Friday, August 14, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Staycation in Melaka - 9 & 10 August 2015

Papa planned a birthday surprise for Mama.
He booked a spa resort in Melaka for Mama
(and I get to enjoy too!)

The resort is very beautiful!
It's less than two hours from our home in JB.

Mama and Papa were too hungry to think clearly.
They ate the same chicken rice and they didn't like it.
Swimming after lunch!

We headed to the night market after our swimming session.
FYI: The popiah is outside Madam King's departmental store.

Fun and tiring day it was.
We turned in early and got ready for a new day!

Home Sweet Home!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

TGIF at Baby Fair - 8 August 2015

Papa and Mama took me to the baby fair at Persada.
They told me that the last time whey went to the same fair,
I was still in Mama's womb.
This time round, we were sourcing for a new car seat
and also, to stock up on diapers.

Papa and Mama were hungry after spending so much money on me.
They went to Hai Kee to have their once favourite crayfish.

We then drove back home and wow!
Cows grazing along the way home!
Papa and Mama were used to this scene but
I was so excited!
My first time!

Feeling very full from the dinner, Papa and Mama decided to
take Charcoal Kor Kor and I to the lake for a walk.
I mean, they walk.

Mama says that our neighbour's rabbits are always roaming around.

It was a great day!
Happy day!

SG50 Themed Lunch Date at Bangkok Jam

Mama took me to her PEFX lunch date but it was a pity EL Jie Jie and PN Jie Jie couldn't make it. 
Still,  we enjoyed our lunch with Fio Jie Jie. 
Mama enjoyed her lunch. 
The food was good and the promotional prices even better! 
There were seas of red all over that day. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Play date at Gymboree - 5 August 2015

Ollie & Scarlett went for their Play Gym session at Gymboree (Tanglin Mall).
They couldn't really play much or all of the items,
but it was definitely a good experience.
We bought the voucher off Groupon for SGD58.
It can be used on any day.
Not bad a deal I would say.
We explored other options with Gymboree.
Too expensive.
Even the trial is expensive.
Maybe it's the 職業病,
I feel that I can do/teach the same.
Anyway, all in the name of fun.
We're in no desperate need of lessons.
Play, is the most important thing now for Ollie.