Sunday, April 26, 2009

Presenting ...

wakey @ noon ... slacked abit ... before heading out to meet jk ... had lunch @ sun with moon ... and the first joke of the day, brought to me by jk ... he only order fr one side of the menu ... it is a SIMPLE menu - two sided ... and yet ... for no reason ... or unexplainable reason ... jk tot there is ONLY ONE SIDE ... and simply ordered fr there ... until i enlightened him to the other side of the menu! too bad ... order was processed, cannot change!

watched F13 @ shaw lido instead of the usual tm ... nice change watching it in a big cinema (in fact ... joke one shd be - we decided to watch it @ shaw bcos of free tickets - but ... jk nv bring!!!! ) anyway, nvm la, nice change ...

one movie that i bought two drinks for myself - teh tarik and green tea latte ... didnt realise that there is a starbucks @ lido! scary classic horror flick ... most of the time, i used my jacket to cover my eyes! after the show ... shopped abit @ isetan supermkt to get my supplies of jappy snacks! yummy! though i cannot eat now ... till the cough is gone! and off to ecp oldtown for dinner ... second / third joke there!

not very clear with this order chit pic ... BUT ... there are some numbers with each order ...
toast single 300
toast double 301
peanut butter toast single 302
peanut butter toast double 303
and jk can imagine them to be the price!!!!!!!!
how can a double toast be simply 1 cents more than a single toast?!
after typing out, i dun find it that funny ...
but there and then it happened, i was laughing so damn loud,
that my resounding cough almost got worse!
and i realised i ate chicken @ oldtown :(
shall keep chicken off my menu for the entire week,
if not my resounding cough will be here :(
and now... i shall present to you

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  1. Crap man, am trying to siam being on the news. End up also bo pian. ;P

    Head Lines seh!