Monday, January 12, 2009

As a teacher ...

  • I am given lousy refilled markers (that leak and totally destroyed your attire)
  • Iam not given red pens (oh yes, the only time is during PSLE marking - LOUSY pens)
  • We all got questioned for printing and is told to write down the amount you printed and for what you print.
  • I got a laptops that never seem to help you get work done on time (because they are too slow - even after formatting).
  • I sit beside a printer never seems to work properly and caused much inconvenience ...
  • I bought my own 3-in-1 printer so that i dont waste my time waiting for the printer to work properly
  • I bought my own paper so i dun get accused of wasting paper
  • I bought my own red pens
  • I bought a better laptop so i dun get fed up and attempt to slam the laptop on the floor
  • I have to stay back for ridiculous dental talk after a long day (and i haven't even got a chance to mark)
  • I have to spend 4 hours emailing / clearing emails ( I dun remember applying for the position of a clerk)
  • I have to handle bitches @ work ( i guess this is everywhere, unless im the boss and i be a bitch)
  • I have to do things when people are on leave for various reasons (and well, I dun have a choice do I?)
  • I made an announcement and 20 seconds later, the HEAD seems to be not paying attention and made a contradicting announcement.
  • I have to do so much admin work ...
  • I only teach - when i happen to have the time

These are personal lamenting ... NOTHING to do with any sector or any particular person ...

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  1. It's been donkey kong years since I visited your blog. But... I have the same laments as you too!!! Except that my school doesn't question the amount of paper we use.