Saturday, May 30, 2009


(murder of xin xin ... xin xin appear @ PS secret recipe .... caught alone in the situation, xx murder xin xin with a fork ... farewell xin xin ... BOH LIAO :P)
3 cheers!
holidays holidays holidays!
it is finally the long awaited hols!
other than founder's day in sch ...
or rather, after founder's day in sch :P
look at the pics!
eating the entire day!
sch hols!
zzzzzz ...
dead beat ...
rest ... to enjoy more of my hols!
(oh ya, the car is registered liao ... 8875 ... HUAT AH!)
the SE better give me my car by next wk, if not he sure get it fr me!
piglet and white rims, here i come!

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