Thursday, August 21, 2014

Past few days...

Met Chris , Shar and Daze for lunch last Friday at Bedok Mall's Ding Tai Feng.
Usual selfie while waiting for them.
Shopped quite a bit at Pet Lovers Centre too!
Good birthday discounts.
In fact, August is a month of birthday discounts!

The one who benefited form the PLC spree :)

Dinner was at Saveur with Mermaid, Marian, Meryl (yeah! she managed to join us) and Cyn.
Super yummy!
My new favourite!
We also had (non-alcoholic) drinks at Hyatt.
Miss a nice strawberry margarita!

Restful few days after meeting up with friends last week.
Yesterday, went to change tyres for the car.
Didn't realise that they can be so expensive!
Oh well...
While waiting, we had lunch at SDS at Johor Jaya.
So-so only.
Won't be going back.

Time flies.
One week went by like that.
Can't wait to go to Bkk!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Another great day!

14 August 2014

Met Bb for breakfast at Raffles City's Hand Burger followed by shopping at Robinsons. Thanks to her, I managed to get in (I didn't have a card). I must get Laogong to apply for it. Bought lots stuff. All for our #jsolympicchampion.

Slacked the day away till class time. Was about to head home when I received a pleasant surprise! Mermaid had arranged with Laogong. Thanks for the surprise, Mermaid. Thanks for the lovely gift, 4fingers!

Blessed I am :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#jsolympicchampion's First Kick

Hello 2032 Olympic Champion, 

Thank you for your birthday wishes, 
just before my birthday ended at 2300.
Auntie Jo said it should be like butterflies fluttering, 
but my thick fats didn't allow me to feel that. 
I felt your light kicks when papa read to you 弟子规 and played the videos of Olympic swimming events. 
Anyway, go on kicking. Haha. 
You room is slowly getting filled with things from all the lovely aunties. 
Lucky, lucky you! 

Till then, Mummy is going shopping with your Godma Ni later! 

Lots love. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's my birthday!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thank you so much for the well-wishes and gifts. 
I had yet another usual blissful day. 
No candle-light dinner with laogong. 
No gifts or flowers from him. 
(It was an order from me.) 
In fact, he was shocked when I received flowers. 
(Thanks Val Val.) 
I slacked the day away like any other day. 
I woke up and we walked Charcoal by the lake. 
We had my favourite wanton mee. 
I watched my favourite drama of the moment. 
I napped. 
I ate. 
I swam. 
I had home cooked dinner. 
With such bliss everyday, why would I need anything special? 
All I want is good health and happiness for my family, 
and a tad greedily, 
abundance of good health for my family. 

Thankful for the abundance of blessings. 

Happy Birthday to Myself :) 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week Out ...

Met bb at Saveur for lunch on Wednesday and
she got me such cute birthday cupcakes!
Thank you, bb!

Had lunch with my IJ Pals yesterday at Paradise Inn.
The dishes were yummy!

Thank you for the lunch treat, my dear friends.
Thank you for the cake, dear Chris.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello, Our Dear Olympic Champion...

Our Dear Olympic Champion, 
Just like mummy, 
You are blessed with an abundance of love from mummy's friends. 
All the aunties and your Godma Ni have been very kind and generous.
They can't wait to see you in December, especially your Godma Ni. 
She hopes that you will share the same birthday with her. 
Papa has been very happy too. 
Haha. He just told mummy to buy whatever I want and to buy the best. 
Lucky you! 
Till then! 
Lots love! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Whole Week of Dates...

Met Chris and Carol at Tanglin Mall for lunch on Wednesday.
Always love Brunetti!

Met Belle and Cutie at HDB Hub's Coffee Bean for coffee and cakes on Thursday.

Met Sheila Gran at Siglap's Coffee Club for some light snacks on Friday.
Didn't manage / forgot to grab a pic.
Too much to talk!

Innit is in SG!
4 fingers (or  3 rather) went down to shop!
Collected. Bought. Ordered (Somemore!)

Was so hungry, we had dinner at PS Cafe close to 10pm.
Great week meeting up with everybody!