Sunday, December 14, 2008


was reading ELLE ...
love this superb article ...
let me summarise and share!
psychologists believe that happiness is greatly self-determined ...
  1. think happy (change negative mindset)
  2. do something new and exciting (create positive energy, challenge the brain)
  3. be grateful (for little things, for family, friends, loved ones)
  4. treat yourself (brighten up your day!)
  5. prioritise (spend time wisely)
  6. de-clutter (great sense of accomplishment!)
  7. move that body (positive boost!)
  8. eat healthy (ensure happiness in long term)

well, i am happy ... trying to be truly happy!

thanks mummy papa boy boy mom cherlyn baby jiaying val val kimmy elaine peina darrell fiona princess eunice raph sebb and everyone else ...

thank you ... muacks

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