Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lunch @ Ritz with Good Ol' Friends :)

Thanks for the fabulous lunch and great company my dearest friends.
It was just like good old times :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yummy Breakfast ...

Mummy's style.
Our style.
My family loves heavy breakfast (brunch).
Been awhile since I have a chance for mummy's breakfast.
Yummy stew pork.
Yummy fish soup.
Yummy egg and meat with beancurd.
Everything taste heavenly.

A new beginning ...

Lying in bed, surfing channels and thinking about life ...
First day of the holiday that I can do this.
I'm 30 and starting a new life.
It's a choice (plus courage maybe) to leave and start anew.
Decided to write this entry because this guy from the art scene is talking about how he left Singapore to do something else somewhere.
Something he said left me thinking, "离开是为了再回来".
My leaving is not about leaving totally and yes, one day, I might go back as a relief or adjunct or I might not.
Still, my choice is made and I'll not regret :)
Having been upset for so many times because of the P, VP, HODs, SH, AM, colleagues, accountant, etc ...
Wasted a huge portion of my life at work feeling upset because of these insignificant people.
I cannot do that anymore.
Life is too short to be upset and angry.
Besides, I've too much happiness and bliss to enjoy.
Life ... Wait for me ... I'm coming to you now ... My real life ...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Setting up our Christmas Trees

Yes! We're ready to set up our tree!
The Supervisor ...
The Videographer ...
Boy Boy in his new shirt beside the new tree!
Papa looks like Santa Claus?
The tree in our centre!
(PS: Mummy said, "I changed out of my nice clothes already. Don't want to take photos.")


Now that the show is over, I kind of miss this song.
Was glad about the ending after all!
知道我会幸福 :)

Heavy rain ...

I'm sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop (or at least not mad heavy).
Scarily heavy!!!
Laogong, stay indoor!!!

拥有 许美娴 跑吧孩子主题曲

Just watch this show on TV again ...
Haha ... From my favourite idol ... Bucky's sis ...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Devilz' Weekend Date

After class, picked Cutie and Cayla up from Bugis to Marina Square.
Shopped around while waiting for Belle and Bucky.
Bought rompers for Kylie :D and a new shirt for Kyan :D (I'm not a bias godma!)
Forgot to bring out the xmas presents and invites for Devilz and Devilz Jr.
Getting very forgetful! :(
Had dinner at Kenny Rogers and coffee at Starbucks.
Waiting for Laogong's dinner to be ready.
Buying Softshell Crab Curry Rice for him.
Luckily I caught Secret Garden Ep 3 and 4 already :p
No need to stay up late tonight to watch cable (then again, I might!)

PEFX's November Dinner

This month's dinner was at Brussels Sprouts ...
Instead of the ECP one, we were at Robertson's one ...
Satisfying dinner.
Totally delicious.
The lamb shank was good.
The mussels definitely scrumptious.
The cheese was fantastic.
The wings marvelous.
The mushrooms and escargots totally tasty.
As usual, Hoegaarden was yummy.
What else need I say?
Had desserts at TCC.
Ended the night early as we were all tired!
Long day for all of us.
Last work week (ever) maybe, should be.
Last week, the busy day made it easy for me to leave the kids.
Today, the cleaning and shifting also made it easier.
Warn them not to talk about emotional issues lest my tears roll.
Alright. Survive the emotional issues :)
I can't really explain the feeling of attending the last work week.
Happy, definitely.
Delighted, totally.
Sad, no.
Going to miss my friends and kids, of course.
PS: Jermaine, I was telling my friends (again), how my kid in class always make me laugh and happy with Letitia's slang. Do it when I see you on the 26th Dec - you will totally make my day!