Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slacking Sunday ...

slacking sunday ... wakey @ abt 12 ... immediately jumped to mark compo ... i must be motivated ... it's the first time in my entire teaching career that i manage (i have 3 more to complete) to make the entire class's compos in 1 week. usually i will mark a few here and there and get it done in 2 to 3 weeks ... im so impresse by myself tdy :P while marking, i was watching fish's concert ... two very fav songs that i like ... actually the entire concert is nice and the songs are all great ... can't wait to catch my abba's concert soon (too bad im not going to the paul anka one ...)

i really must pack my room today ... and pack the children's day gifts! and also ... next week is a crazy crazy week!

mon - P5 oral exams duty (till 5 or 6)

tues - concert full dress rehearsals (till 5 or 6)

wed - contact time (till b4 2 i hope)

thu - final rehearsal and actual concert! (till 9 @nite!)

wohoooooooooooooooooooooo ...

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