Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day out at Ikea

What's new but lots of pictures of Olympia :) 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marvellous Monday



Yesterday, we had a wonderful day (as usual)!

The unusual thing was, Laogong and I both woke up slightly before 6am.
Decided to let Ollie sleep awhile more,
so we made coffee and chatted.

They went for a walk in the woods.
I waited.
I'm such a mozzie magnet, I decided not to risk it.
Also, I didn't want to slow them down!
Haha, excuses!

After the walk, we went to the playground.

And of course, a swim!
Ollie swam for a good whole 45 minutes!
We then had breakfast with Patrick.
Slacked the whole day and headed to Grand Mecure Roxy for dinner
Thanks Jo & Ron for the arrangement!

Thankful and blessed for everything we have :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday with Ollie...

Luckily my wrist is much better today. 
We took Ollie out and it was a day fill with different activities! 
Have a great weekend ahead, my dear friends. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

You're 7 Months Old, Olympia!

Dear Ollie, 

Time flies. 7 months ago, today, Mummy was enjoying her ice kachang... It was hours to admission... 7 months ago,  tomorrow, you join our blessed family. These 7 months have been great, and I'm sure it will get better. 

I love breastfeeding you, the closeness of it is indescribable. 
I love watching you sleep, the gratitude of having you as our baby cannot be expressed. 
I love playing with you,  the sweet laughter is the sweetest sound. 
I love the time we all spend together as a family, and the list is non-exhaustive. 

Every day with you is such a blessing. 

Lots love... 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Ollie's First Road Trip

Although I've flew twice to Thailand and travel around in cars daily, it was my first long distance (5h,  no, then again, P'Nuch might say 5h is not far?) road trip from Johor to Genting. 

After Papa's lesson with his student, we drove up to Genting. Did I mention that, Penguin Grandpa was with us? (Mama always calls Penguin Grandpa 'Penguin Papa' because he is just like the father Emperor Penguin who protects the eggs/young) 

I love the coolness of Genting! It's absolutely my kind of weather! Papa did buy me a new Guess sweatshirt and Mama packed in the Juicy Couture jacket to keep me warm. Mama and Papa praised me repeatedly for not fussing. Well, it's cool! What's there to fuss about? 

We did an impromptu photoshoot at the Strawberry Park / Lavender Farm.  Mama wasn't expecting it and didn't want to remove her shades at all. Just now, I overhead her telling Papa that we should all go up again to do a photoshoot. Mama is like me, wait, I mean, I'm like Mama. We love the cool air up there! We're just like the polar bears... 

After the KL/Genting road trip, we took Penguin Grandpa back to Johor where he shopped with us. We all love shopping. Yes, all,  I'm sure Papa too! 

It was great and I can't wait to go back to Genting! 

Must not eat so much in Genting the next time round! Put on so much weight! I'm so happy that Ollie suits the weather there! I love the coolness there too! More to come please!