Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laogong and my cake ...

Was watching Cake Boss with Laogong and ...

1. Thought of Carol and her pretty cakes.
2. Dying to eat slices and slices of cake!

And today ...

When Laogong fetched me after my last class, this was waiting for me in the car :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

May's Last Monday ...

Laogong and I met Patrick in the morning and headed for a day in Johor.
Breakfast at Ah Piaw.
Can never get enough of it :)

Next stop was to visit the condo show flat at Bt Indah ...

We popped over to the actual houses to take a look.
Such coincidence!
Met Laogong's acquaintance who had already purchased one.
Met a very friendly auntie who is staying there,
brought us all around!  

Second last stop was at Aeon Bt Indah ...
I had a total of 3 drinks at Black Canyon and then J.Co!
Extremely warm!

Last stop - shopping at Giant!
Great day out as usual!!!
Of course, we had a good time during our first Thai lesson too! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How observant are children?


Kid: Your eyes look so big suddenly!
Me: Eyes? I didn't do any surgery.
Kid: Eyeballs I mean.
Me: Haha. Yes, yes, Big Eye Lense


Kid: Did you do something to your eyeballs?
Me: Hmmm, why?
Kid: They look big. Unlike the usual ones.
Me: You mean you know how big my eyeballs are?
Kid: Today you look like a manga character!

Haha. My kids impressed me. Hopefully they will be so observant when it comes to checking / editing their compositions or work! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Of Chanel ... Of Life ...

Thanks again to Ms. Fr and Ms. TDC for your help :)

Also, the first time Laogong was so enthusiastic to help me get my shoes. At Siam Paragon, at King Power ...

Finally, I got it at Nac :)

Labelled the box already :)
I'll definitely wear it without socks. I'm not so Jap looking :p

Happy happy :) left on time to fetch Laogong for dinner :)
Laogong shared with me what Mr. RL shared with him today.

Love what you do but do no treasure it. When it is time to let go, let go.

Very meaningful words.

I love what I'm doing. I love the time I spent with kids. I love how they love my lessons. I love how they (most if not all, I'm quite sure) love me. I love how the parents trust me, support me and love me too! Thank you. That is enough :)

Laogong asked me about this parent who stays one block away from our centre and who owes me two months of fees since last September (stopped lessons since August) and I told him, "Forget it. Let go."

I'm sick of myself asking for it. Once before wedding. Once before Chinese New Year. Once in March. I shall therefore really forget about it from now :)

I got them!

Laogong even offered me his card but I used mine :)

PEFX's Monthly Dinner - May

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just HK, lenses and Chanels ...

Dear friends, I apologize again that I did not manage to get any stuff for you all but just ...

No bias ok. I love all my friends. But these are things at the door step of my hotel and at the airport dfs.


I woke up with yummy breakfast and tea ready for me, prepared by Laogong.
Exactly how papa and mummy did it since young.
Love :)
Extremely love :)
Summer Toh Xiaoxin
Chief Education Officer
The Water Family Enrichment Centre
Mobile: 9796 4130

TWFEC ... Where Every Child Is A Bundle of Promises and Potential

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're coming home!

Settled the courier stuff and did our last massage for today. Sorry friends, did not manage to get almost all your stuff. Sorry!

See you all back in SG!

Bye bye, Thailand!

Doesn't have :(

Bangkok's Airport doesn't have :(
Have to get it in SG!
Photo courtesy of tdc :)

Bangkok Trip (not so Bangkok after all)

Bangkok is the synonym of shopping. Almost. Yet, this time round, we did no shopping. Apologies to those who asked us to buy things. As of now, we've not shopped. Might do so tomorrow. So sorry.

Only attempt at shopping was after porky burgers at MOS. (We love all the pork burgers in BKK's fast food outlets!) I had to go Chanel to check out the sandals but they are not available yet! :'( Will check out DFS tomorrow.

