Monday, November 28, 2016

A Not-So-Typical Sunday

My Sundays are usually spent at Papa's place where we chill and have our three meals together. Today, he was busy with his voluntary work. Bro was busy with attending a wedding or was it two? The helper had her off day. Ollie and I still managed to have breakfast with the Bro. Then, she played around a bit. I did some alterations on the machine. She napped a bit. And we went out to have lunch with laogong. Haha, luckily he had an extended lunch break in between lessons today. So yay! We had company. 
We had lunch. We took Ollie to the stadium to run and play around. Laogong rested a bit before he headed back for the remaining two classes. Well, Ollie and I then did what we do best. Shop. Two hours is a decent time for us to shop together, including a Llao Llao break. Went back to fetch laogong and prior to that, I sent him a text message to tell him not to faint when he open up the back of the car. (shopping bags and more). The two are now fast asleep (since a couple of hours ago). 
I enjoyed quite a bit of my me-time. Packing for tomorrow's trip, an episode of drama. Clearing up phone storage (for more pictures). I guess, it's a great day after all, despite missing out time with Papa today. Next week then! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

老公回来了!Laogong Is Back!

It was a long seventeen days. Far too long for comfort. Laogong went for his overseas reservist recently. Despite the planned itinerary, Ollie and I weren't able to complete all the trips. I was down physically and emotionally for a few days. Counting down for Laogong to be back was really terrible. I cannot and will not understand the need for such a long exercise (and those past exercises). Or rather, as a wife and mother of a young child, I refused to be understanding. Of course, he had to go. He went. And I dread the next one which might be in two years? Whatever.
For now, we are thankful for him to be home with us! I guess it was extra hard for me / us because we are the Liam Ti Ti 粘体体 family. We spend so much time together all the time. Cheers to our Liam Ti Ti moments again!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Girls-Only Part 1: Bangkok

Waited for so long and the day finally arrived. Bb and I travelled to Batam together before but it was our first time to Bkk together, with Kylie and Ollie. 

The trip was great. We visited a few of the cafes that we wanted to. Ate the food that we wanted to. Had our daily massage. Bought many things for the kids. No major meltdowns. Yay! 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learning about the Concept of Cold (or Absence of Heat)

The other morning, Ollie woke up at 0745 and looked down at the pool, tugging at me to take her down. Sleepy and knowing that the water was cold, I still woke myself up and took her down. Well, seeing is believing, no, I mean ... in this case, feeling is believing (and learning).
(P.E. Teacher is serving his reservist, so the multi-purpose-teacher had to take over his lessons.)

She was all eager to change and head to the pool.

At the pool, she eagerly removed her slippers and walked to the baby pool.

Within a minute, she walked back to the chair and sat down. Then, she put on her slippers and pointed to home. 

I was still very sleepy but I'm glad she had learnt this lesson! It is very easy for us to tell her how cold the water is but at this point, it is much easier for her to simply head to the pool and feel it for herself. Ollie is very much a spatial learner. She generally thinks in pictures than in words. She also has a strong kinesthetic preference for learning where she prefers using her body/hands/touch. I remember how she used to want to touch my cup of hot tea or bowl of hot soup, so, I let her. She has to feel it to learn why I did not allow her to do that. And yes, she learned her lesson well.

I'm glad her learning made up for the lack of sleep for that day! Keep expressing your interest to learn, Ollie. Unschool one day, world school another day, we do it your way!