Wednesday, October 22, 2008

P6 Grad Party ...

wakey as usual for sch ... wore my new southaven dress :P still got two new dresses! immed back fr psle marking is the school SA ... sianz ... started marking @ free period before contact time ... and headed to singapore swimming club for the grad party ... damn tired already actually ... keychain - door gift? hah ...but i like, so nice! we're seated @ table 14 ...
was so hungry and the compere (gary lah!) went on and on and on ... opened up the cupcake to eat! not that deli but can curb the hunger!
cindy ('organiser') plus miss ij judges (sharon and i la)

see the oily hair and the oily face of mine!!!
MOM and jt came late ...
with some of my track girls ... (i really look damn shagged out)

with MOM went to toa payoh with the intention getting hard case for ger ... ended up ... decided to do gel again!!! but decided to do overlay instead of sculpturing ... shorter la, dun wan such long nails ...

ended up aso ... changed new phone...

left toa payoh @ 2130 ... congestion till i reached home only at 2300!!!
damn tired...


  1. reach at home on 2300...tired but at least you happy with your frind and mum right..that satisfaction we needed if we get more tired a day...have a nice day

  2. true! :D have a nice day everyday!

  3. i like sony phone..
    beautiful lolz..
    give me plz..