Friday, May 31, 2013

Date with JY

Met JY for Hi-tea @Landing Point on Thursday.
I preferred the savoury to sweet stuff. 
Tea was definitely nice,  it was TWG. 
Made Laogong and Jr eat up the McD supper because I wanted the kitties! 
More good food today with IJMG! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Date with CCC

Date with C3 - Chris, Carol and Children since these few days are the fifth week and I've no group lessons.

Slacked at home in the morning before heading out to Far East for lunch with Laogong and JR.
Shopped around a bit and headed to Parkway to meet C3.

Loving all the new items!
Haha, I told Laogong, I want to buy a new HK card holder for every access card.
So now, I bought one for SA and one for Est.
Must prepare another two!
How exciting!

Had a good time at Toby's.
While waiting for Carol, we do what we are best at!
Take photos!

The photographer mummy took pictures for us!
That's why Kaelyn looked at her :)

Carol suggested asking the waiter to take photos for us.
Chris and I looked at each other.
Of course we had to do it on our own!
For the best photos!

Great day out!
Great line-up for the next two days too!
More meetups!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lessons with Teacher Summer

Dear Parents and Students,

All my one-to-one tuition slots are taken up.
Primary 5, Primary 6 and All Secondary 
Group Lessons are also fully subscribed.
There are still vacancies for Primary 3 and 4 Group Lessons.

My most sincere apologies for not being able 
to accommodate to your needs at the moment.

Thank you for your support and faith in me.

Should there be any available place, 
students on the waiting list will be informed immediately.

Do not despair if your SA1's results are not 
up to your expectations.
Do not be complacent if your SA1's results exceeded
your expectations.
Let's continue working hard!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

All the Goodness on 17 May

Breakfast with P&P's mummy ...

Lunch with Irene Mum ...

Dinner with Devilz ...

What more can I ask for :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glassy Shoe Box

I am so happy! 
After cleaning / dusting / maintaining my slippers display rack (and the slippers of course) for half a year, I think I need to put them in boxes. 
Previously I've trashed all the boxes and actually I do not want to put them in those boxes.
I want to display them! 
Decided to buy these clear boxes. 
Howard sells them at $22+ each. 
So expensive! 
I need to get 30 boxes and it would amount to $600 plus! 
Decided to check out this counter at Takashimaya which I vaguely remember sells them too. 
What made me so happy was the fact that they had smaller ones! Flatter and suits my slippers well! 
Best part! It's only $10 each and there is a 10% discount! 
Got 30 boxes at $270! Woohoo! 
Saved me almost $400!
Elated max! 
Can't wait for them to deliver it on Friday! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goodbye Chanel ...

After a good whole ten years, 
or maybe slightly more,
I have enough :)

Thus this post to say goodbye to my Chanel.
25 pairs of Chanel remain.
Some other favourites remain.
Gone are the Guccis, Fendis and Burberrys.

It has been a great ten years.
(Or wasteful and extravagant ten years, some might say, whatever! :p)

Laogong has taught me another way to spend money.
损友has joined me too.
(However, I doubt she will give up  Chanel like me.)

I shall go on enjoying my expensive slippers 
for whatever the remaining pairs give me.



I Love Slippers.
I Love Chanel.

Latest Collection: 13C
(Purchases on 30 Nov 2012)

Collection: 13C
(Purchased on 16 Nov 2012)

Some others ...