Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cough cough ...

  • been coughing my lungs out ... since like wed ... and cough is one of the hardest to recover ... simply because i cannot stop talking!
  • went to jy shop only ard 2000hr on thu and i am glad i went late :p the new layout of the shop is not as conducive as the manicure shop anymore! had 2 cups of the bitter cough tea! then lm and i went guardian to get some stuff ... just at guardian alone, i spent like 100bucks buying vitamins ... phew ...
  • then off to hk cafe @ ecp again ... and scary are we (esp jy) ... we order like spag, chick chop, steamboat set, carrot cake and fried mushroom ... haha ...

(fill in the blanks on your own please babes :P)

  • met ting, cleo and sl @ amk hub ... adjourned to amk mac near the park bcos hub was so so so crowded! didnt manage to take pic with sl ... she left early la! to meet ll lo :P
  • mr freezer was tormented by us (ok, esp me) ... despite my resounding loud cough ... i still make fun of him! think he will nv want to meet me again!!!! hahah
  • shall take my conk out cough syrup and sleep sleep sleep!
  • black's sofa is coming tmr! going to wait with her for the arrival! :P

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