Sunday, January 4, 2009

LG is good ...

haha, ting just sent me this photo taken fr her viewty (haha, she very free when she sent me this cos she was queueing up @ atm for a long time) ... yes, i am making everyone a LG convert ... baby also got the ice cream phone like i mentioned ... tdy i also told mitch that LG is good :P haha ...

im having this sunday syndrome ... tired ... restless ... sianz ... luckily i usually dun have monday blues ...

things i did tdy:

finalised timetable and printed for kids and sch

completed and sent out minutes to vp

prepared a bit of lessons

touch up slides for kids orientation

went grocery shopping @ carrefour and met laura there!

i seem to have lots to do ... but totally no mood ... am stoppin work for the day ... going to watch 超级星光大道 ... and then read a bit of twilight and then sleep ...

good week ahead!

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