Friday, November 30, 2012

Where good friends gather...

I experienced Patience...

Stuck in the queue for 15minutes.
No one sounded the horn.
I was tempted but decided not to.
Proud of myself! Hahahah.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yeah! Got it!

Haha,  I know.
I am weird.
I want all the bedsheets to be of the same design!
Got it!
King. Queen. Super single. Single!

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

 It was a busy week at home ... 
Laogong did some paint job ...
Lots of cleaning ...
Can't wait to shift in :)

Finally, it's MB's time of the year ...
His CD is out from the glove compartment again ...
Time to play his songs!

Quite a few parcel received on Tue and Wed ...
I couldn't remember what I had bought!
Haha ...

Had breakfast near Tesco today before we shopped for some stuff ...
A variation of the curry compared to what we usually have ...
Not bad!
The teh tarik was yummy!
With a filled stomach ...
A great day began!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Busy Friday and Saturday

Met the Devilz for our monthly dinner.
Rainy day. 
I had a shock while driving.
I SAW the lightning and HEARD the thunder.
Haha, there was this joke, from Miss Moo about
hearing the lightning and thus I said, 
"I can SEE the thunder!"
Belle got us cute charms!

We threw a small cosy baby shower for the ladies.
Great time catching up too!

偶像 had a gig at The Arts House and of course, 
I had to support!

After the baby shower, Bucky and I went to support 偶像!

While waiting for the gig to begin ...

After the concert, group photo with the 'crew'.

Happy to see the real Guo Rong ...
Of course, happier as usual, to hear my 偶像 sing.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas with World Vision

I usually plan ahead for gifts.
Bought a few gifts and decided to stop.
I think it is time I make myself (and my friends :) ) more useful.
I decided to 'buy gifts' from World Vision for 
children (and adults) over the world,
and dedicate them to my friends as gifts.
I'm pretty sure my friends and I are all doing well in life.
We enjoy good food, comfortable life, shopping moments, etc ...
It is time to be thankful :)

Maybe this year, you can be like me too, 
buy a gift from World Vision 
and dedicate it to your friends!

Click accordingly.

Act Now!

You may also download the catalogue to see what are the URGENT gifts needed. 

Let's share this Christmas, 
like how you always do!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Missing Kudeta Breakfast

Since the window grills are being fixed up ...
Decided to clear up the files in the laptop and came across these photos ...
Celebrated Laogong's birthday at Kudeta two years ago ...
Missing the 'lots of eggs' menu!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday at Home Sweet Home!

After grocery shopping, had late breakfast at Old Town.
Usual food. Usual place. Nice :D
Cleaned up some stuff ... Tired out :p
While Laogong continued, I made him some tea 
with the new Tea Diver!
Enjoyed and slacked a bit while admiring the view of the car,
parked outside the door step! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Final post on my crazy stunt :p

Between the mad rush of classes,
I managed to meet JY to grab these.
I was driving and reaching the carpark (like one traffic light away),
I apps JY and told her,
"Tell the SA to bring out all the 37s and 39s now!
Don't let other people try anymore!"
Turned out, some of the colours already did not have my size in stock.
Was hesitant about getting Missy Violet when I forgot what JY said,
and of course, we (or I?!) did want not the repeated mistake of
We bought all four!
I'm so going to keep Missy Goldie for CNY!
The previous collection for 12A Alohas, we bought both too.
Also another mad rush to prevent the OOS situation.
The 12A Sandals was an exception :p
The black is totally ?!@#$
Anyway, Merry Xmas to myself :D
I did well this year and deserved all my rewards :p
2359 tonight, and Laogong will be back with me!
After being away for 600 hours,
he is finally coming back!


Watching 幸福空间,  eating the humongous breakfast mummy had bought, drinking the coffee papa had made,  waiting to see laogong in 13 hours,  thinking of our house...
I'm so thankful for everything and everyone in my life!
Life,  simply wonderful!

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Year End Bonus

When Ms. F sent me this pic last night, I was hyperventilating!
Despite the rush due to change in class, 
we went ahead and got them all!
Hahaha ...
Like what Laogong said, 
we're like collecting our Pokemons or Power Rangers!

Happy to receive my Year End Bonus!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday's Meals...

I hate eating alone.
I usually don't.
If it has to be me,  myself and I, I'll usually settle for Mac Drive Thru.
However, with thoughts of 3 weeks of Fast Food in States with Laogong in Dec/Jan,  I decided to have a proper meal.
In fact,  this noon was the second time in 2012, that I had eaten alone.
(First one was at Parkway's Ajisen after some learning journey)
Since I was shopping at Wisma/NAC, 
I decided to have lunch at Koh Grill &  Sushi -  a place I know usually has some loners (so I don't feel so awkward!)
Enjoyed my bento set with Sylvia Day.
Haha, finished book two and I can't wait for the third book!
Met Val for dinner after lessons.
Great meal.
Great gossip.
Great company.
Counting down to Sunday!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sylvia Day

Read of the her novels and was devastated to find out that the 3rd book will only be released next year!
I hate waiting!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dinner @ Sin Hoi Sai

Met Marj and Shar for dinner.
Shar's choice!
Enjoyed my fried squid!
Went to Coffee Club for coffee / tea and many slices of cakes!
Trying to imagine that we are all in Bali!
We miss Bali!
Bali Babes reunion ...
Join us for the next one Jan!
Miss Puffy Pink Hat was so cute we had to order it!
Extremely delectable too!
Happy (14th) Birthday, Snr :p
Happy (19th) Birthday, Shar :p
May the year be filled with love, health and wealth!

With papa and then in laws...

With Laogong away, I've been spending more time with papa and in-laws...
Last week and yesterday, papa accompanied me to check out the progress of works.
Of course, he had a few shopaholic shopping trips too!
Today, spent time with in-laws too.
Hurry home, Laogong!