Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bread #03 (Milk Bread)

Mama made bread for breakfast tomorrow. 
She followed the recipe from Bread #01 BUT this time round, she was lazier. 
She didn't use the weighing scale. 
She used her feeling for the ingredients. 
She took pretty much less than two minutes to pour everything in. 
Ok, maybe three the most! 
She did, however, remembered to adjust the setting to LIGHT AND 650G (smaller loaf). 
The colour of the bread is much lighter than Bread #01.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


That's the sound that woke Mama up this morning. 
We were back in our Sg home. 
I really wasn't sleepy. 
Mama was sleeping and I decided to venture down the (high) bed. 
Back in our Msia home, Papa and Mama have taught me to get down, legs first. 
Here, I haven't had much chance to practise and... 
Before I knew it, I landed on the floor, on my forehead with a loud thud. 
It was extremely painful. 
I wailed out loud. 
I screamed. 
Mama got a shock. 
Ah mah got a shock. 
Don't worry. 
I'm fine. 
Ah mah boiled an egg and rubbed it on my forehead. 
Mama is steady also. 
Calm and steady.
She pacified me and I was laughing and playing after 5 minutes. 
Papa came home during his lunch break to Sayang me. 
Anyway, I'm alright! 
Babies grow up with bumps here and there. 
I'll grow even strong and even sturdier! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bread #02 (Chocolate bread)

The haze kept us in the house today. 
Mama decided to make use of yesterday's recipe, modified it and bake Chocolate bread. 
The bread is soft and fluffy. 
The colour is very brown! 
Mama thought it was burnt, 
luckily it wasn't. 
One thing though, the crust is harder and the top didn't rise as nicely as yesterday. 
Overall, the taste is still good! 
Yay! Success! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bread #01 (Milk bread)

Auntie Lynn (Ang) has been inspiring and sharing lots of recipes.  
Auntie Germ has been motivating in buying the breadmaker.
Therefore, Mama bought her first breadmaker from Tesco. 
Mama says Tesco is a reputable supermarket chain originating from England so the products are good. 
Yay. Papa and I and all at home will have homemade bread from now on. 
Mama aims to bake at least 80 loaves. 
1 done, another 79!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Yay! I can climb down the bed...

Yay! Safe landing! 
I can climb down the bed, legs first. 
Knocked me head several times 
trying to get down the bed previously. 
Mama has been telling me to go
the other way and finally, I did it! 
Yay! Which also means, I can explore
even more places now! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Lin & Toh's Family Date @GBB - Sep 11

Polling day. 
Public holiday! 
Our Papas are not working so off we went to GBB. 
Under Auntie Sennett and Uncle Joshua's advice, Papa and Mama bought the annual passes! 
Yay to more GBB dates! 
The place is very cooling! 
Nice, just the way I love it. 
Nearer than Genting, I foresee Papa and Mama bringing me here often. 
The flowers are so pretty! 
It was a great family date! 
More please! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ollie's Learning Journey - Desaru Fruit Farm (Sep 9)

Our initial plan was to go to the Ostrich Farm, 
but the owner told us,
(Only one ostrich remains.)
Papa decided to do the fruit farm tour as well.
Mama said that I could explore smell and texture while 
she could plan worksheets for my future Science lesson.
I had a lot of fun!
Papa and Mama said, "What can be better than having
a Science lesson right out there!"
I even climbed a tree.
Ok, I mean, Papa put me on a tree!
I tried not to pluck the leaves and fruits.
I did not want Papa and Mama to be scolded.
It was a fun trip!