Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm tired!

Age is catching up.
Super tired after Learning Journey and six hours of teaching.
Came back and all I want was to lie in bed and slack/aleep.
So nice.
Laogong made honey for me.
FIL cooked me Maggi mee!
MIL didn't want me to wash the dishes.
I'm going to bed!
I'm so loved!

Healthier Lunch

I hate eating alone.
(think if I'm eating alone,  I will always tabao instead of having my meals in the restaurant)
The last time I ate alone should be the HK trip I went alone to meet Ash (and two days with Irene mom).
Today,  really don't feel like having fast food or OCK,  decided to eat alone in Ajisen!
Well,  healthier food,  definitely,  but I still don't like eating alone! :p

Enjoying the view of the skyscrapers...

Enjoying the learning journey with the kids...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Malacca and back...

Drove for 100km or more, we had our first pitstop.
Malay Nasi Ayam!

Reached Malacca after another 100km or so, walked around the places with Laogong.

Lunch and dessert time!
Chinese Nasi Ayam.
Sad to say, the rice balls were not as nice as before.
Chendol was ok.
Gula Melaka is always the best!

My Emperor!

More sight-seeing.

Head back to Plentong for our massage and shopping!
Haha, will be nicer if we can head back to Seri Austin :p

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Miss Bali !!!


Thank you :)

Yesterday,  one of my P6 English class celebrated my (belated) birthday for me :)
Received a card from my 2009/10 class too.
Time flies :)
They are in P6 now.
All the best for PSLE.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I had wanted to do a random shot of my work desk.
However,  my kid made my day!
With her improved prelims marks :)
Best improvement so far.
Hopefully better ones to come! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodbye, Hermes' boxes

As I was packing my room, the same 'bad'  habit is here. I dun wan to keep boxes! De-clutter! The other time, I threw away all the chanel boxes and store the CJs altogether in a compartmentalized clear box,  today it's the orange boxes' fate. Goodbye!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Really final birthday celebrations for 2012

Had a great month of celebrations!
Final ones.
Thanks to all my dear family and friends :)
My 13th birthday was fantastic!

I love it!

I love going to bed knowing that I can wake up 8h later (and can actually continue snoozing).
I love waking up only when it's bright and continue snoozing!
I love Laogong making breakfast for me or the other way round. 
I love going to teach my kids and how they never fail to make my day even when I'm extremely tired already. Like how Wednesdays and Saturdays are my longest working days but they never fail to perk me up.
I love how my parents and and parents-in-law pampers me.
I love everything in life!
Every single little thing!
What I have,  what I can have and what I will have!
Life,  it only gets better!

Yet another blessed week!

Yesterday, I Instagrammed about my usual sinful unhealthy lunch.
I will always grab a springroll before class (on Tuesdays).
I made a request for fish soup for dinner and Laogong got it for me! :)
Blessed I am :)
Kh's mom gave me some Raya cookies and chocolates.
(Thank you! I shared them with the kids and they love it!)
Ka's mom gave me more puffs! 
(Thank you! We had them for breakfast!)

Of course, other than the fact that I have unhealthy food, and doting parents (of kiddos) 
who always cooked me food, haha ... 
I'm so blissfully and happily in love with life!
Thank you for being concern about my weight gain.
I still exercise!
Really! :)
I am healthy!
Haha, and in case you miss the skinnier me ... 
and the straighter hair!
With Janelle!

Well, my current weight (digits) are lucky and so ... :)
(Ok, again, I know my friends will shake their heads knowing how pantang I am :p)

This noon, Laogong bought me lor mee again!
I kind of still prefer last week's one.
Maybe because it was piping hot while today's was not as hot...

I bought A&A their pre-test reward and an ice latte for myself!
So sweet of J to reward me (food again!) with yummy cake!
I love the thick base!
Always love cheesecake's base! 

Today was a busy day (like every Wed), so I reminded Laogong to tabao for me.
S came for her first class and she bought me food again!
Homecooked food!
With the vegetables chopped finely!
Just nice for a carnivore! :p

Haha, after all the food pictures :p
My ironman!
Going for his jog with the new armband!

