Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Saturday, April 26, 2014

TGIF @ Concetto, Createaf, TCC & MBS Theatre

Been a while since I met up with Sheila Gran, Jess and Ger.
Too bad Ja Ja cannot make it.
Next time!
Jess our food-decision-maker chose Concetto @ The Cathay.
Nice place.
Not too crowded.

The Praw Aglio was very yummy though we all 
agreed that it look like Mee Pok Tah.

We moved on to Createaf for waffles and hot drinks.
The waffle and ice cream were eaten before any photos
were taken. 
We like the designs on our drinks!
Mine was the elephant!
Lucky Elephant :)

After a short break, I picked up Jas and Daze and off to MBS!
Dinner @ TCC with the IJ Pals.
Three of us couldn't wait.
Haha, we had our soups and drinks first.

Finally, our Grease night!
Love the musical and as per normal,
I bought the OST for remembrance.

Time to retire Wicked OST for awhile.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Saturday, April 12, 2014

TGIF @ Coffee Club & Cafe Iguana

Another great Friday.
Extremely good, in fact.
Went back to school to catch up with some ex-colleagues 
and had lunch with IJ Pals before their Excel Fest.

Had tea and coffee (I really had one each) with my ex-student.
Can't believe that all these kids, are no longer kids.
After which, finally the car is done and Laogong sent me
to collect the car.
Very happy that I only have to pay a quarter of the expected price.

Was the first to arrive at Cafe Iguana for our date with the gals.
Margaritas, yumz!

We had strawberry, blueberry and mango!

Our usual-must-take-selfie and of course,
a group shot.

Another great night out.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

TGIF @ Southaven & Arteastiq

I was extremely early for our monthly meet-up and decided to shop around Ion on my own.
Walked into Valentino unwittingly and these called out to me.
I really wanted the middle pair but they didn't have it in my size.
I settled for the pink.

Couldn't wait.
Changed into them immediately.

Shopped around a bit more to realised that Southaven was not where it should be.
Finally Google-d it and went over to Wheelock.
Waited for my Devilz family to arrive at Coffee Club .
Made a wrong choice with my coffee.
Too sweet!

Chatted at the place for about an hour before we moved on to Southaven where Belle and I shopped and Cutie and Bucky waited.

I like this collage of us!

Walked over to Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery for dinner.

I like mine.
They didn't.
So, remember, Arteastiq is more of a place for breakfast and desserts.

Chicken Chop
Saucy Housewife

Ended the night at Paragon's Coffeebean.
Thank you, Devilz.
The once-a-month means so much :)