Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School Bus Auntie!

Haha, actually I really want to go get a licence to drive a bus, so that maybe next time I can drive a school bus filled with kids!
Laogong said that most of the lessons are on Saturday - there goes my chance.
Always love how Lyn screams, "Auntie Xiaoxinnnn!"
So CUTE!!!!!
After dropping Lyn @ school, went to find Baby and we fetched Kyan from school.
Had lunch at Old Town.
Didn't dare to take something too greasy - stick to my Ipoh Hor Fun.
Safe bet.
See my cutesy godson!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY Day 6

Lessons as usual in the morning before heading to Marj's. Thanks for having us over :)

Had dinner at Brotzeit before heading down (up I mean) to New Asia Bar.

Good time catching up with fellow shss librarians ...

Till then ... :)

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My turn ...

With everyone rushing before CNY do do nails and hair, I decides NOT TO. So, before CNY I do not do anything.
Now that CNY is 'over' and the mad rush is over, I shall go do my hair :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


From the reunion lunch with extended Toh  Family on Jan 15 to the friendship reunion dinner with Flub on Jan 21, then the Toh  immediate family reunion on Jan 21 (yes, two in a day :p) followed by the Toh  immediate family reunion on Jan 22 ...
It was finally Day One of CNY ...

Laogong sort of  had a culture shock, I mean who won't when there are 85 members in a family.
Not all managed to meet up, but well, a substantial number of us did :)
I miss visiting ah mah of course ...
Visited her at the shrine on CNY Eve and as expected, 
no matter how much mental preparation I had,
I could not get pass myself and started crying again.

Visited Laogong's side later in the day on Day One, morning of Day Two and the visiting went on ...

Day Two morning, visited ah gong with in-laws.
Had lunch at OCC thanks to ah yi ...

Went to visit Auntie Carol and family and came back to Semb after that.
More visitors at home.

Summary of CNY 2012:
1. I miss ah mah.
2. I love the visiting, still.
3. Everyone is telling me about having a Water Dragon baby. 
Trust me, I want it as badly as you all want me to have it. 
However, I'm past the stage where I get stressed up and stuff. God has his plans
Hopefully with everyone's blessings and repeated questioning, I will have a HEALTHY baby very soon. 
We are definitely not Andy Lau and Zhu Li Qian, trust us, with bloggers like us, we will really announce it - Maybe do a TV Ad or POP magazine ad to announce. 
(Was irritated when I saw on a friend's FB about giving birth on CNY Eve and this complete irritant posted a comment - "gratz my fren! Sadly its not a dragon baby:(") Lucky fella, I would have deleted and de-friend such a fiend.

Back to the pool and the centre tomorrow :)
Can't wait to see my kids.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Photos Are Finally Uploaded ...

I rarely take so long to blog about an event especially when I have all the photos with me for at least two weeks!
Nonetheless, here they are :)

Despite many parents and students who did not manage to join in the celebration,
THANK YOU very much to all parents and students who did.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Goodbye My Loves ...

Shall throw them away ...
No point keeping since they are not working anymore.
Thank you for serving me well ...
I love my PINKBerries ...

Reunion Dinner at Paradise Dynasty

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New Mirror

Laogong finally bought me a mirror.
Almost two years in sembawang without a mirror :)
Hee. I'm happy!
Of course, I had to bling it up!

Good Morning From Bedok

Hee ...
Woke up to mummy's breky!
Shiok! :D

Late @ Night ...

Feels good to be back in Bedok for the night.
Since Laogong is asleep and papa and mummy are awake, I took out my admin work, my book and my (happy) mails to do work in the living room with them.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Super Onz Ong Lai Papa ...

Reunion Dinner 2

Mummy ordered yummy Peng Cai for reunion dinner :D
Slurps ...
Yummy yusheng too (especially when they don't fancy the sashimi - all mine!)

May my family be healthy, wealthy, happy and all be well and great!
Congrats to my baby bro - FINALLY!
You can drive!
Huat ah!

Reunion Dinner 1

Was dying of hunger after teaching from 9 to 530. NO LUNCH BREAK. No choice. We had to slot in all the kids. Flubber another siao char boh tutor. Also had classes from 9 to 5. No break too.

Finally. 5pm. She went to buy our reunion dinner. Huat ah. Finally we can eat at 530pm. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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Meals for the day

A bread every two hours keep the hunger away ...
Lessons from 9 to 530.
No breaks!
Bread will be the best friend!

Dinner @ Jpot

Supposed to be 38z + Devilz CNY dinner but some how ended up to be just 38 #Five, Bucky Devil and myself. Decided to just go ahead. Ma fan to change day or fix again.

Dinner at JPot was good as usual. Yummy! And of course Brotzeit never fails :) Gossips and whining never fails too :D

Happy CNY my dearest 38z and Devilz <3

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch (and A BIT of shopping) @ 112 again

Hee. Met Marj, Daze and Shar for lunch @ DTF.
Since we had a tiny bit of time, we did a TINY BIT of shopping @ Southaven & Hypnosis.
Haha, and we had a good time.
Miss you all!!!

Lunch with Laogong