Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bz bz day!

Yawnnnnnn ...
Can't wait for Children's Day holiday!
Left sch promptly today because I had so many errands to run!
Not in order:
1. Do brows
2. Do nails
3. Go bank
4. Collect dresses
5. Buy more children's day stuff for trackers
6. Mark 70 compos (well, I really tried)

After bz bz F1 weekend, there are:
1. Children's Day performance
2. Lots of compo to mark (ref to prev point 7)
3. SL dinner
4. Meet CY banquet manager
5. Collect vodka
6. YOG briefing
7. SLLL wedding
8. Ashlyn's birthday
9. Concert

OMG! Zzz ^(oo)^
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