Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Company for Now :D

Happy With Our Purchases! :D


Woohoo! Lots books for sale!
@ Bishan's Junction 8!

Wednesday's Start to a Good Day

Woke up at 8plus as usual. Nice. Simply nice. Been enjoying my life like this since January. This is how heavenly it can get on Earth. Thank God. Life is good.

While Laogong was reading the papers, I climbed back into bed to watch drama ...

Slacked till 0930 before I got up to bath and change. Wanted to go JB for breky but in the end decided to go down to OCC instead. Crowded today. Some tournament is going on today.

Very filling American Breky. Somehow reminds me of what The Bali Babes always have in Bali for breky, especially the butter sugar toast!

With a good start to my day, it shall definitely be an even better day ahead.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hee. Opened the 2nd present that Flub gave me!
Cute to the Max!

Reasons to our prosperity

Already sinful enough is the prata ...
We ordered Prata Bom and Prata Goreng!

I'm impressed ...

AM mail is good!
Though not registered mail, it gets to me (for sure) by the next working day 11am!!!

Date with Flub

Accompanied Laogong for breky before going for our (Flub and mine) not so weekly date :p moved out of MBS and headed to Wisma.

Met Flub @ Coffee Stars.

Hehe. So nice. For no occasion, I received presents! :p thanks thanks! Came back home to rest before lessons. Nice Tuesday! :p

Monday, February 27, 2012

More good moments to come!

Pit Stop 1:
Went to change the van's battery and we chilled out over teh tarik and games on iPad!

Pit Stop 2:
Headed to Bugis and we had yummy kong bah pao ...
For once, Laogong decided to have the 超级辣鴨腎 (duck gizzards) ...
GOSH ... Even I wasn't able to handle it!

Pit Stop 3:
Check out the first piece of furniture we want for our new house.
A Clock! We don't have a clock in the room now.
Reason: Don't want to know the time.
However, this clock blew out minds off!
Can't wait to get it!

Whole noon we didn't have lunch ...
Instead, we were eating bits here and there!
(Come to think of it, Pit Stop 1 should have been at Mustafa and eating one slice of it's pizza!)
Ended our time at Orchard @ Coffee Club (which I think actually, it's call O' Coffee Club now).
Sort of vaguely decide on the main places we want to go to hopefully, hopefully in 2013/4.
Hopefully the houses will all be settled and ready and we don't have to wait till 2015/6.

We headed home after coffee and piggy me napped almost immediately!
Laogong went online and vaguely plan the routes to get a rough idea about the air fare.
Now, these few weeks, shall search and check out more alternatives ...

Woke up from nap and went out for FIL's birthday dinner ...

Super full now!!!!
Gonna watch my 爱情睡醒了then Cake Boss then ZzzZZzz!
Looking forward to my date with Flub! :)


Yeah, another great off day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extremely Yummy!

Love :)

Favourite photos

Taken the very day I got my 50D, I think 2 years or more back ...

For Sale (LV and Prada)

ABOVE: Prada 1M1132
As good as new.
$500 inclusive of registered postage.

ABOVE: LV Monogram Brazza
As good as new.

$580 inclusive of registered postage.

ABOVE: LV Damier Elise
Condition 8/10
$480 inclusive of registered postage

ABOVE: LV Epi Pochette Accessoires
Condition 7/10
$270 inclusive of registered postage

Mama Drama Me ...

I basically hooked to 爱情睡醒了 (like previously mentioned) every Monday to Friday followed  by Cake Boss ... and now ... on weekends, I'm hooked to 小資女孩向前衝 ...

All starring 邱澤 :)
Nice 插曲 by 郁可唯 - 微加幸福
And below is the link of the song ... performed by 邱澤 ...
Different feeling, but nice too!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Satisfying Saturday

Woke up slightly later than usual. No time for breky. Reached centre at around 0845 and my 0900 class kids were already waiting. Had brunch only at 1230. Finished lessons at 1530. Wanted to go Changi City Point but there was mad jam! Decided to head to Irene Mommy's place to play with Max.

Headed out to shop at T3 before 1800 dinner date with Marj and Shar. Ended up we only shopped at ONE shop - Candy Empire. And we bought loads :p

Had yummy dinner at Coffee Club.

Always nice catching up with friends!

Caught up with Colleen too! She happened to be there too. After overeating again, we shopped a bit more. Bought dinner for Laogong and we left about 2100. Satisfying Saturday. Happy :) Shall head to bed for an even better Sunday :) Sri!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Yeah. I still love Friday and of course TGIF. Woke up at 8plus today as I had a class at 0930. Didn't accompany Laogong to Shang for class. Had class. Collected mummy's stuff. Met Baobei for lunch at SQUE @ The Central.

After heavy lunch, went back to centre for lessons. All the way from 1430 to 1915. Went to AMK HUB to meet PEFX Club (missing Pn) for dinner at iChiban.

Heavy yummy dinner! Headed home early. Fed my cats before I went up. Meow. I miss my fatty and 小白. Got home and Laogong gave me these. Cute! Ex-student bought it for me. Hee.

Tomorrow is a short day and I'm meeting Marj, Shar, Daze and Jan! Hee.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Always Online ...

My current favourite drama - 爱情睡醒了.
Laogong was googling for the music video.

He found this online movie.

This is the song ...

And this is the English version ...
Even more sad ...
Sobz ...

Peacock Family @ Shangri-la Sentosa