Saturday, January 10, 2009


thanks to regine, i manage to get my tickets this time round!
the last time, all were sold out ...
still, i was already damn early to buy the tics,
the ones i really want were sold out also ...
so had to settle for another show...
After its 19-show sell-out run in 2007,
If There’re Seasons… makes its much-awaited return to the stage in April 2009! Inspired by the popular hits of songwriting sensation Liang Wern Fook, If There’re Seasons… takes us on a journey to find meaning at life’s uncertain crossroads.
Where a group of young friends learn that some things are worth holding on to, no matter what lies ahead.
Written by award-winning Hong Kong playwright Raymond To, If There’re Seasons… is a breathtaking musical about love beyond death, friendships that go the distance, and dreams that find their way home.
See George Chan, Joanna Dong and Lim Shieh Yih reprise their acclaimed roles with that same infectious musical magic! Also introducing Sing Chew, recording artiste and first runner-up of Project Superstar in her spectacular theatrical debut!
With such an incredible cast of talents, expect nothing less than an entertaining and heart warming treat! Come savour the seasons of life with us!

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