Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monday is a holiday too!

yester wakey @ 11ish (after xy and tl called me and asked me to go and eat at like 9ish in the morning?! which of cos i rejected!) ... had intended to sleep earlier after the dinner on friday but the kantang joke on fb was damn funny with the exchanges of comments with kantang's fren ...

watched horsemen @ bishan with chris and dinner @ ecp ... long day ...eventually slept like 4ish in the morning ... and again ... this morning, the phone rang non-stop @ 8plus?! i refused to ans the hse phone ... wakey like 12ish and dad cooked chicken rice ... haha, to pay back :P i offered baileys

have a couple of things today (like cleaning the room, the cupboards, mopping the floor and marking) ... but will shelf it till i come back fr the showroom later :P have been surfing the net for avante ... since i've decided no performance mod ... have to bling it up a little ... and also, i dun think im spraying pink for this car - yet ... shd be doing my piggy sticker first ... and see if i can get the bling bling stuff for it! and i wan 17rims!

and yes, tmr is a holiday in lieu of yester hols ... its a sch hols :P red star dim sum!!! wohooo!

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