Sunday, September 13, 2009

Packing my sch bag!

Packing my sch bag. Necessities: organiser, pouch filled with discount cards, blackberry pouch :p, camera, coin purse, sweets, batt operated FU fan, manual paper fan, keys!

Sch begins tmr! Yeah! I'm not mad. I'm happy because ...

1. Week 1 is a four days wk due to PSLE listening on fri (18/9)

2. Week 2 is a four days week due to hari raya in lieu on mon (21/9)

3. Week 3 is a four days week due to kiddo day on thu (1/10)

I should be excited for new term rite :)

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  1. hey girl... like you, i look forward to non-teaching days too! :P
    any idea if the PSLE listening compre this friday affects both AM and PM session? coz' i haven't heard anything from my sch about this, and i'm in PM session! haha

  2. according to my fren, have to check with your sch, to see if noon session tchers r deployed for PSLE duties or not ... so im not sure also, sorry babe!