Dear parents and students, thank you so much for loving me!
For always feeding me and showing so much care and concern!
Blessed I am!
Thank you :)

屋塔房王世子 Completed!

After watching the New GTO (with the old story line),
Bucky introduced me to this show.
Didn't like Episode 1 and 2, but well, that is history.
Literally history.
I don't like to watch period drama, but beyond that two episodes,
it's mainly modern.
That is also when the tears start flowing!
Till the very last moment (and even when watching this music video).
Presenting to you, my two favourite scenes!
Actually the music video already have all my favourite scenes!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raya 2012 (Part 2)

Photos from Auntie Hasnah / Lina's camera :)
So cute was Auntie Hasnah's MIL ...
Cute to the max!
Love to talk to her ...
Nice pic of mummy ... haha ...
She always look nice!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Raya 2012 (Part One)

Thanks to Auntie Hasnah and family, our Raya gathering was at her place.
Thank you for the food and place and love!

Before walking to the pool side, where we still look cool :p
Everyone :)
Light moment of the day ...
Ash, Laogong, boy and I were chatting when our eldest cousin, cousin-in-law came, their son came ... and one gal came ... so we all started our "Hi Hi Hi" ...
When they walked inside, I turned around and asked Ash, "Who is she ah?"
We didn't have answer and asked XY ...
No answer.
So we asked our cousin!
Well, haha, his son, our nephew's gf!
Kids are growing up so quickly!

Denise loves to doll herself up with the photo app!

Raya 2012 (Part 2) when I get other photos ...
With Uncle Lam Heng and Lina taking photos,
I decided I don't have to take much! :p
They will do it!
I will wait for the uploads!
Uncle Lam Heng was SUPER FAST! 
As I was napping, I was tagged already!

Anyway, I realised Laogong and I cannot have our 2 to 3 days break in SG.
We sleep so much!
Yesterday Laogong had his 6 hours nap after the auction and shopping.
Today I had a 3 hours nap after Raya gathering.
Why do we sleep so much!

Anyway, no more holidays for awhile!
Time to work hard for PSLE!
I mean, work even harder!
All of us!

Sara Lee

Source of Picture and Article to read (if interested):

I really hope that Sara Lee is not over her cake businesses!
Much as she still has loads of other products,
I still love her desserts!

I didn't know that Laogong loves the cakes too!
We swiped two of the rack yesterday.
Had them for supper :p and breakfast ...
Together with the yummy coffee that mummy had made,
Perfect Combination!

Getting ready to head out to Auntie Hasah place for the Raya gathering soon!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends and of course to my dear Auntie Hasnah and family :)
Glad to have this off day!
Spend time par tor with Laogong (which we normally can't do it on a Sunday)  and of course the family gathering!
Woohoo! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


Always love our PEFX Monthy Dinner ...
A conscious effort that we all put in to meet no matter how tired /  unwell / 'sianz' we are ...
Well, of course, unless we are really immobile for that day ...

Laogong been talking about the SKII Men ...
Decided to get it for him!
Really Black and White for us :p

Raya soon means family gathering soon!
Laogong and I also had a list of programmes lined up for the weekend! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What a day!

Was watching 早安你好and I spotted the BV bracelet on Liu Qian's wrist.
Decided to wear mine too!
Had breakfast with Laogong at Albert Court.
The Lor Mee was delicious!
Told Laogong to pose for the camera as usual and he did this ...
He name this, "自然反应".
Had one hour to spare before I walked over to Cityhall.
Met Cutie and Cayla for Koi!
Yes, I walked to Cityhall.
Wanted to cab down when I analysed how near it was.
Told Laogong to drive the car home as I did not feel like driving.

Met Chris, Rooster Snr, Irene Mom and Pln at Canele
for more carbohydrates caffeine intake.

Gave Irene mom a surprise!
(And she thought it was my cake again!)

Rooster Snr gave me this!
Haha, must make use of it!
Rose Garden, I miss you!