Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fantastic Friday!

Great day we had! Early morning, then again, not that early, I knew I saw the time 1047h when I opened my eyes. May from HOPE gave me several missed calls. I quickly called her back and she arrived shortly to take Pill away for vaccination and adoption. Thanks for staying with us for the past week, Pill. We're sorry we cannot give you a forever home. Several issues we looked into before we made our decision. We hope you had a good week with us and Charcoal. May you be loved in your new home. 

1. We headed out for breakfast and shopping. Love book sales! Left Harris with basketful of books! 

2. Headed out to meet the Devilz and at that point, Ollie finally succumbed to her first proper nap of the day. 

3. Had dinner with the Devilz and Grace at Marche. Always love our monthly catching up! 

4. Drove back at 2200h to fetch Laogong. And Ollie decided that she wants to watch a particular video. How to change the video when I'm driving! And well, this was what happened. Major meltdown just because eof a video. 

5. Finally, finally. Everyone in the house is asleep! Me time! And I guess several sleepless nights.  (I don't have the stamina to finish it in one seating!) I put back the B&J after the photo. Decided to be sane and made a hot cup of green tea instead (Haha, boring!) 

Thankful for a great day and can't wait for another great day ahead! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ollie Jin Boh Eng

Haha, as I was collaging the photos, 
I realised that Ollie is indeed jin boh eng!

Visited Godma & Kyra!

Supported our swimmers!

Dinner and shopping!

Dinner with 外公and舅舅.

Dinner and shopping (again)!

Breakfast at Ah Gong's Laksa.

Playdate with BFF Scarlett.

Went back to visit Ah Mah and Ah Gong.

Playdate at the River Safari with BFF Scarlett.

Dinner and shopping (yet again)!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thank you for loving Mama

After the River Safari date with her BFF, Ollie fell asleep in her car seat, even before we exit from the carpark. By the time we parked the car at home, I thought I'm in luck! She might sleep through, but no, she woke up. I've a dinner date at 2030 with Nui and V and i thought I'll try to put Ollie to bed again at 1930 but to no avail. Usually she plays quite a bit on Fridays knowing she can sleep late but oh but, she started crying, no, bawling for me at 2240. We quickly got the bill and I almost ran all the way to the carpark until laogong texted and said she finally fell asleep after all the screaming and crying. 
I latch Ollie to sleep every night. I'm with her almost all the time too. It's kind of heartwrenching to see her cry like that (laogong video called me) but at the same time, I feel so wanted, needed and loved by my daughter. Mothers will understand how I feel. 
After today, I'll try to spend even more time and stick even closer to her. (Haha, I'm the high needs mum, not her the high needs child). One day, she will simply not want all these from me so why would I want to let go or try to train her to let go. When it happens, it happens. The same for latching / breastfeeding her. Because I can so I keep doing it, till she self-weans. I'm definitely not going to stop her. Lots of people give lots of comments for all sorts of things all the time. Thank you. I heard you but, I do what I like. Dear Ollie, thank you for loving Mama. Dear Mummy, I should be doing things quite right ya:) 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Mummy ...

We decided to visit you at your niche today.
It was heartwarming to see Ollie clean your photo 
with her tiny chubby fingers.
It was peaceful for us all to walk out with no tears in our eyes.
We didn't forget about you.
The love is not reduced.
You are still very much in your hearts.
We just chose to keep your precious memories in the best way.
We just chose to lead our lives strong with your good spirit.
We headed to i12 for early dinner.
We miss you of course.
We definitely would want you to be there with us
but we know there is no point living our lives with our heavy hearts.
You are at where you should be already.
Mothers' Day is nearing.
Mothers' Day will never be the same because
you left us on that day
Mothers' Day will always be celebrated in your name
in our household.
Miss you lots, Mummy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BFFs Date at the Zoo

Decided to take the BFFs to the zoo.
There were some minor held-ups but all were fated
and the date went on as planned!
Ollie's favourite pose - ONE.

Ollie is a very passionate child.
She loves to hug people
and of course her BFF! 

It was a very warm and humid day.
Perspiring nonstop the entire day. 
 Having spent so much time with her playmate - Charcoal,
at home, apparently, she is not afraid of animals.
We hope she will love animals and not be afraid of them!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On the Day I Die ...

On the Day I Die,
I must not have and will not have regrets.

