want to do with Ollie. I will definitely try to start a co-op for the young ones when Ollie is ready for it, especially since we have a good space for it now.

I always think back about how inspirational Mummy has been to me, and still is of course. She is one who dared to try, who went all out to make it in life. She did and she did her best to return to the society. Have been thinking a lot about her always. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But with so many happenings going to happen soon, I think of her even more. How she managed her life last time, how she handled so many happenings. 

Maybe also because of these two weeks spent at home with Laogong and Ollie. Massive decluttering of the house and things also somehow led to massive decluttering of the emotions and life. I look at the all the trash bags of things thrown / donated / sold... I think, for once, I am really going to slow down on shopping. Haha, I know, hilarious. But, really. I look at my wardrobes of tens of thousands of designer clothes and my Kellies all over the floor / chair (none in boxes, I don't baby my things) and those thousand-dollars-slippers... Oh gosh, what a life I had. I really need to rethink my life. I am not saying I am not going to shop but I will really buy less. I think I need to give even more to the society. Do more for the society. Blessed we are and yes, let's do it! Return to the society.

Alright, back to my decluttering!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank you, 2016. Welcome 2017.

Happy New Year!
2016 was fantastic and I'm sure 2017 will be even better!

Ollie had an eventful year and I'm sure more good years to come!
She bonds with her friends.
She makes new friends. 
She learnt new things.
She is a great visual learner.
She amazes us all the time with her ability of all sorts.
She also teaches me patience and love.
Lots more.

The family grows with love because of her.

May all have a great 2017 and make every little moment counts!