Other than collecting our pre-ordered items, this is a trip of love and friendship. In fact, they are almost family to us. Such hospitality, warmth and love. We visited several temples to make donations mainly for this trip. Spent lots of time with Nuch :) Met up with Auntie Joy and family twice. Thank you for the lovely dinner tonight.

Thank you for everything.

On the other hand:
1. Happy Birthday, Jamie.
2. Happy Birthday, Jan.
3. Congrats Friends who made theirs choices to leave service this week. Have a good break and do what you like. Life. It's a beautiful life :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nakhon Pathom Trip

12 hours back in the province with Nuch. Wonderful time. Priceless.

Nuch came to pick us up from the hotel in her spanking new Green Nissan March!

After slightly more than an hour drive, we reached the temple.

Phra Pathom Chedi (Thai: พระปฐมเจดีย์) is the tallest stupa in the world with the height of 127 metres (417 ft).

We were lucky! Some one' wish came true and went to the temple to distribute red eggs. We got one each!

Next we sampled some famous rice and satay. Visited their local daily market. Had lunch at their famous restaurant.

After scrumptious lunch was to Nuch's family home and their farms! Laogong loves it there!

Part one

Part two

More to be uploaded soon !

Early evening at 5plus, we visited Nuch's university and went to a fantastic night market selling their local Thai delicacy.

Flying ice cream:

Part one

Part two

Last part of yesterday, we visit Auntie Joy and Non at home and were treated I priceless welcoming from them. Thank you to all of you for everything and for treating us like a family.

Having dinner with Auntie Joy and Uncle Chanut family tonight (Wed). Looking forward to a great time :)

Mission today: Get my 38 / 39 from Siam Paragon and see what else there is! Haha :p

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bangkok Trip Part Five

After slacking in the pink room, we headed down to Khao San for dinner.
Had some roadside stuff before settling down for dinner.

Very warm day!

Had a couple of drinks before heading back to the hotel for more drinks and supper!

This is such a slack trip. So slack That we might not even go to Platinum! Haha.

Day Two with Nuch!

Bangkok Trip Part Two, Three and Four

We took the Airport Rail to our hotel as usual :)

At the airport:

Surviving the rail:

Had breakfast at our favorite place. Yummy fish ball noodles. Our favourite!

Deposited the luggage.

Went to Yaowatrat - Sam Peng to look for Bag Bag Auntie.

Went to make some donation at Poh Teck Tung Foundation.

Had massage at our usual with our favorites.

Ate yummy Samurai Pork Burger.

Time to slack!

The hotel.

Pink! Pink! Pink!

Even the hairdryer!

Bangkok Trip Part One

Check out this video on YouTube:

(Before departure, @ Budget Terminal)

Sunday's Happiness

Had our weekly Sunday brunch at the market. For once boy woke up early to eat with us! Too hungry and eager to eat the popular Xiang Ji Chicken Rice, I didn't take any pictures!

Tabao lunch for Laogong but he only had 30 minutes for lunch. He started lesson early and so, I headed to centre early to sanitize the centre.

Lesson ended at 1915 and woohoo! Holidays!
BKK here we come!

I'll miss my strays.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday's Happiness

Ears are mildly infected.
Not blocked. (Phew!)
I think it is because of this that I've been kind of tired these two days.
Thanks to one of my angels,
Teresa tabao lunch for me.
I told Laogong I didn't want to standby bread.
Rather just drink milo.
Ended lessons at 530pm,
decided not to meet any friend.
It's going to be Me-Time.
Just me, me, me!
Made appointment for nails and went off to AMK Hub.

Final packing done. Small bag. Just my crumpler backpack.

Anyway, this is how much we love Thailand.
Of course, also because Nuch is back from States.
She has time for us! :)
Last October, we booked for Tuesday to Thursday.
Our off day was not planned for yet.
We called to ask to change flight, but it was more expensive than getting new tickets!
We decided to forgo those tickets and booked new ones to depart on Monday! :p
See you, Thailand!
See you, Nuch!