Sunday, March 29, 2009

Term 2 Week 2

time dun fly ...
in fact, i think time travels like light ...
far too fast to stop ...
whenever im not well, or gets very tired ...
the mood gets very down!
i promise myself at the end of term 1 (end of sports day),
that my term 2 (and of cos 3 and 4) must be good!
(sha just sms me, saying that she hates sch ... well ... so do i?)
but i must paint my own blue sky and rainbow ...
and so, i do what i can la ...
instead of counting what else more i need to do,
well, maybe, what i have done!
  1. complete setting of paper
  2. set 3 sets of math worksheets
  3. set one set of english worksheet
  4. draft my track letter
  5. prepare track certs
  6. mark some compo

even though the entire 3mths this year, whenever i feel like watching tv / drama, it must be accompanied by work (like there is no way to sit down and simply enjoy the tv - oh yes, once, during cny, when sha and i watch okto) ... well, at least i got to watch!

cheers la :)

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