Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 17 (15/6) and Day 18 (16/6) of Holidays: Eve & Jason's Blessed Matrimony

jason picked ting and i before headin to jb to meet joe and law and also to meet eve in the other car... quite a bit of jam @ the causeway ...
had yummy lunch @ old town (@jb it is so cheap! same price as sg but well, diff currency) ... thanks for the treat jason :) and yes, that is joe wearing my shades! adjourned to the bridal studio for eve and jason's final fitting and the bridal car to be tied with ribbons and bears!
the guys headed to the car workshop (I ALSO WANT TO GO!) while the gals headed to get their hair wash, manicure and pedicure ... with so many of us, took quite a long while! was so hungry :P had dinner only like 8ish, 9?

after late dinner, went back to eve's place ... packed the wedding fav... prepared some stuff ...
(eve and her pressie fr me! but sorry jason, wrong color la :P)
and the gals getting ready for bed ...

wakey like 5am! cold cold room to sleep in. the air con was GOOD!
prepared the speciality for weddings :P
make up and changed into the dresses!

and finally jason is here!
oh yes! FIRECRACKERS! 1st time in my life that i witnessed the firecrackers. nice! the atmosphere was so good!
the brothers and the gatecrashing fun!
jason dancing with sam. to a large extent, sam is so enjoying himself!
finally ... drove back to sg ... went to chij church ...
and took some pictures!

very tiring day ... but good fun.
best wishes to eve and jason ...
will blog abt the other activites for tues again :P


  1. Wah! Not bad ah the pics.....Impressed!+ Lucky you brought the big one.

  2. heh ... :P will improve a little bit one leh :P