Sunday, December 21, 2008

All about Kimmy and Jimmy ...

Part 1 involved: Pam / Melia / Peng / Xiaotong / ME!
we met @ raffles city soup spoon for lunch and some SIMPLE planning ...
pam hard @ work after lunch ...
on our way to marina mandarin to meet kimmy and jimmy
in the car ... see creative pam ... cos tong didnt belt up ... pam took the belt fr the front to the back! classic picture!
all rushing to the loo to ... ... hahah ...

Part 2 : all the above plus kimmy and jimmy ...
after checking out the ballroom with them ...

who else but the perfects!

Part 3 : all the above minus kimmy and jimmy ...
bought pens for recept that nite! and took some stuff from starbucks ... haha

Part 4: all of part two minus pam plus stanley ...
the dinner to signify the end of singlehood for them
(actually ended on ROM)
and so ... it shd be the dinner to signify the beginning of a blessed matrimony

the very / quite sporting couple!
jimmy bitting the candy necklace!
kimmy enjoying it of cos!
kisses and huggies

jimmy made a loud announcment in waruku that he is marrying kimmy!

Congrats to the blessed couple!

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