Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Term 3 Week 2 Begins On A Right Note!

had track yester (yes, it was youth day hols) ...
and ended up @ chrissy dear's place after training ...
didnt go orchard hotel for steak afterall ...
satisfied our craving for jap pasta (we're totally into it!) ....
and pig out with chocs and moscato watching cable (my fav Pimp My Ride!)
sianz and decided to head to cityhall to spend money!
i love pearl!
mother of pearl!
tiffany is so passe ... too common, shall start on my mont blanc :P
then again ... i havent been buying branded la ...
reward myself?
ok ok ... this shall be my first Bday present for myself :P
ok ok ... i noe it is like another 1 mth away? hahaha
chrissy dear gave me the MINI bottle of SKII ... hahaha
so cute rite!
so many sizes :P
the smallest is like smaller than my shortest finger!
back to sch on a positive note!
i lvoe school!
this is my motto for the remaining two terms
no matter what ...
i lvoe school!
as usual, my level left @ 1.30pm!
to celeb harvin's bday!
@ this ClaypotFun place @ ECP ...
not the usual black soy sauce claypot!
but def worth a try!

and ... we adjourned to old town ...
bring MORE noise to old town ...
so noisy that the guys sitting beside us,
shifted their seats!

and now ...
i shall pack my bag
and continue to be stress over my nationals tmr ...
no performance fr team = no pb ...
joking la ... but more seriously,
i stress over my kids performance ...
of cos i wan them to do their best ...
and ... im scare i will be hungry!
11am - 6pm!
piglet me is worried that i dun bring enuf food for the girls and myself!
(was reading this blog abt a guy travelling after grad till he reaches 27 ... such a nice thing to do isnt it ... when all gets finalised, i will do something for myself too .. to travel a bit ... rest a bit ... something for the soul? :) )

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