Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day of errands!

Woke @ 9ish this morning!
Yawn. Felt 'slightly' less tired after the 8h sleep!
Met marj and shar @ parkway to run errands.
1. Get photos settled
2. Get solution from lense shop
3. Go bank to settle stuff
4. Collect shoes
5. ... Shall service car next week
Managed to have lunch with xd @ lawry!
Yummy as usual.
Hungry as usual (and thus no photos of steak)
And now. I have to ...
1. Cut ribbons
2. Complete photo frame for sat
3. Wrap present
4. Mark compo
5. Tidy room
6. Do stepper
Before I head out to meet cy's banq manager and noel to collect kurant bottle.
Can I have 36h a day?
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