Saturday, August 1, 2009


i love birthday cards,
i'm the traditional card person,
like why i love to send xmas cards,
holding the handwritten card is such a heartwarming feeling!
this is even more personalised than the chanel one!
HELLO FRIENDS! can start buying me cards already :P
hahaha ...
anyway, my 3rd (if blackberry was 2nd) birthday present to myself arrived!
the first issue!

chrissy dear and i went happy hours @brotzeit yester!
yummy choco and cheese and beer!
yester was a long day, after happy hours,
pop over to outram to meet chris dear ...
then after that went to meet ting / jer / eve @ simpang bedok!
i was out for like 17h yester!
went to catch sing $ with ahini today ...
not bad ... but not fantastic ...
kumar is good of cos!
wkend! wohooooo ...
one more week to long wkend ...
five more weeks to term break ...
fifteen more weeks to semestral break ...
sch is worth it after all!

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