Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long Weekend!

wanted to blog last nite, but ended up, i dozed off while i msn! :P
with only two days in sch ... i felt totally conked out :P
but yes, a good way to start work, two days in school this week,
and its a long weekend :P
but i have track and field training with the kids on Youth Day hol!
yester was my usual good day ... 5 free periods in one stretch ...
had breakfast with chrissy dear before starting on my work ...
(which reminds me, i have to complete 5 ppt presentations and my track nationals logistics)
after sch yester was some workshop ...
with not much time, skipped lunch and quickly bathed before workshop ...
cannot believe lunch was like another 2 more coffee :P
tot might meet chris dear after sch, but didn't and so :P
off to brewerkz with chrissy dear!
happy hours!
the moment i stepped out of kallang leisure,
there was wine tasting :P
and i made sure i went back to the shop to get supplies after brewerkz :P
new wine for uncle and auntie when they come tmr!

after happy hours was off to xian de lai to celebrate dia dia's birthday!
went to tamp to pick baby and kyan fr infant care ...
and off to pig out!

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