Came across a friend's blog and she shared this article
from John Pavlovitz and I totally love this article.
Also because I have been thinking a lot about mummy,
especially so this 清明 period as well as,
it will be Mother's Day soon.
It was very painful then, but no, 
I'm filled with love for Mummy and wonderful memories,
even when I tear and cry when I think of her,
they are of joy and gratitude,
because, simply because,
She is my mummy and I am her daughter.
Nothing changes that, not even death.
From the blog post, I really like:
"while I am still alive I’ll try to remember that my time with them is finite and fleeting and so very precious—and I’ll do my best not to waste a second of it."
and also 
"Don’t let your life be stolen every day by all that you believe matters, because on the day you die, much of it simply won’t."

Life is too precious and fragile.
Over the months since Mummy's passing,
I have heard about so many deaths,
of people I know personally and of strangers.
I've always been positive and I shall be even more
after reading the blog post.
I really do not have time to worry or to predict negativity.
Every breathing moment is precious and 
I must live my life to the fullest.
After having read the book, 'Me Before You',
and now reading the post,

because ...
"Yes, you and I will die one day.
But before that day comes: let us live."

Saturday, April 9, 2016

BFFs Date at Pororo Park

Finally spending a full month of April back in SG / MY.
We miss home so much!
Back to all the mummy-dates and playdates!
First BFFs date of the month for the two kiddos at Pororo Park.
Very expensive entrance fee ($24.50 since they are below 2) I find, 
but well, what to to!
Now that they are older, they can play everything!
Previously, they could only enjoy themselves at the baby-corner.
They managed to play in every section now!
This also meant that the mummies were very tired.
We had to follow them everywhere.
We had to climb with them everywhere!

Didn't manage to take pictures of them during show time
and on the train.
Ollie sat on the train independently once, 
attempted to go back but refused to get on.
I guess this is the same theory as those rides.
She wants to sit on the rides but doesn't want us 
to slot in money (she wants it stationary).
Very tiring day for all of us, good workout, 
and well, totally worth it to see their joy and to see them have fun!
The yummy ice-cream and dinner with the papas made the day extra fun!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ollie is 16 months young!

Dear Ollie, 

You're 1 year and 4 months young! 
We've come so far together and life is good. 
You've been learning and progressing well. 
We've told ourselves, no individual is the same. 
We will not judge you or compare you with anyone. 
Keep learning and absorbing at your own pace. 
We hope you've been enjoying every aspect of your life so far, 
because we certainly do! 
Time with you is always precious and 
moments with you are always memorable. 

Lots love,
Mama and Papa. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hello Disneyland Again!

Other than work, MAIN HIGHLIGHT of our HK trip (for laogong) was to eat (and let Ollie try): smelly beancurd, roasted pigeon and snake soup. I only allowed Ollie to try the beancurd.

We almost got our flight's timing wrong but well, 
we realised our mistake on time! Phew!
We woke up super early because we were hungry!
Had breakfast at the lounge even though we'll be served
breakfast onboard.
I was glad also that Ollie slept half of the flight!
Love HK MTR system, we basically could take the train
everywhere. Everywhere is so connected!
Checked in and headed out to eat immediately,
Dorsett is a good place to stay.
Many good food places around, and most importantly,
Mcd and a supermarket are just across the street!
Went to Thousand Buddhas Monastery to make merit.
The walk up was challenging, even more challenging because 
I had to Tula Ollie all the way! 

I look pretty much the same in all the pictures because ... 
I only packed one cardigan.
I did bring two bags though,
so there is a slight variety. 

We visited DisneyLand for two days!
All for Ollie.
Her favourite has to be the Small World ride.
It was really boring for us!
Again, all for Ollie!
This is Ollie's second DisneyLand visit.
The first was in Paris.
I still find the one in Florida the best!
We have to go back to USA!
She didn't really fancy taking pictures with the mascots.
She did get excited and waved and waved but
when it was her turn, she cried and refused!

If anyone notices, Ollie loves to put up one finger!
Whenever I tell her, "Pose, Ollie, pose," 
she will do that!

Definitely two well spent days in DisneyLand!

Other things that we did:
We went to work with laogong and visited
some swimmers with him.
We fought our first dim sum war and had yummy dim sum at
Thanks to Ollie, she helped us conquer all the grumpy folks
by smiling at them, shaking their hands. 

Of course, we also went shopping!
We finally had laogong's favourite pigeon at
Yet another great trip!
Every trip is fabulous!