Thursday, July 16, 2009

Darolyn is So Cute!

darolyn is so so so cute cannnnnnnn ...
saw her pic as mich's display pic ... and told mich to send me her pic!
i just have to post them up after editing ...
been tired / busy / shag by sch and track and field nationals this week ...
and i mean REAL SHAG ... to the extent,
i didnt blog for 3 days?!
TUE: sent mum and dad to queen st to take the coach to genting like at 5am! had track duty in the morning ... no ... was @ the stadium the ENTIRE day in fact ... and that really drained all my energy ... i literally left IMMED after the last runner ... too tired ... drove home in record time fr cck stadium ... napped and overnapped :P was late ... met ting for dinner and tea ... and literally slept after i came home ...
WED: had track in the noon, but finished early, like 4 i was back home ... still, tired fr prev day ... didnt attend the contact ... too sianz to go back ... napped again ... woke up, did some marking (forgot when was the last time i actually bring work back to do?!) ate xing wang again like @ midnite ... (@ this point,some funny msg popped up, wonder if laptop kena virus?!)
THU/TDY: sch was fine ... workshop after sch... wasnt listening @ all ... left at 4ish to standby @ bugis to wait for mum and dad to be back ... there for less than 40min ... bought two dresses and groceries ... haha ... love the dresses :P am sure marjie will love them too :P when dad called me, i went immed to pick them up ... came home, cooked dinner, tidied room, packed bag, iron clothes, prepared breakfast for tmr ...totally no mood to do sch work (ok, bcos i have 5 free periods tmr early morning, i only start reaching like 1020 ... but all the way till 1550!) tmr long day ... not planning to go home after sch, marjie, cher, shar and i going out for dinner and harry movie ... LONG DAY ... and so ... i think i shall read and go to bed real soon!
oh ya! mum gave me one of these, exchanged with her points in genting :P haha ... and i love that duno call what thingy ... marjie and i found the use of it in bali and we love it!

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